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Mar 11, 2013

Monday 03.11.13

Proceed through the sequence below completing as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:
40 Burpees
30 Hang squat clean, 10 lbs (total)
30 Burpees
30 Hang squat clean, 15 lbs (total)
20 Burpees
30 Hang squat clean, 20 lbs (total)
10 burpees
Hang squat clean, 25 lbs (total), as many reps as possible

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


Denise said...

39 but with 20 lbs total on last hang squat cleans. That was a good one!

Heidi Gallagher said...

Muscle Moms In The Morning
We made it all the way through once plus 10 more burpees and 30 more cleans. That was SO hard!!!!

Hanna V said...

1 round
Weights 4, 6, 8, 12 kg
30 reps with the last weight

40 burpees
30 @ 6kg
10 burpees

Felt like the 17 min was forever

Kristin said...

one round, no weight for the hang squat clean (in a hotel)

KPgr8ful said...

All except last hang squat cleans.
Total burpees=100
Total hang squat cleans=90 (first 30 @ 10#, remaining 60 @ 20#)
Happy Monday Mamas :-)

Gina Tate said...

I believe your supposed to total up all the reps you've done for a total score..so if you only finish to 20 burpees you would add 40+30+30+30+20 for a total score of 150 does this make sense?

Dove said...

224 all with 10#

aj said...

1 round
Two 5 lb dumbbells; two 8 lb dumbbells; two 10 pound dumbbells
On the last hang squat clean I used two 10 lb dumbbells instead of 25 lbs. I did 40 hang squat cleans for the last one.

Jen said...

As rx'd, 27 cleans on last round at buzzer, finished at 30 total.

Megan Jordan said...

1 round, 15 hang squat cleans at end

Kat Miller said...

I read this on the Open 13.1 page and just haven't had time to try it.

Today is my 51st Birthday, and I'm going to kick-a$$ on this WOD!

Denise said...

Happy birthday! My husband's bday is today too. Hope you have a great day and workout!

Bethyfly said...

Only 70 burpees and 60 hang squat cleans.
Not what I hoped but progress at any speed is still progress

erin elmore said...

Burpees 140
hang squat clean 150

Becky said...

190 total.
100 burpees
90 hang squat clean. First 60 at 10 lbs last 30 at 20 lbs

Rissa W said...

260 total
140 burpees, 120 hang squat clean 10#, 16#, 20# last two sets
That was tough!

Ronna James said...
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Ronna James said...

Total 190
Burpees- 100
Hang clean squats- 90 all at 15#

Rujoco03 said...

90 burbees
60 squat cleans all with 10#
This was really tough.

Rachael said...

180 total
90 burpees
90 hsc
10#, 10#, 20#

Missy said...

110 burpees
120 squat cleans - 10#, 16#, 20#
Tough workout!

Liz said...

1 round. I only was able to do 10 hang cleans at 25 lbs very tough workout!

Brent and Britta said...

1 round
30 reps on last squat
4 minutes left on my clock, but wasn't about to start another 40 burpees... Sorry! (Didn't even want to do this wod to begin with! :/

Karen said...

I'm confused that people are doing more than 100 burpees. It doesn't say to repeat right? To me I should only do 100 burpees and the hang squat cleans should be a random number. Right?

LaineyLove5 said...

Made it halfway through and got so lightheaded and nausea... I had to stop! I feel like such a bum!

Finished with some shoulder/chest workout and planning on a walk later on in this beautiful weather! I need to study for my nursing exam on Wednesday! Ahhhh

Jen Roe said...

Ran 4 miles then..

Completed one round:
weights of 15lbs, 25lbs and 40lbs

40 burpees and 30 cleans

Karen..I can see where this workout can be interpreted differently. Still a great workout!

Jenelle said...

90 burpees
60 hang squat cleans.
finally have my normal energy back from being sick, now just have to work on my CF energy!

Joy Helgren said...
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Thalyta said...

completed one round and 10 hang squat cleans a the end.

Joy Helgren said...

This was confusing for some reason...think that I did this right. Completed 1 full round plus 2 rounds of burpees and one more HSC 10#.
Total reps: 290
Burpees: 140
HSC: 150-- 10#, 15#, 20#, 25#
Then ran 26 minutes....killer! My arms are dead!

Cassie said...

190 total
burpees = 90
hang squat clean = 82

Lynn Carney said...

1 round, this was tough.

Staci Owens said...

First day back after 5 days off with the flu!

220 Total
100= Burpees
120= HSC 18#, 20#, 24#, 30#

Mary said...

one round with 22 seconds remaining...didn't do another burpee!
half modified burpees (down to plank and back)
squats: 10/10/20/20

Anonymous said...

WOW, killer Monday WO! 150

Adria said...

One round, 20# front squats

Lea said...

I believe you are right Karen!!

Kimberly S said...

184 total ( 94 burp, 90 hsc at 10#, 18#, 18#). Tough workout!

Amber Carter said...

I finished one round minus last set of 10 burpees and squat cleans

Jen Morse said...
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Katie said...

150 total (90 burpees/60 squats
However, after the timer I still finished out the whole round with 30 HCS at the end.

Jen Morse said...
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Jen Morse said...


Copy and paste this link to watch an example of the original 13.1 :)

I did it yesterday as rx'd and scored 105, 8:18
Today was hard because I was wore out from yesterday...lol
Got 130, with 35# and 45# hsc's

Gina Tate said...

25# and 35# hsc
chest to floor burpees

You only go through the sequence once if you get to the end and have time left you just pump out as many hang squat cleans as you can. as you can see I didn't even get through one complete round..burpees slow me down!

Gina Tate said...

25# and 35# hsc
chest to floor burpees

You only go through the sequence once if you get to the end and have time left you just pump out as many hang squat cleans as you can. as you can see I didn't even get through one complete round..burpees slow me down!

Jana Pace said...

110 burpees, 1/2 grandma style, 119 h.s. with 5lbs. Sweaty sweaty!

Kelli A said...

180 =
90 burpees
90 hang squat cleans

tanya said...

100 burpees
100 hang squat clean (10lb, 16lb, 20lb, 24lb)

Kimberly said...

1 round + 45 reps of 30lb hang squat cleans

katyjrogers said...

At 17 minutes I hadn't done the last 10 burpees (or any HSC at 25#). Did last 10 burpees plus 30 HSC at 20# in 21:21. Whew!!

Berta Crowe said...

101 total - I beat my personal goal of 100! :)

70 Burpees
30 Hang squat cleans w/12#
1 Hang squat clean w/18#

SO tired and red-faced and sweaty and sucking wind and...you get the picture!

wow mom said...

10 squats last round w 25#
200 total.
Grandma burpees; I AM a grandma

Ian and Amy said...

I did the sequence + 50 hang squat cleans. Hopefully that's right. Either way I am totally winded, sweaty an shaky. That was a good one

Marcella Barta said...

70 burpees + 60 clean squats (10lbs x 30reps and 15lbs x30reps)

kelley P said...

Holy cow -- that was really hard!!
2 rounds + 15 hang squat cleans (all @ 10 lbs total) = 165

Super Kat said...

40 burpees
10 push presses
10 bicep curls
10 tricep extensions
30 burpees
30 squats
20 burpees
10 pushups
20 wall balls 10 lb
10 burpees

Super Kat said...

Oh and finish with 150 jump ropes

Gillian Monte said...

93 Burpees and 60 hang squat cleans. Oh dear Lord that was brutal.

Bethany Ingram said...

Not sure how to score this so... 220 total as Rx or 30 cleans

Crystal said...

1 round as recommended with 5 hang squat cleans at 25# at end

Alea Herrmann said...

1 time through was 14:06

Jessica Timmons said...

Once through, 30lb dumbbells all three sets

Two minutes to go at the end, baby woke up screaming so that was the end of my workout!

Sarah B. said...

135 total.
75 burpees, 60 squat cleans.

Katie said...

110 burpees (only 55 with pushup)
70 cleans

Lila said...

wow, those burpees really slowed me down!
Weight as RX'd, but only made it to the 20 lb hang squats.
Knees down for the push up on the burpees.
Started with a 4k run

Kim V said...

220 total score. Brutal! <3

Vanessa said...

Good job Jen! That is awesome!

Kim C said...

175 total
90 burpees, 85 hang squat cleans

Heather Foster said...

Knee surgery... Adapted to
25 back extensions
25 crossfit sit-ups
25 kyaks
25 fingers to toes sit-ups
25 push ups
25 triceps w/ Bar 20 lb
25 push press
25 pull down triceps with 20 lb bar
25 bench dips
2 times through....

The Fuller's said...

208 reps total

Mandy said...

Plank only on the burpees, but my bar weighs 20 lbs, so I'll call it even.
205 total.

Bondanza Bonanza said...

Took last week off so this totally just kicked my butt!

Jewel said...

90 Burpees
90 HCS in 17 minutes
Finished the workout with 10 more Burpees and 30 more HCS.

Donette said...

Couldn't finish it all in 17 minutes, and I wanted to finish. Took me an extra 4:58 to finish with a total of 20 extra hang squat cleans at the end. Used 20 pounds for the last 3 rounds.
Burpees 100
HSC 110.

I am officially in the I hate burpees club!! Hard!!

Meg said...

First WOD ever. Longest 17 minutes of my life. 130 with no weight on bar all rounds.

Michelle V said...

1 round 220 total

All HSC with 10# and 30 HSC for last set. Kicked my butt.

Jenni said...

1 round plus 30 HSC
Put this off until 6pm because I was dreading it. Am still feeling it on my thighs from last Monday!!

Kate Huether said...

Only had 30lbs for cleans, so I did 40 burpees, 10 hsc, 30 burpees, 20 hsc, 20 bupees, 30 hsc, 10 burpees. Was wanting to finish with 40 hsc but time was up and I was grateful! Total: 100 burpees and 60 hsc. Exhausted!!

Mary Cahill said...

half hang squats, half full ROM squats(butt to the floor, knees locked out)
100 burpees
105 squats
I did not want to do this one, not today, so glad I did.

Molly Swafford said...

tough! only made it through 2nd round of burpees and 5 #weights. only 4th crossfitmama workout...not a fan of burpees

Randall said...

1 round + 3 hang squat cleans
20lbs all

Kalyn said...

40 burpees, 10# total hang squat clean (30)
30 burpees, 10# total hang squat clean (30)

Finished the above at exactly 17 min... Ready to get stronger!

Cassi said...

100 burpees, 140 hsc, one armed on both (the burpees on a bench). 2 set 5# dbl, 10#, last 15# at 50 reps

Tambra M said...

1 round but no extra hang cleans & had to add an extra :35 to finish up the last 10 burpees. I've never not finished a WOD on time :-(

laura said...

1 round didnt do the 25#all out cleans. Did get in extra 10 burpees cos i didnt read it & thought i had to do 20 burpees @end instead of 10.

Inna said...

Happy birthday!!!!

bkbishopfamily said...

90 burpees
90 hsc (10#, 16#, 20#)


Linda Slater said...
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Linda Slater said...

Sympany Pains out to my Hero; fellow ToughMudder and CrossFit Mama! Modifying/Improvising/Creating where needed. She can't move her leg and still manages to run circles around me... On Crutches! What a special gal.

We got this! BOOM!

For 17 MInutes:

25 Back Extensions
25 Crossfit Sit Ups
25 Kayaks
25 Sit Ups Fingers to Left Toes, down Fingers to Right Toes
25 Knees to Elbows on Inverted Sit Up Bunch
25 Tricep Pulls
25 Tricep on Floor w/20 lb bar; back
25 Tricep on Floor w/20 lb bar; arm ext.

er.une said...


15# lbs 2x, 25# weigths 2x

Ruth Anne said...

Finished to 7/10 of last set of burpees! I really wanted to quit with 3 sec left, but I pushed through one last burpee!

Katrina Ogden Kanary said...

Burpees 20, 20, 10 = 50
HSC 30, 30 = 60 with 6lbs total (need to get heavier weights)

Brian and Becky Harrell said...

1 complete round, 30 squat cleans at the end with 25#, did it in 15:56.

Katherine said...

at 17:06 I was just wrapping up my 20# hang squat cleans, so not quite the entire workout.
(hang squat clean progressed 8#, 12#, 20# because those are the dumbbells I have)

Anonymous said...

Boy this was a tough one. In 17 minutes, I only made it through the 2nd round of hang squats cleans. I finished the whole thing though in 29 minutes : )

Jennifer Everhart said...

120 reps total.....WOW!!!!

SarahMC said...

100 burpees
121 hang squat cleans

Christy Homan said...

203 total
I doubled the weight for each set. Dripping!!! Trembling at the end!

LeeMac said...

One round with 20 squat cleans at the end
Squat cleans were 10#,20#, 20#,20#

amoritz said...

190. 100 Burpees. 90 hang clean squats!! That was rough!!!

The Roberts Family said...

1 full round. plus 17 HSC
all rounds with rx'd weight except last HSC were were 20#.
also walked 3.75miles
& did side planks, elevated leg planks, & leg lift planks. then 25 CFsitups

yelly16 said...

1round no extra

LindaK said...

1 round with 30 squat cleans at the end....so 100 burpees & 120 hang squat cleans!

LaToiya Bates said...

80 each

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat - 203
Maria - 190

Stefanie said...

One round in 19:45. Only 5 reps on the last squat cleans. #16, #16, #20, and #25 for the squat clean reps.

Katherine said...

Wowee, those burpees are a killer. Only made it through half the round, but I'm going to finish the rest throughout the day if it kills me! (and it just might)

Dusty Gauthier said...

Finished first 4 exercises, then 17 of the 20 burpees.

mommaof5 said...

1 round as RX..finished in 16:34
just couldnt do anymore

30 min on ellictical