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Aug 2, 2012

Thursday 08.02.12

"Freaky Fifty"

For time:
50 Box jump, 18" box
50 Jump jacks
50 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs
50 Walking lunges
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 20lbs
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 10 lb ball
50 Sit-ups
50 Jump rope 

Compare to 01.17.12

Okay Mamas, you've been making suggestions and I have been listening. I have added links for RSS feeds and also to follow by e-mail. I have created a Facebook page (work in progress). I have received many of the same questions over and over from different Mamas on different posts so I have created 2 pages so far that are linked on the blog: FAQ and suggested equipment. I am learning and growing as I go with this blog and the progress is exciting. I will be having some gear made with our logo: Hiit Mamas:  tank tops, t-shirts, and decals so get ready for that in the future!

PS This WOD originally included 50 burpees at the end where the sit-ups are......you can thank me for switching that later. ;)


Laurie said...


20" box
8kg kb
45# lunges
14# wall ball...everything else as prescribed. Loved this one a lot!

Kelly S said...

50 pushups instead of wall ball (don't have one yet)

Brutal! But I'm glad it's over!

Oh and my birthday is 10/30!

Dee said...


Love the changes you are making!

Bday. 12/2

Janelle said...


Mel said...

21:49, 20 lb kb, 20 lb push press, no wall ball space so did 10 lb tricep extensions

Mary said...

12" box, it's all I have
10 ball weights, no KB yet
subbed negative crunches for KTE
Wall ball shots with a regular ball..making a weighted ball soon.
subbed jumping jacks for jump rope.

Kid's joined me...they loved it.
Also, love the picture..it's the one I saw that made me say, "I NEED crossfit!"

Bday Mar 3

Sarah said...

I was nervous to start this one!
19:35 with modifications
18" step ups (knee injury)
no kb - used gallon jug with sand and water
my kids loved the walking lunges as I did them thru the family room!!
no bar yet - subbed standed knees to elbows 50 on each side
push press - 20lbs for first 25 then 16lbs for 2nd 25
no ball either - 50 wall push ups
you go kelly s doing 50 push ups!!!

Duke~N~Morghan said...

12" box jump
10lb push press
8lb wall ball

And I'm very glad we didn't have burpees at the end!

Sarah N. said...

20:35 with modifications
My very first WOD! completed! Yesterday was my twin daughters 1st birthday. I gave them myself for one year and nursed them. In order to keep my milk supply for two I couldn't burn any extra calories. I am so excited to work at getting my body back.
Thanks for no burpees on the first day.

Jenelle said...

Step ups/jump (knee sore/injury)
kb swings, 5 lb dumbell (don't have kb)
struggled on KTE
push press, 10 lbs total dumbell weight
back extentions, modified
no wall ball, so pretended I had a ball and did moves
same with jump rope, pretended I had a rope.
Drenched in sweat, still trying to catch my breath. :)

Amber Flowers said...

Kicked my butt!!!

Ian and Amy said...

Sit ups and leg lift instead of kte
I love being able to compare my times! Small improvement this time, but I feel stronger now. I think my form has certainly improved in the six month since I first did this wod! Thanks Jenni!

Anonymous said...

Day 2

13:10 with mods as follows:
step-ups (no box, sore knee)
5 lb dumbell (no KBs)
10 lbs press
Used my kids' beach ball for wall shots ;)
Crunches instead of situps

Wondering if I counted the walking lunges wrong...is each step 1, or 1 step with each leg = 1 rep?


The Heavilin Family said...


Curious as to where people throw their 10lb ball?? Today I just threw a big exercise ball at my siding, but I can't do that with a weighted ball.

jamie said...


Rachel said...

Day 5 of crossfit mamas for me!
Phew! I was freaked to try this one and it was HARD for me!

Box jumps 15inch box
everything else as described.

I had intended to 1/2the numbers on my Kness to elbows, but halfway in a decided to go for it...

24:49 slow, but a great accomplishment for me! Plus a 1mile sprint warmup :-) Yay!

Jenni said...

Dang Sarah! You are a Super Mama! I nursed each of my 4 kids for 1 year each...but twins for a year!?! You are my hero. That is a big sacrifice to give up your body (no exercise) for a year after having twins. Those are some lucky babies you have. :)
And your welcome for no burpees.

Jenni said...

Each step counts as 1 rep.....thank goodness!

Jenni said...

Sometimes I use an interior wall but today I used a beam in my garage.

Jenni said...

A 1 mile sprint is a WARM UP!?! You're nuts. I would be dead. ;)
Good job!

Jessica R. said...

Hi CFMamas! I'm so happy to have found you! My story sounds alot like yours. 34yrs young, 2 babies (2yrs/3months) and a die hard CF Husband (he is one of the owners of CrossFit 408)! I knew once I was able to workout after having my youngest that CF is the only way to go! My hubby trains me at his gym on Sundays and Thursdays. Now I can follow you for the rest of the week!
Anyway, this is my first post and 3rd workout following your site. Thank you for what you do...and thanks for skipping the burpees!
20:45 (w/lots of mods)

Jenni said...

15 lb kettle
20 lb press

Compare to 17:58 in January with 10 lb press.

25 lb kettle
50 lb press

Ashley said...

I'd guess about 20:00 after pausing between knees to elbows cuz my hands were raw and walking across my gym to different stations. The AC is out here so that was brutal lol

Jenni said...

I did it in my garage, which is about 100 degrees right now, so I feel ya!

Jenni said...

Awesome Jessica! Welcome to the Mamas! My husband and I considered opening a CF gym (he is a firefighter). But with 4 kids and his work schedule, if I can't do it at home, it isn't happening. I love it too and am glad I can share it!

Amy W. said...


Rachel said...

I just wanted to share the idea I had for Wall Balls. I don't have one yet so I took a canvas tote bag I got from Victorias secret and filled it with old heavy jeans wrapped around a bag of rice. It ended up weighing 10 lbs, I tied up the handles really tight so it wouldn't open and voila, a wall ball. It worked perfect!

Kristin said...

17:35. Not bad. Didn't have a ball though. Just did 50 extra box jumps instead. Only my second workout. Next time I'll replace the exercise with something that at least targets the same muscle group. ha. Didn't think about that until now. This one killed me! hurts so good though! Still working on rounding up all the right equipment. and major thank you for skipping the burpees. Those would've done me in for sure!

Jessica R. said...

Jenni~Having a gym at your fingertips is awesome! But that doesn't solve the childcare issue. We go after hours so he can manage the girls without interrupting any clients. Most of the equipment we owned is now apart of the gym. So I have to really be creative when I workout at home. As long as I'm gettin' my WOD in..I'm good! Pre baby bod, here I come!

Running T. said...

Ugh...day off today, will do this tomorrow and catch up over weekend. These posts are inspirational though - it's gonna be a hard one tomorrow, but I'm psyched to do it!

mary said...

14:32 compared to 17:19 back on 1.17.12.

20 lb push press
50 leg lifts and 50 situps instead of 50 KTE
15 lb kettle
8lb wall ball

Betsy said...

After spin.

Allison said...


20lb kettlebell
sad little knees to elbows (may do Mary's 50LL and 50 situps next time)
16 lb wall ball

Jenni said...

If you have a pull-up bar, please don't give up on KTE! Mine were more like knees to belly button at first. It has been very rewarding to stick with it and see my knees get closer and closer to my elbows! It is a much more efficient exercise than the substitutions. Persistence is key. :)

Anonymous said...

25 lb kettle bell
35 lb. Push press
18" box

Jeff: 22:30

Running T. said...
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Running T. said...

Wow. That was unbelievable. I had to mod a lot (equipment or just plain not strong enough yet) but I did every single one and I feel pretty freakin awesome about it!

11" box
21:00 (I stopped the timer when I went from inside and outside and vice versa cause I live on the 3rd floor...so if that's considered "cheating" my time is longer by a minute or so....haha)

4# weighted swings (no kettle bell yet and I couldn't find anything else to use except my weighted pilates ball)
knees to elbows more like knees to an inch higher ;)
15# press
4# ball for ball shots
I think I did like 100 sit ups cause I lost count and decided since I was not focusing that I had to start from 0 again. ;)

GREAT workout, Jenni!

Joy said...


my knees to elbows were NOT pretty! Like Running T. said more like knees to an inch higher :) But we don't have a bar, just rings so maybe that makes it more difficult? I'm hoping so...
No wall ball because I was not about to use my husbands 25# ball... otherwise made it all the way through!

Jenni said...

Hi Joy!
I used a basketball for my entire first year of Crossfit. Just a suggestion. You can do the exercise anyway so you still get the squat and the motion.

Anna Jackson said...

14:48 with 12" step, 5 lbs medicine ball - biggest equipment I had.
I couldnt do this yesterday because of company and was scared when I looked at it today, but saw a huge improvement in my box jumps already!! Am defiitely glad there weren/t 40 burpees. 15 of those at time kill me. Don't know how I'd do 50!!!!

Lyndsay said...

10# kettleball
20# press - ouch!

StephMD said...


Liked this one!

Laurie Walker said...

My birthday is April 2.

I enjoyed this workout! Thank you. :-)