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Nov 23, 2012

Friday 11.23.12

"Black Friday"

3 rounds for reps of:
10 lb Dumbbell squat cleans, 1 minute
20' Shuttle sprints (20' forward + 20' backwards = 1 rep), 1 minute
40lb Deadlifts, 1 minute
Burpees, 1 minute
Butterfly sit-ups, 1 minute
Rest 1 minute

Post total reps to comments.

Compare to 11.25.11


Mindi said...

I guess there is no time to post, I'm away from home & only had 15# to use for this WOD :(

Mindi said...

I forgot to post that today marks the end of 12 weeks of CFM for me! Thank you Jenni and thank you Shawntae & the NoCo CFMs! The next 12 weeks are going to be even better :).

Heather said...

Squat cleans: 47
Shuttle sprints: 29
Deadlifts: 59
Burpees: 24
Sit-ups: 67

Noelle Rowe said...

I could not get a good groove going today! But still a good work out!!
Squat cleans: 37
Shuttle sprints:13 (I think I went farther than 20')
Burpees: 54
Sit-ups: 60

SarahMC said...

I'm assuming you guys are posting total reps over the 3 rounds??

if so...

squat cleans: 36
shuttle sprints: forgot to count every time
deadlifts: 48
burpees: 37 (all boy pushups)
crossfit situps: 60

Reba Haskell said...

Squats 16#-89
Sprints across the yard with my 3 year old "helping"-13
Dead lifts 16#-90

Celebrating a full month of doing these workouts and I love it and feeling awesome!

Tanya said...

I just found your blog this week and started your workouts. I'm an ultrarunner (just did a 50 miler and a marathon in the last 3 weeks), but apparently I have ZERO strength. ZERO. I'm so glad I found you. I think doing this will make me a stronger runner for sure!
I'm not going to post my results because it's just sad right now. I've go nowhere to go but up from here.
Thank you!!

Sarah said...

Geez Heather, you must be superwoman!

Here are my lowest sets:

Squat cleans: 28
Shuttles: 6
Dead lifts:21
Burpees: 8
CFSU'S: 12

Sarah said...

Is this your total number, or per round?

Jenni said...

Post total reps from all 3 rounds. :)

Anonymous said...

I am LOVING my new interval timer I found for Android, HIIT. Here's my totals (30lb DL and I misread the 20' so the first round I just did 1):
Sq Clean: 59
Shuttle Sprints: 13
Dead Lifts: 83
Burpees: 34
Sit-ups: 73

Marilyn said...

Shuttles 17
DL 94
Burpees 21

runzalot81 said...

Shuttles 20
DL 30
Burpees 35

kasey said...

DBSQ @ 30lbs =48
Sprints= 25
DL = 71
Burpee = 36
CFSU = 71

kasey said...

Oh and DL at 60 lbs

Frankee said...

Squat Clean (barbell) 65#- 20
Shuttle run- 15
Dead lift 45#- 52
Burpee- 38
CFSU- 63

Ian and Amy said...

Squat clean 48 (20 lb)
Shuttle 16
DL 43 (60lb)
Burpees 47
Situps 75

Were we actually supposed to run backwards? I ran forward 20 than ran backwards 20?

Mindy Kroll said...

Squat Clean: 78
Shuttle: 18
DL: 97
Burpee: 49
Sit Up: 85

Anonymous said...

Love these workouts! I've been following for about a month now and have enjoyed each workout! I typically add weight and make a few adjustments because of where I workout. Today I did 60# for the lifts and did box jumps rather than the shuttle sprints because of where I workout:

squat cleans-50
box jumps-54
dead lifts-59
sit ups-92

Shawnandmeganplus4 said...


Kate Huether said...

Listing numbers for total 3 rounds.
Kate: Squat clean: 56 (9lb each arm, dumbbells)
Shuttle sprints: 20
Deadlifts: 43 (40lbs total, added to dumbbells)
Burpees: 30
CF Situps: 66
James: Squat clean: 30 (40lb added dumbbells)
Shuttle sprints: 36
Deadlifts: 58 (40lb added dumbbells)
Burpees: 12
CF Situps: 54
This one felt hard today! Probably still too much turkey in my belly!

Crystal said...

DB squat clean: 71 @ 20lbs
20' shuttle: 23
40 lb dead lift: 56
Burpees: 29
CFSU: 92

Linds said...

so sluggish today...

10 lb Dumbbell squat cleans: 58
20' Shuttle sprints: 9
10lb dumbbell Deadlifts: 72
Burpees: 15
Crunches/leg lifts/bicycles: 60

round 1 with 3 & 6 year olds
round 2 with 6 year old
round 3 solo

Vanessa said...

Squat Clean=50
Shuttle=24 front+back=1
Deadlift 20# instead of 40#=73
Burpee with full pushup=42
CF Situp=87
Thanks feels great, with a good sweat!!

jamie said...

Cleans- 66
Shuttle- 22
Deadlift- 61
Burpee- 26
Sit-ups- 41

(ummmm my core is so weak!)

Fall4JC said...

Still in my first week. Did better than I expected. Burpees and situps are still really tough but definitely still recovering from turkey day!

squat clean= 40 with 8# dbs (took me a half set to figure them out)
shuttles= 24
deadlifts= 72 (1 set with 12# dbs (4+8 each hand) and 2 with 8# dbs)
CF situp/crunch/reverse crunch= 59

Andrews family said...

two subs... 10' shuttles instead of 20' and mountain climbers for burpees, everything else as rx'd

squat clean = 63
10' shuttles = 35
deadlift = 79
mountain climbers = 201
CF sit ups = 64

erin elmore said...

It's Saturday but i just did this workout. Did not count reps but i am sweating like crazy.

Sarah H said...

Made it through 1.5 rounds for my second WOD. I lost count of my reps though :(

Thalyta said...

8# Squat cleans 53
sprint 26
Deadlifts 66 (as of yet I only have 3# and 5# dumbbells so I used those)
burpees 37
Situps 56

Tiffani Leavitt said...

Too busy shopping yesterday, but got 'er done today. I ran 6 miles, so I skipped the sprints, and used 20 lbs for the cleans and deadlifts.
Cleans: 59
Deadlifts: 85
Burpees: 21
Sit-ups: 50

Anonymous said...

This is my first comment, I tried 11-12-12 workout and loved it! Hope to keep this up.

Squats (no clean)-76
Shuttle Sprints-27

Laureen H said...

Didn't do the WOD today. My child demanded we go swimming instead. Two hours later I'm tired but my sprained neck and shoulder feels so much better

Sara Kay said...

Hi! I'm new here and just did a WOD for the first time. Loved it! Thank you for posting.

Squat Cleans: 59 (8 lb dumbbells)
Shuttle Sprints: 29
Deadlifts: 91 (16 lbs)
Burpees: 32
CF Sit-Ups: 69

ivey patton said...

squat cleans 39
shuttle sprints 10
deadlifts 44
burpees 26
xfit sit ups 30

50 lbs rather than 40 and i think my 20 meters were more like 40?!

Jenni said...

clean- 55 (10lb dumbbells= 20lbs)
sprint- 29
DL- 89 (40lbs)
burpees- 28
Xfit SU- 73

I have a feeling some of you might have missed the 3 rounds part of this!

CathyOz said...

cleans 24
Shuttle runs 30
dead lifts 38
burpees 31
crossfit situps 89

Stefanie said...

I didn't get to this WOD until Monday, so I wasn't even going to post it. But I decided to post, after all, since I'm hoping to see some progress next time!

Squat Cleans (20lbs): 40
Shuttle Sprints: 31
Deadlifts (40lbs): 65
Burpees (no push-ups included): 24
Sit-ups: 50

bwertish said...

I am a day behind but thought I'd post anyway....

This is my second WOD so still getting the hang of it.

Squat clean: 56
Shuttle sprints: 28
Deadlifts (16 lb - don't have any heavier weights): 62
Burpees: 24
Sit ups: 71