Hiit Mama workouts are timed so time yourself and go as FAST AS YOU CAN!! That is how you get the cardio in. If you are a new Hiit Mama, just start with the workout of the day (WOD)...no need to go back to the first post because we will eventually repeat all those workouts. Make sure and post your time in the comment section so you can track your progress! Also, there are video demos of each exercise we do down the right side bar.

Mar 13, 2013

Wednesday 03.13.13

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 Push-ups
5 Deadlifts, 30-60 lbs (total)
8 Push press, 20 lbs (total)

Compare to 01.04.12

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce refined sugar intake
drink at least 3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


Hanna V said...

The same as on last Friday?!

Denise said...

21 rounds

Jen said...

19 plus one push-up - 2.5 rnds bpu, bal gpu

Becky said...

16 girl pu's

Courtney said...

32 rounds
Only 20 lb for deadlifts- that's all I have at home

~MT said...

Whenever you post a total weight after the reps, if you are using dumbbells, is that the amount you should have in each hand or the total amount?

For example: 20 pouds is it 10# in each hand OR is it 20# in each hand!

Thank you!

Kirsten said...

20# total, I think, so 10 in each hand or using both hands to hold a 20.
17 rounds: girl pu for first 7, on wall to save my belly for the last 10, 30# for dl, 15 for press.

Katherine said...

18 rounds completed at 20:06
(5 seconds less than Friday's)
gpu/40#dead lifts/12#db for push press

Berta Crowe said...

You use total weight. The easiest way to remember is to imagine you are using regular weights - you would just count the total weight on that, not the amount of weight on each end.

I hate when my brain "farts" and I use more weight than I'm supposed to and usually don't realize it until I'm writing down my time & weights used! Then, it's a major head-slap and a light bulb goes off in my head, saying "No wonder that was SO hard!" lol

Jenelle said...

Only had time for 10 mins. 11 rounds.

Jen Roe said...

Ran 4 miles

16 rounds
All boy push ups
70lb DL
30lb PP

I didn't have time to do this workout last Friday so it was new for me.

tanya said...

21 rounds
11 bpu 10 gpu
30 deadlift
20 pushpress

dani26.2 said...

12 rounds 20# total for DL and push press

Staci Owens said...

19 rounds

Boy push ups
65# dead lift
30# push press

Joy Helgren said...

29 rounds (better than Friday!)
boy push ups
35# DL
22# PP
Ran 5k

Hanna V said...

Got the chanse to go to pump and combat classes,. Enjoydet the 2 hr workout :)

Rissa W said...

22 plus 10 push ups. First 5 reps with 40# DL, 17 with 60# DL.

Sarah said...

23 rounds. 50 on deadlifts all gpu.

Rujoco03 said...

Lost count but think I did 14
30# for dead lift and 20# for pp, gpu
Then ran 1.5 miles

Jen Morse said...

For Time
Five rounds of:
50 pound Power clean, 5 reps
50 pound Front squat, 10 reps
50 pound Jerk, 5 reps
20 Pull-ups
Rest 90 seconds between each round
Took me 19:02 :)

Kristin said...

16 rounds

50 lbs. deadlift
25 lbs. push press

Rachael said...

22 rounds + push-ups and 3 deadlifts of the next round. Finished after time to complete 23 total rounds.
Bpu's on first two rounds, rest gpu
30 lbs dl
20 lbs pp

Berta Crowe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Berta Crowe said...

I did not do this one since we just did it last Friday. Instead, I did my very first EVER CrossFit workout from 9/24/12. I knocked 10 seconds off of my time - doesn't sound like a big deal, right? Well, it is to me because (1) I couldn't do CrossFit situps on 9/24, so I did crunches and (2) I chose to do pushups instead of pullups on 9/24. Well, today I did ALL CrossFit situps and un-assisted partial pullups - meaning no chair, no jump - just sheer determination and I actually bent my arms pulling! Granted, I only got up about 2 inches, but that's 2 inches more than last time! :)

Anonymous said...

I am laughing because I thought I killed my last score on Friday... I got the same!! oh funny. I feel this one was a lot stronger though.
17 total rounds
40# DL
20# PP

Thalyta said...

I only had 15 rounds in me. I can't seem to get better at doing push ups. They take so long for me and I am terrible at them. Plus I can only do girlie ones!
30# dl
20# pp

Gina Tate said...

for time:
35# power clean 5 reps
35# front squat 10 reps
35# jerk 5 reps
20 reverse pullups
rest 90 seconds between each set


Gina Tate said...

5 rounds

Jenni said...

Im sorry Mamas!! I didn't even realize that I repeated last Friday's WOD! I was SO tired when I posted this. Please forgive me. :(

Jenni said...

Jen Roe- same here. I was on a field trip all day! That explains why I posted it again! I didn't remember it because I didn't do it! Oh well.

Jenni said...

I'm sorry. My mistake. :(

mommaof5 said...

16 maybe 17..kind of lost count
1 bpu the rest gpu

about the same as last Friday added the bpu

Kimberly S said...

17 rounds, 10 pu, 5dl, 2 pp. 28 lb dl and 18 press.

Denise said...

You do an amazing job with this site and I pretty much do whatever you say ;) I don't mind repeating a workout at all. Thanks for your hard work Jenni!

Jenni said...

Thanks Denise. :)

Jenni said...

23 rounds
60 lb DL

Did 23 rounds last year but with only 30 lb DL and 10 lb PP.

Lila said...

Instead of repeating last fridays wod I went with the Wednesday before I found this site and got started, so 01.16.13
Took me 16:20
Thank you so much for all the great workouts!

Kalyn said...

14 rounds plus 10 gpu - better than last Friday!

I do whatever WOD u post! :)

Donette said...

15 rounds. Did 60# dl, did 50# on Friday. What a difference 10# makes. Thanks jenni, I didn't mind repeating! !

Mary Cahill said...

I didn't do this last week so I jumped on it...after dinner(never good).
17 rounds with 10 extra pushups.
55 for DL.
thanks again Jen!

Tracey Craig said...

25 I think, I kinda lost count. I think I may have actually done more.

Adria said...

14 rounds, gpu, 20# dl cause that's all I have at home- tried to dl my 6 yr old, but it didn't work out too well :)

aj said...

Only did 10 minutes with 10 total rounds. 8 lb dumbbells for it all, girl push ups after round one;)

Alea Herrmann said...

24 rounds, beat fridays score of 22 rounds. Dont mind the repeat cuz it was a good wod!

Kate Huether said...

Pulled a muscle in my back with this one last time, so today I slowed down and focused on form. Did girl pushups with nose meeting the ground each time, then 30 lbs for dls and pps. Did 15 rounds in 20 minutes with about 18 seconds to spare.

laura said...

25 rounds &5 pu all boy
50# dl 20 # pp
Wow did this fri dont know what i ate but last fri i did 22 rounds same #. Got thru only 4 rounds boy pu then ended up doing girl pu the rest of time. 3 more rounds & boy pu yeah!

Erin said...

25pp. 45dl. 16 rounds 5 sec over

Jessica said...

12 rounds, girl pushups, 8 lb dumbells. Walked 23 minutes after (was going to run, but legs were too sore from yesterday).

Jana Pace said...

17 1/3 rounds 10 lb deadlifts & 5 push press

The Roberts Family said...

18 rounds (2 more than Friday, yay!)
41.5 # dead lifts
20# pp

Then pulled weeds & did yard work for an hour ;)

Creative Corner said...

15 rounds

Creative Corner said...

15 rounds

Cassie said...

17 rounds. All girl push ups except first 10. Beat my friday by 2 rounds!

bkbishopfamily said...

18 rds again

but this time 2 rds of bpu:)!!!


Tambra M said...


Brian and Becky Harrell said...

20 rounds + 10 PUs and 1 DL
DL with 42#
PP 20#
Anna 16 rounds

KPgr8ful said...

19 with :10 left on clock
(3 more rounds than last week-yay)

Laura K said...

Hubby and I did this today! One of us would run with the stroller for 20 min while the other did this. Worked out great!

20 rounds for me!

Jill said...

19 rounds

Gillian Monte said...

19 rounds plus 10 pushups.
20lb deadlift, 10lb push press.

arrowmom said...

13 rounds.......55# deadlifts, 30# push press, bpu.....WOW! What a workout!

arrowmom said...

13 rounds.......55# deadlifts, 30# push press, bpu.....WOW! What a workout!

Ruth Anne said...

20 rounds + 10 Push ups. First 4 rounds boy PU, rest were girlies. 60 lb dead lifts

Linda Slater said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Linda Slater said...

Only walked 3 miles; 5% incline for one of them..
Weak, I tell you... WEAK!

Christy Homan said...

17 rounds
Gpu, 60# DL, 25# PP

Anonymous said...

12 rounds-
Deadlifts- 30 lbs.
Push press- 16 lbs.
Back is tweaked : (

Michelle V said...

13 rounds with 20# and Gpu this one was killer

LaToiya Bates said...

Didn't have the heavier weights so did 10 of each 20# dead lifts and push press. Completed 8 1/3 rounds jelly arms

Sugar Queen said...

Just completed it, new to crossfit. Been teaching myself at home so I select WOD's that I am comfortable with and have equipment for.

19 rounds
Girl push ups :/
30lb dead lift
30lb push press

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat - 17 +DL #95DL/#40PP

Maria - 17 + PU - #65DL/#30PP

Stefanie said...

20 rounds. #40 DL
17 seconds left,but I was done.

LindaK said...

18 rounds + push ups

Dusty Gauthier said...

18 2/3
30lbs for deadlifts

Kelli A said...

14 rounds plus push-ups and deadlifts