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Oct 23, 2012

Tuesday 10.23.12

Run 1600 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1200 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute
Run 400 meters


liza favaro said...

1600m - 8:20, 1200m - 6:00, 800m - 3:55, 400m - 2:10. I warmed up for a minute, walked during the rest intervals, and cooled down until I reached a full 3 miles. I love WODs with running!

Tiffani Leavitt said...

30:53 with my 12-yr old and super strong winds.

Bethany Ingram said...

1600 - 9.50
1200- 6.38
800- 4.30
400 - 2.40

walked for the rest periods.

Kelly said...


Misti said...

38 minutes ... pretty dang proud of myself I must say .

Kirsten said...

you guys are awesome!
where do all you mama's run, by the way? if you use a treadmill, how do you measure the distances? it's raining outside, i'm not near a track, and i have four children in tow, any ideas?

erin said...

27:10. Thanks for the WOD.

James Family said...

1600- 9:48
walk- 3:00
1200- 6:42
walk- 2:00
800- 4:27
walk- 1:00
400- 2:18

Meg said...

1600- 7:27
1200- 5:23
800- 3:31
400- 1:37
total time-23:58
And I only dry heaved after the 800 and the 400.

Mindi said...

1600m--8:00, 1200--6:03, 800--4:00, 400--2:02
Used a treadmill, various incline just to keep it interesting. One mile warm up half mile cool down

Stefanie said...

Kirsten - if your treadmill measures miles (Did you say you had a treadmill?), then it might be helpful to know that 1600 meters is approximately one mile. From there you could break it down and get pretty close to the right distances.

zealygirl said...

As near as I can tell, about 33. I took my son to school and estimated running/resting periods, then walked back and had to approximate that time. Treadmill is certainly more accurate, but not as pretty as the fall color in the mountains!

There Once Was A Bee said...

Thankful no k2e today :)

Duke~N~Morghan said...


Pushed the girls in the double jogger for the runs

Erin said...


Duke~N~Morghan said...

Do you have a park you can run around while the kiddos play? You might get dizzy, but you could get the runs in :)

Heather said...

New to Crossfit Mamas and am feeling the pain today! I finished in just under 40 minutes.

brittanys said...

I've been out of town/jetlagged so I did a modified and very easier version (but specific to my goals). I did a 10 min mile on a treadmill (I'm just not a runner never have been so I struggle bad) then did a quarter mile sprint in 1:40. I can run at a fast pace on treadmill but I struggle once I'm on real ground (I only do treadmill runs at work 3 days out of week).

Ian and Amy said...

30:19- including rests
I hate the treadmill!

Courtney said...

2nd day here. LOVED this one!

26 minutes total - on treadmill
3:00 rest
2:00 rest
1:00 rest

kasey said...

Having tight schedule issues today and not feeling very well so dnf'd, will do the whole thing and post another day, but did get in a 1600. running is not my forte, but this was my personal best since the girls have been born. 12:08

Leah said...

1600m - 8:12
800m - 6:01
400m - 3:59
200m - 1:56

Kelli Anderson said...


Plus rest times.

Lily Bell said...

I started yesterday (YAY!) I did Monday's WOD and today was my second dWOD ever! I really like this blog! I'm not a runner so, I am proud to have been able to do the whole thing!
1600m = 10m
rest 3m
1200m = 7m
rest 2m
800m = 4m
rest 1m
400m = 3m

Total 30 minutes + strech!

Laura Coppola said...

1600 at 7mph
1200 at 7.3 MPH
800 at 7.5 MPH
400 at 8.0 MPH
With specified rests

SarahMC said...


1600: 6:42
1200: 5:27
800: 3:14
400: 1:40

For everyone that was talking about how to measure the runs, I have an app on my iPhone called "map my run" and it keeps track of how far you go. I'm sure it's not completely accurate but is nice so that you can do the runs in the neighborhood .

Jenni said...

1600- 9:27
1200- 6:13
800- 4:13
400- 1:55
Pushing 30+ lbs in jogger.
I use Map My Run too.

Jen Morse said...

I run outside and have a garmin, but if u have a smartphone, there is an app called Endomondo that measures your time and distance, might be helpful:)

Jen Morse said...

U ladies are fast!

QueenBeeBerta said...

First - let me say...I am SO impressed with all of you and SO jealous of your times! I am NOT a runner, but I did alternate running and walking. This is the farthest I have ever ran - which was 1/2 of the workout distance. SO proud of me!! That being said...don't laugh at my times! :)

1600 - 17:38
1200 - 13:11
800 - 8:49
400 - 4:26

Jean Rouse said...

Can't run yet but did the intervals on the elliptical. Just under 40 minutes total. Took some figuring to get the meters into steps, but I got it figured out. I like it!

Gsxrgirl0479 said...

Did 4 miles today

Jen Morse said...

I did this wod with my bff Gina Tate, we went at her pace.
Our times were:
Not to bad I'd say! Considering she thought she was slow.
Just so you all know, Gina is 18 months cancer free, after spending 2 years fighting for her life with stage 4 cervical cancer.
She is one of the strongest people I've ever known and I want her to know how very proud I am of her for doing this!! It's been a hard road to recovery and this run was hard, but she did it!!! And that's the very best part :)

Gina Tate said...

Aw thanks Jenn! I'm so happy I finished this..this is by far the hardest wod yet! although I've been saying that every day since I started last week! keep the great workouts coming..I'm having so much fun :)

Sarah said...

1600: 9:34
1200: 7:17
800: 4:28
400: 2:15

Total 29:43

This was hard- I pushed myself. Usually I run 6 1/2 minute KM's, and these were just under or at 6 minutes. I'm really proud of myself!

amoritz said...

1600. 8:34
1200 6:46
800 3:47
400 2:34
Loved this workout!!M

vinoyasa said...

26:28 total, took my hubby and our two dogs with me. The hills were killer!

Cassi said...

27:29, 9:00, 6:20, 4:13, 1:55, on the treadmill, walking the breaks

jamie said...

9 min, 6.22 min, 4.06 min, 2 min. Am I the only idiot that has to convert it to miles every time and can never remember what is what? Lol...

Jenni said...

I use Map My Run and it does either miles or kilometers. :)

erin elmore said...

I'm a day behind...my time was 26:12. Loved it, and ordered my tank top! Can't wait to get it!

erin elmore said...

I'm a day behind...my time was 26:12. Loved it, and ordered my tank top! Can't wait to get it!

Vanessa said...

29:24 as Rxed. Ran outside, still beautiful fall, but feel like snow is coming. :)

Crystal said...

I have had an off week so I had to take a couple of my weekend rest days during the week. I did this workout yesterday and will continue throughout the weekend to catch back up.

26 min flat including rests....I think I probably could have pushed my first mile a little faster

The Helgren Fam said...

1600- 9:31
1200- 6:45
400- 2:04

Total with rest: 28:47

Mindy Kroll said...


Anonymous said...

My stopwatch died half way through the WOD, but I ran all of the meters :)

#1 9:19
#2 7:24