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Sep 3, 2012

Monday 09.03.12

3 rounds for time of:
15 Knees to elbows
20 Burpees
15 Sumo-deadlift high-pulls, 30 lbs


Ruth Anne said...

9:06 with modifications: knees to chest, 20 PU/20Jacks in place of burpees, 20lb lifts. Second week and recovering from inuries. Thanks!

Dee Wightman said...

8:15. Leg lifts instead of knees to elbows

Bethany Ingram said...


gilchrist said...

Leg lifts instead of knee to elbow
25lb kettle bell

Meag Olson said...

30lb dumbbell

Happy Labor Day!

Anna Jackson said...

12:23---- Dadgummit burpees make me feel puny!!!

Kimberly said...

Burpes were with girl push ups
Rest as Rxed

Betsy said...

16 min.. alternate version (leg lifts and only 10 burpees per round)

Jennifer Rodriguez said...

knees to chest

mamaluski said...

10 burpies in each rouund other wise as rxed

AmyP said...

21:22 couldn't do the knees to elbows I just lifted my knees as hi as possible. And did knee push ups for the burpees with lots of resting. Man burpees are hard work! I use 18lbs for my weight those were the easiest out of the three exercises so I think I should have used more weight.

Jenni said...

I need your name for your bday WOD.
PS are you related to Chuck Gilchrist?

Beth S. said...

Did knees to elbows laying on the ground on my back. sumo with 20lbs kettle bell.

Jenni said...

As RXed.

3 rounds:
15 chest to bar pull-ups
20 burpees
15 sumo, 90 lbs

Sarah said...

8:17 leg lifts. Gggrrrr I finally got a pull up bar - no mounting hardware came with it!! Had to order the brackets online
Followed by 9 mile bike ride with kid #1. Now kid # 3 wants to go for one. My legs are gonna hurt! I haven't been on a bike in 15 years - Jenni thanks for doing this blog. It's helped with my confidence. I don't think I would have pulled the bike out if I hadn't have been doing these workouts :)

Aub said...

11:15 Knees to stomach & 10 pound weight
Lots of breaks & stopping myself from swinging so much on the pull-up bar. Burpees were weak but glad I'm back to doing this.

Kristin Keebler said...

Only had 20# Burpees killed me!!!
So thankful i have this blog!! Just what i need to get back in shape! Dob 1/31

Lynn said...

10:05, subbed reverse crunches for KtE, rest as Rx'd

Mariaa said...

15:19 with knees to chest instead of to elbows and 20 lb lifts for sumo. And every single painful burpee. This was my first WOD and I hope to keep going, although I know I'm going to be sore tomorrow so I might have to ease into it...
DOB 2/3

Kim Stewart said...

1st round and 2nd round Burpees w/Girl PU and rest as rx'd

3rd round minus burpees rest as rx'd

Not bad for having a head cold, says I!

Kim Stewart said...

Oh and leg lifts in place of KTEs

SWiemers said...

10:14. Leg lifts instead of KTE's. 25 lbs on sumo's (highest my db's go). HOLY HANNAH!!!

Mo axtell said...

7:20 no modifications .. 40 lbs sumo

Running T. said...

Happy Labor Day!

(Day Late...)

17:35 (what!? - the burpees KILLED my time)

15# Sumo (can I use dumbells instead? I didn't want to try without asking so I used the only bar I have)

Who woulda thought that the KTE would be my "favorite" part? I HATE burpees!!! Took forever. Need to put them on my practice list.

therams said...

First workout like this after baby. I'm so out of shape.
13:30 2 rounds
Knee to chest sub.

Josh, Kim & Kids said...

Legs lifts

Jess said...

Leg lifts
25 lbs

Jenni said...

Regarding sumo, yes, I use a dumbbell and hold both ends for mine.

Carolyn said...

17:00. KTE and burpees felt stronger, but still way hard.

vanessa said...

35 lb k-ball for sumos

mary said...

Leg lifts and sit ups in place of KTE.

jamie said...

12.58, leg lifts.

Ian and Amy said...

20 lb sumo- all I have at the moment