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Jul 27, 2012

Friday 07.27.12

9 rounds for time of:
7 Squat cleans,  20-30 lbs
8 Burpee box jumps, 18" box


Kristie B said...

Girl, I love your blog. I love your workouts! I think you and your readers may like my little workout blog as well. http://quickanddirtyworkout.blogspot.com/

Thanks for writing and motivating me to kick my own ass!


Running T. said...

So, after 3 days on I was thinking "rest day" since that is what I read was the schedule on some other XFit blogs...? When do you typically do rest day? If I do rest today, I can just pick up on the WOD from today and do it tomorrow? Still keeps me in the routine, correct?

Thanks for your (continued) help!

Jenni said...

We rest on Saturday and Sunday (family days). :)

Mel said...

I only made 5 rounds -- 20 lbs for cleans. 14:38

Joy said...

This was my first day, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack; you ladies must be super strong! I used a 45lb bar for the squat cleans because we don't have dumbbells but I could only make it 4 rounds!! I was almost sick!


But it felt SO good!

Jenni said...

20 lbs

*Mamas- don't let your mind convince you that you can't finish. Your body can finish, even if it takes longer. Your mind is the only thing stopping you. That push at the end is where you will get the best results. That extreme struggle at the end of the WOD is where your endurance is built. Keep pushing Mamas! :)

Rachel said...

Hi! I'm new and this was my first day....Hopefully I will only have to walk on flat surfaces tomorrow because my legs are toast. My 9 year old daughter did the workout with me and we had a blast! It took me a very long time: 21.36 min. My daughter used little 2#ers and I used 30#. I did the burpees but without the box jump since I couldn't find anything stable, so I just tuck jumped. I saw the workout and didn't thought it looked like a breeze....BOY, WAS I WRONG!!! :-)

Mindi Friedland said...


20#. Also, legs are tired from wed so after the first two rounds, my box jumps turned to step-ups. :/

Great workout!!

jamie said...


Running T. said...

This may be a tough question...but I'm gonna ask...
Can you recommend what a good # of weights is to buy? I don't have a lot of extra money but would like to go get some dumbbells. I am very much a newbie and do not have a lot of upper body strength (can't do a pull up, can barely do 1 push up!!). I don't want to get anything too light where I just have to go buy new ones right away, but I don't also want to go too heavy and overdue it! I know this is a very personal type question, but I thought you might have an idea or opinion on what the best route to take is. Even if I go to the store and try some out...how do I know what will be best? Thanks!

Jenni said...

I am in the same boat as you....but I have been doing Crossfit for over a year and still can't do a pull-up because I am trying to NOT have too much upper body strength. I would recommend getting s set of 10 lb dumbbells. You will be able to use these for most WODs and they are what I am maxing myself out at for upper body lifting so I can stay feminine on top. I will use heavier weights for lower body exercises but 20 lbs is a good universal start, even for beginners.

Mary said...

I am planning on doing this tomorrow since my legs are toast and my 9 month old isn't letting me sleep much...last night was 1.5-2 hours max. My whole body is toast.
I liked the idea of doing a tuck jump for the burpees, will do that tomorrow for sure. Really love reading the tips and seeing how other mod the WOD.

Running T. said...

Thanks so much, Jenni! I really appreciate your feedback. I will take that recommendation. I would just like the physical accomplishment of being able to do a pull-up...I've always wanted to be able to do one!! :)
Thanks again. I saw you updated your intro at the top asking for bdays - mine was July 2, but my son, Logan will be 2 on August 23 - if you want, you can use his name instead - he's my inspiration anyways. I work out so that I can chase him around and not get winded! Best reason to stay fit is exemplifying it for my son! By August 23rd I'd like to say that I can do a pull up...we'll see!

Anna Jackson said...

17.19, but I finished every stinking one!!! When I looked at the workout I thought, there is no possible way. I looked at the comments before I did it to see if everyone thought it was as insane as I did, but then I saw your comment Jenni that it was a head game. I believed you and so did my legs---although they think we're a little nuts as they sit here quivering. Thanks for the encouragement.

Cassie said...

Hi, I'm new here. This is my 3rd work out :)
15:05, I couldn't find something to jump up onto so I just did regular burpees and and I just used the bar for the cleans.

Thanks for the good work out! I'm SORE!

Lyndsay said...

I was kinda scared when I saw the WOD, thinking
"9 rounds?!?!"
Thanks for your encouragement post Jenni...I read it
before I started and it totally motivated me. It took
me a long time but I finished every last one. My legs
were fried by the end so the last few rounds I did step
ups. 20:28.

Betsy said...

Rest day yesterday. good thing - ow. 2 mile run first then...
12" jumps

might throw up. loved it.

Running T. said...

Rest Day yesterday. No box yet, used a bench (which I almost fell off...I"m so smooth).
Clearly my modifying made it much faster to get through - my time was 7:30. But I still was sweating and felt every move.
Did squats with 15 lb bar, not squat cleans (just not sure on technique and don't want injury).
Did box step ups (not jumps - couldn't do outside, pouring, couldn't jump, live on 3rd floor of apt building).
Got a pull up bar so I did 5 neg pull ups to start. Gonna do a full real pull up by end of August!!

Samantha said...

15:13, with quite a few modifications.

I couldn't get to the gym so I used my 8lb dumbbells and my bed as a box (which is probably higher than 18" but definitely more springy!).

Jenni said...

Ok, I need your name if you want a WOD named after you. ;)