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Nov 1, 2011

Tuesday 11.01.11

Run 800 meters
50 squats
Run 800 meters
50 sit-ups
Run 800 meters

Compare to 06.27.11


Amber Carter said...

19:06, on the treadmill and REAL situps (JENNI!)

Jenni said...


Think I might have done better if I hadn't hit 200 meters and felt like all my energy dumped right out of my feet. Never had that happen before. Came to the conclusion it is a result of only 5 hours of sleep last night (up too late folding laundry).

Halloween was CRAZY so I will have to do yesterday's WOD on Saturday.

Brent and Britta said...

14:22 - running right after 50 squats?! Comical!

Aub said...

22:37- Wowwee I'm out of shape! I only ran the first 400 meters, walked the rest but couldn't fit in the last 400 meters. Also I just did 50 crunches instead of full situps. I'm just glad though that I'm exercising. The last time I actually ran was I don't even remember.....sad.

Duke~N~Morghan said...

17:47 - I'm a day behind... :)

Jenni said...

Chris: 14:something
added 100 push-ups

mary said...