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Mar 18, 2013

Monday 03.18.13

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
5 Shoulder to overhead, 20 lbs (shoulder press)
10 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
15 Box jumps, 18" box

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


Denise said...

212 was my score. 7 rounds plus 2 shoulder press. As RX'd all the way through.

Jen said...

8 rounds. 40# DL - strained lower back yesterday moving furniture.

Abby said...

8 rounds plus 5 shoulder press and 7 deadlifts. Deadlifts @ 20#, tuck jumps instead of bo jumps

Kim Jackson said...

9 rounds. 20 lb weights for both and shorter box jumps.

Lauren said...

7 rounds. 20# deadlift, need to get more weights :)

Becky said...

240 in just over 10 min. 8 rounds
40 lb deadlifts

Alli D said...

75 lbs shoulder to overhead
75 lbs deadlift
20" box
Only 4 rounds...for 120.

aj said...

8 rounds- then 5 shoulder presses at the end
Two 8 lb dumbbells for shoulder press
Two 10 lb dumbbells for dead lifts
Don't know the heighth of the boxes

Jen Morse said...

Alli - this is what I'm going to do, the original 13.2. I did it yesterday and scored 135, wasn't feeling the best so I'm hoping to get 150 today .. Good job, it was tough! :)

chaase said...

First timer here.

6 sets
10 - shoulder press
40 - Dead Lifts
No Idea on height but I jumped up on a box, ha. :)

Clearly I need to go harder. Thank you!Does everyone pretty much use dumbbells?

Denise said...

I use dumb bells. And yes- I think most people do.

Bethyfly said...

5 rounds with a couple box jumps after the timer. 50# cause we don't seem to have 60 - yet :)

erin elmore said...

8 rounds plus 5 shoulder press.

Tracey Isom said...

170 total
5 rounds
tuck jump, no box
start of 6 round did 20 shoulders

Rebecca said...

8 rounds
10 # shoulder press
16# dead lift
I used my stairs to jump/ step (any other household modification suggestions for a beginner??)

Megan Jordan said...

8 +5 shoulder pre, so 245 total
20# sp
12" jumps
55# deadlift
Love these kinds of workouts!

Rujoco03 said...

6 rounds
All as rx'd except box was 13" (added two inches and jumped them all for the most part except the few I stumbled on)

Kirsten said...

6 rounds, 15 for press and dl-- I strained my stomach yesterday by picking up my 30# toddler so trying to go easy today (that's 15#, phone won't let me go back w/I erasing everything)

Katherine said...

8 full rounds + 5 shoulder press + 5 deadlifts
12#db for shoulder press
20#db for deadlifts

Tiffani Leavitt said...

Went over by 4 seconds to complete 7 rounds. 40 lb DL.

Fortnergang said...

Got 2 box jumps shy of 6 rounds. Those deadlifts got me. Rose to the challenge and went 60lb, my most weight ever, and wow! could I tell a difference.

Jill said...

7 rounds
12 # weight on either side
tuck jumps

Kristin said...

9 rounds

Ronna James said...

6 rounds
25# shoulder press
30# DL
17" chair for box jump

3 mile run

Julie said...

7 rounds @ 18# and 30#. Need heavier weights....

Kati Swanson said...

91/2 rounds 285

Jo Bethea said...

7 full rounds + 5 Shoulder Presses
RNDS 1-4 40# SP 60# DL
RNDS 5-7 + 60# SP and DL
18 inch box

Courtney said...

8 rounds

Kimberly said...

9 rounds
30lb deadlifts
Step ups in 2 stairs in my house

JanelWarner said...


Ian and Amy said...

7 rounds as RXed

Kate Huether said...

7 rounds. Went 15 seconds over to finish the box jumps. Used 30lbs for shoulder press, 60lbs as rx'd for dead lifts (killer!!) And tuck jumps for box jumps. Happy Monday!

Staci Owens said...

5 rounds

55# shoulder press and DL
20 inch box jumps

Box jumps slowed me way down today. Ugh. Great quick workout.

Jenelle said...

8 rounds, step ups on 18" box. Some rounds with 45#, some with 53# DL, depending on which mama was on what! :) 25# shoulder press. We had about 6 Mamas, so it got confusing switching stations and counting rounds. But lots of fun! Happy Monday!

Cara said...

195. 6 rounds plus another round of shoulder press & dead lift. 40 lb on deadlift

Beattie Family said...

6 and 5 press. Half box jumps half step ups. 15 squats with twenty lbs of weight

lisa said...

7 rounds

Karla With a K said...

7 rounds plus 5 push press and 6 deadlifts. Replaced 50 double unders for box jumps - knee is acting up again.

Rounds 1-4 #60 deadlifts, remaining dropped down to #30

thea said...

9 rounds.
#20 total for press
#36 total for DL
Used steps for box jumps.

Heather Foster said...

7 Rounds
5 Shoulder Press 20 lb
10 push ups
15 Bench dips
(Knee Injury)

Julia said...

First crossfit workout ever...
20lbs on the press and DL
Shorter Jump..
Loved it!

Kelli A said...

5 rounds

150 reps

Rachael said...

Many chairs are 18" high. Not sure if I'd jump on one, but you can use it to step up and step down.

wow mom said...

5 rounds exactly
15#, 50#, 18"stepups
150 total

Missy said...

7 rounds
2 10# for shoulder press
2 20# for dead lifts
14 inch box jumps

Also did 3.5 mile run

LeeMac said...

6 rounds plus another set of shoulder press
As rx'd

Rachael said...

195 reps
6 rounds plus sp and dl on 7th round.
63lb daughter for 3 rounds of deadlifts
47.5lb son for 2 rounds of deadlifts
30lbs total dumbbells for last 2 rounds
Box jumps 18"step up/down on chair
Whew! Dripping!

Gillian Monte said...

8 rounds plus 5 shoulder press.
20lb for deadlifts.

kasey said...

218 as rx'd on all

bkbishopfamily said...

8 rds + 5 sp (245reps)

dl as rx'd

Jen Morse said...

4 rounds plus press, dl and 2 box jumps
75# press and dl
20" box

Jen Morse said...

20 minute run first...

Berta Crowe said...

Total Score: 183

6 full rounds of shoulder press w/24# and deadlifts w/50# - 5 full rounds of box jumps plus 8 more

FYI - headaches and box jumps do NOT go well together! :/

Liz said...

9 rounds. 2 #10 dumbbells.

tanya said...

7 rounds

Deborah said...

7 rounds.

Katie said...

9 rounds exactly!
30# dead lift

Gina Tate said...

4 rounds, 2 jumps shy of 5 rounds
(148 reps)

45# presses
65# deadlift
16" box jumps ( roughly)

Lea said...

5 rounds....missed 6 by 5 box jumps

20# presses
65# DL
tire for box jumps (higher than my normal 18" but I don't know exactly!)...these killed me today!!

Kalyn said...

4 rounds plus 5 presses and 10 deadlifts

20# presses
60# DL
10" box

Lisa Hauck said...

209 40# deadlift that is the heaviest I have for now and box jump shorter than rx'ed I have a fear of jumping so high and falling...I am just starting so hope to conquer that. oh and only went 9 minutes, messed up my timer.

paola said...

5 rounds
used kettlebell for shoulder press and deadlift. 15lb and 25lbs respectively.

PTRunner said...

8 rounds 12 inch box jumps

Adria said...

10 rounds. Step ups instead of jumps. 30# dl.

mary said...

7 rounds
did 15 jump lunges + 15 squats in place of box jumps

Linda Slater said...

7 Rounds:

5 Shoulder Press
10 Push Ups
15 Bench Dips

Megan Suto said...

5 rounds
60# presses
80# deads

Tambra M said...

9 rounds + 30 minute run

~MT said...

7 rounds press d deadlift. 6 rounds + 3 box jumps

Jennifer Gratiot said...

7 rounds- 25 lb shoulder press, 65 lb dead lift, tuck jumps for box jumps- we don't have anything I feel is sturdy enough to jump on :)

laura said...

6 rounds & all the way through to 2 xtra box jumps as rx'd. Started out dead after just a round of box jumps! Really need to eat a preworkout snack to get me through!

Cassi said...

7 rounds, as rx'd except on armed pp 10#

Donette said...

180, 6 rounds. 20# pp, 60# dl.

Jen Roe said...

4 mile run then..

7 rounds
40 lb shoulder press
70 lb DL
20" box jumps

Jen Roe said...

4 mile run then..

7 rounds
40 lb shoulder press
70 lb DL
20" box jumps

Jessica said...

8 rounds. 8 lb dumbells on both, step ups intstead of jumps.

Cassie said...

5 rounds 150 reps total
as rx'd

Julie said...

Walked 40 minutes then

20lb shoulder press
50 lb DL
tuck jumps

6 rounds

Love this! We now have a group of us doing this together and it's amazing! Thanks for posting! We love crossfit!

Mandy lou said...

6 Rounds + 5 push press
30lb Push press and deadlift
(only have 1 set of weights)

Rebecca said...

Thanks Rachel, I'll have to be careful but it might work :)

Cristal Fuerte said...

First Day: 6 Rounds - Shoulder Press 5lbs, Deadlifts 15lbs, and 10in. Box Jump. I have weak arms, but hopefully that will all change soon!

Hanna V said...

10 rounds plus shoulder presses
Only 17,5 lbs 8 kg on presses
And only 45 lbs 20 kg on dl.
I really need to get some heavier weights!

Lynn Carney said...

6 1/3 rounds did 30 jumping jacks for box jumps

Sarah B. said...

7 rounds, plus shoulder presses
20 lb shoulder press
30 lb dead lift
8" box jumps

KPgr8ful said...

185 in 10min as rx'd except 20" box jump
Did an extra minute to complete dead lifts & box jumps for 7 complete rounds
Ready for the day-whoo!

KPgr8ful said...

(So that's 210 in 11min)

Ruth Anne said...

7 rounds plus 5PP and 4DL. 25# PP 60# DL subbed step up on 2 steps holding 10# for box jumps

Joy Helgren said...

170...5 rounds. 5 jumps short of 6 rounds. As Rxed.
Tough one because of the 105 degree temperature outside!
Then ran 4 miles.

Tracey Craig said...

8 rounds

sullyjam said...

5 box jumps short of 6 rounds

35# bar

1 mi. run before

1 mi. run after

Kim C said...

6 rounds
Step ups on stairs instead of box jumps

Kate said...

6 rounds
30# deadlifts cause that's all the weights i could hold in my hands

Lila said...

Had to do this on Tuesday due to lack of time on Monday.
Dumbbells #10ea for shoulder press
45# Barbell for deadlifts (that's all the weight I have atm!)
jumps on Bosu
6 rounds minus the jump ups on the 6th round
3k run to start.... now off to today's WOD!

LindaK said...

6 rounds plus 5 shoulder press


kelley P said...

7 rounds --- only 20lbs for deadlifts (need more weights)

Melanie said...

6 rounds. 70# DL, 18" step-ups

Anonymous said...

7 rounds with 45 sec. to spare. Did Tuesdays right before and did Zumba for the first time last night... kinda sore!

20# Shoulder to overhead
40# DL, all I have
Tuck jumps. Never done them before and glad I did!

Great WOD!!!

Mary Cahill said...

7 Rounds even
30# for presses
Loved this...quick and dirty!

Jessica Timmons said...

Did this after the WOD 3/19

7 rounds plus eighth round of press and deads

15lb dumbbells

Thalyta said...

6 rounds plus 5 shoulder press

mommaof5 said...

6 rounds...went a bit over 10 min
20# shlder press
60# DL (This was tough...I couldn't do it fast, worked on form so as not to hurt my back
Box stepup with occasional jumps.

30 minutes on Elliptical

Rissa W said...

Did this a day late due to not being able to fit it in my day yesterday.

225 reps - - 7 complete rounds plus 5 presses and 10 dead lifts. All weight as rx'd

PTRunner said...

5 box jumps short of 8 rounds. 12 inch box

The Roberts Family said...

9 rounds + 5 shoulder press
46.5# DL
one leg at a time box jumps

The Roberts Family said...

Also did after tues 3.19.13's WOD

er.une said...

Traveling...so I used tension bands for overhead press, heavy objects (about 29 lbs) for deadlier and did 14" box jumps using a fireplace ledge.

9 rounds plus overhead presses

Christy Homan said...

4 2/3 rounds (135 reps)
25# press
60# DL
24" box

Jennifer Everhart said...

245 reps. 8 complete rounds with 5 press
used 15 lb kettle bell and stairs

LaToiya Bates said...

5 rounds and completed additional set of shoulder press and 6 dead lifts. For all my rounds only had 20# for dead lifts so I did 20 each of those. And subd high tuck kicks no box. Total 211.

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat - #40shoulder #95DL-8rds+ thru 8BJ

Maria - #30 shoulder #70DL 8rds + thru all DL

Becky Parker said...

5 rounds, 24lb presses, box jumps on bench

Erin Dwyer said...

7 rounds