Hiit Mama workouts are timed so time yourself and go as FAST AS YOU CAN!! That is how you get the cardio in. If you are a new Hiit Mama, just start with the workout of the day (WOD)...no need to go back to the first post because we will eventually repeat all those workouts. Make sure and post your time in the comment section so you can track your progress! Also, there are video demos of each exercise we do down the right side bar.

Nov 17, 2011

Thursday 11.17.11

10 push-ups
15 deadlifts (15lb dumbbells)
25 box jumps
50 sit-ups
100 wall ball shots
200 jump jacks
400 meter run

Compare to 06.11.11 and 05.04.11

*I got 15:20 in June beating my May time by 3 mintues (18:20).... can't wait to see what my time will be today!


Duke~N~Morghan said...

11:24 10lb dead lift, 8lb wall ball
I wasn't able to run (girls are sleeping) so I did 50 more sit ups...

Jodie said...

15lb dead lift
5lb ball

Jenni said...

30lb dead lift

Beat my last time by 5 minutes! 8 minutes faster than the first time I did it.

Jenni said...

Chris- 10:43
30lb dead lift

Randall said...

30lb dead lift
8lb wall ball