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Apr 29, 2013

Monday 04.29.13

Hero WOD

Run 800 meters
Then 2 rounds of:
50 Burpees
40 Butterfly Sit-ups
30 One-legged squats
20 Kettlebell swings, 15 lbs
10 Handstand push-ups (modify as necessary)
Run 800 meters

In honor of U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Justin E. Schmalstieg, 28, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who was a bomb-disposal technician who had previously served three tours of duty in Iraq., died on Dec. 15, 2010 in Helmand province, Afghanistan while he was clearing a path through a minefield so Marines could get back to base and avoid an anticipated ambush. Justin's widow is a HIIT coach and the two of them would regularly do Hero WODs together. Let's do this brutal Hero WOD in his honor.

no caffeine
no soda
no food after 8:00pm


Brittany said...

33:53 had to alternate rounds of 10 burners between every round or I would have never got anywhere. And had to skip last run so I could have enough time to get ready for work.

Amy Schwendemann said...

25:00 had to modify burpees and did bpu for handstand push up. Have a great Monday!

Denise said...

28:59 as RX'd. Handstand push-ups were most basic modification. Wow!

Kathy Cohen said...

21:09 bpu

Kim Jackson said...

Modified handstand push-ups and one leg squats weren't very low but I did it all!! Whew!!

Stephanie B. said...

30:38 modified handstand push-ups

martha said...

30:03 attempted handstand pu but couldn't even do one...new goal to be able to do one handstand pu..need to look up modifications

Dawniey said...

It took me 45 minutes and I couldn't do all the burpees!! I could only do 65 total. I will finish those last 35 when I get home from work!! Those burpees are a killer!!!!

Zareena Koch said...

GOOD LORD! 29:40 with straight armed push ups as a mod. But did all reps as Rx. Holy cow. But I did it.

Lauren said...

31:43. I was tired today and hoping for an "easy" one... Not so much!! It wasn't pretty but, did as rx'd but bpu (2nd set gpu) instead of handstand push ups.

Rachael said...

Glad that's over!! 38:56 with about a 5 min break during the second set of burpees to clean up an entire cup of spilt smoothie that my little ones dumped down the couch and all over the rug. (No reason to cry over that spilt milk; I welcomed the break!) Goal was under 40 min. I couldn't get up in a handstand so did all bpu. Going to have to try one when hubby is home to spot me. :)

mbrous2 said...

Had to alternate burpees and cfsu on rd 2. Did modified handstand push-ups.

Living Simple Living Clean said...


LeeMac said...

27:46 as rx'd (for hand stand push ups I had my legs on my treadmill bars)

Katherine said...

20#kb swings
bpu 1st round - gpu 2nd round (could even get into a handstand!)
I am SO tired!!!

Julia said...

modified squats
30lb dumb bell swings
modified hspu

Dianaghek said...

41:39 holy moly that was rough

Aly said...

W O W!!!! Seriously......
One leg squats w/ chair
Bpu's, then gpu's for hspu

Great one!!!!! :D

Megan Reiss said...

Question... I've attempted the crossfit situps before, and I don't know WHY I can't do them, but I'm thinking maybe my abs are still a little on the weak side after mylast pregnancy? Did anyone else have problems with these at first

Summer said...

28min as RX'd

Angie said...

40:10 Calling this one brutal is being nice. Lol Did boy push-ups and only had an 8lb kettlebell.

therams said...

37 min

Shawntae Berry said...

Shawntae 38:40
Sharadee 34:15
Courtney (pregnant) 1 round 32 min

Ronna James said...

modified handstand push-ups

Kari F. said...

32:25. I worked out outside, which was awesome. Worked out with my two kids, which equals nearly 6 minute 800 m runs. Hey, this is real mama stuff. Totally tough.

Kari F. said...

Yes, I'm betting you're right. They were really tough in the beginning. I found rolling a towel under your back helps. Just keep at it. Sit ups made my times really slow in the beginning.

Julie said...

22:09, not all burpees

Theresa Bryant said...

Are thee one legged squats 30 on ea leg or 30 total/15 on each?

Anonymous said...

32:35 20lb kb swing, reg pu's and reg squats (didn't realize they were supposed to be 1 legged)

Good Monday workout! Note to self: carmel popcorn for breakfast and then working out shouldn't mix!!

Theresa Bryant said...

Are thee one legged squats 30 on ea leg or 30 total/15 on each?

aj said...

Ran 3.69 miles= 38:48
Then did 1 round of the HERO WOD.
Regular burpees(not CF version)=Killer!
15 squats on each leg
10# kettle bell swings
Boy push-ups
= 6:40

Kate Huether said...

31:13 with 10 lb KB and bpus. Burpees felt slow, its been a while since we've done them. I sure didn't miss them!

Kate Huether said...

I did 30 on one leg for the first round, and then 30 on the other leg for the second.

Kimberly S said...

30:05. Pushups for hspu.

Errolyn said...


Both sets of running/speed walking; only ONE round in between. Still killed me.

Theresa Bryant said...

OMGosh! Well, that's what I get for wondering why I have never done burpees off this website yet!! KILLER!
27:30 as rx'd. My handstand push ups were not all the way to 90 degrees, but pretty close. THANKS for the great workout! Happy Monday!

Becky Parker said...

31:17 - had to run around the gym a little looking for equipment. I thought I was going to quit today but battled through. The burpees were UGLY. No kettlebell to be found so I use a 10lb plate. Did 6 and then 5 modified handstand pushups on the 36 inch box.

Sharon said...


Sherri said...

29:30. Subbed bpu for handstands.

kasey said...

32:19....hand stand push ups modified with my feet up on the deep freeze....ouch

i was just thinking the other day we hadn't seen burpees in a while. note to self: spontaneously break out in burpees every once in a while to keep up the conditioning for them

Katie Fuller said...

did regular push-ups
not very low on squats
10 lb kettle bell
This was my first time to do burpees...woah.

thea said...

modified hspu
How did the c/f gods know I needed this kick ass workout after giving in to wine and chocolate yesterday? :)

Erica said...


burpees to plank
squats using a chair
kettlebell 20 lbs
I was shooting for 30, so I am one happy mama!

Cara said...

35:16. Ran on treadmill, handstand push-ups 1st round, boy pu 2nd round, one leg squats not very low but I did them all!! This one was killer!!!

Beattie Family said...

34:00. 1000 meter run around my neiborhood, it helps if I think of the burpees as 10 sets of 5, and take a short beat between each set of five. All mental! This one was definitely brutal!

Amber Carter said...

30:30 3 boy push-ups rest girl.

Nissa V said...

Well, I have felt worse during a work out. Does that mean I should have pushed harder?


Burpees were not faster than usual but they were prettier than they used to be four months ago.

CFSUs still seem weird for me. I am slow which isn't the part that bothers me--it's that I can't feel the work in my abs either before or after. Now K2Es...those kill. With CFSUs, nothing.

I tried the 1st-level step for learning/doing handstand push ups. It went great. Time for 2nd level!

Lea said...

35:07 as rx'ed!
Mod hand stand push up with a chair
Chair assisted squats

Sprited the last 100 to get 35... AHH so close!

Becky said...

29:49. Goal was under 30 but...
Reg squats
20 lb kettlebell swings with dumbell
Boy push ups

Kalyn said...


Bpu, modified burpees

Ian and Amy said...

Brutal! 5 full pu per round 5 girl

Mandi said...


Leah Sullivan said...

was only able to do one rd before my son got really crabby at the gym. it looked like:

800 m run
50 burpees
40 situps
30 (awful) single leg squats
20 hip thruster things
10 really awkward looking pushups. ...
900 m run

didn't think it was so bad when I did it but when I did circuit training a half an hour later I could definitely feel it !!

Erika Sullivan said...

Had a "visitor" today (if you know what I mean) and wasn't feeling too good so I did:
5 rounds
100 jump ropes
20 walking lunges
15 squats
10 push ups

Marjie said...

32:22 most modified hpu, had to break up the burpees in the last round. This was a rough one!!!

The Opposite of Imagination said...

33:22 - Scaled as follows:
Run as rx'd
50 burpees, 40 crossfit sit-ups, 30 squats (as low as i could go), 20 dumbell swings (22.5 lbs), 10 boy pushups
Run as rx'd.

Holy Moly.... hard WO.

Becca said...

26:42 Did 800 M row instead of running, BPU round 1 mostly GPU round 2 :) and I used 16 kilo kettlebell instead of 15 lbs and my pistol squats were only to a 90, instead of butt to heels.

Gillian Monte said...

10lb kettlebell, regular boy push-ups instead of handstand, forgot the Burpees the first round, and was too pooped to pick them up at the end. May do them later today after I catch my breath.

Katie Oakes said...

38:35. All bpu, but used a bar to assist with squats. Mercy me. I'm thankful to still be breathing. :-) Blessings!

Berta Crowe said...

I did a version of this last week, so today I did this past Friday's workout:

AMRAP 20 minutes -
5 push-ups
10 CF sit-ups
15 squats

Total Reps - 445
I was 5 squats short of 15 complete rounds. I went ahead and did the 5 remaining squats, but did not add them into my score. :)

Liz said...

32:06 incline treadmill, 20# kettlebell, gpu

Shavanah Moya said...

Holy cats! What a way to start the week!!

Rounding up to 35:00. I forgot to start the timer so I started after the first 800m then added 5 mins to my total time. Modified handstand pu and did 60 sec planks for cfsu.

Courtney said...

Awesome one!!!

Push up burpees
Did handstand push-ups with feet on kitchen counter

Anna Briskie said...

29:17 Goal: under 30:00
burpees still suck
handstand pushups-modified on knees

Rujoco03 said...

37:15...running as rx'd
burpees as rx'd although they got real sloppy by the end of both rounds
Cfsu as rx'd
Used jump rope and pull-up bar to assist one-legged squats
Kb swings as rx'd
Bpu first round, gpu second round

JanelWarner said...


Only had time for 1round but did both 800 meter runs.

Donette said...

39:59. Killer! Tried it as rxd, thought my head was going to explode on those handstands push ups!

Christy Homan said...

31:12 I was sucking wind on this beautiful Monday! 25# KB swings. Modified handstands on a box.

Kim V said...

26:16. Modified handstands with knees up on a chair.

wow mom said...

Regular push-ups

Kelly said...

25:44 burpees to plank, 12# db for kb swing, modified hspu. One legged squats looked ugly, but they got done. Runs on treadmill.

tasha said...

16:07, 25 burpees each round, I'm dead.

Danielle St. Cyr said...

24:48 only did 25 burpees each round though

Liz said...

33:06 with 3 miles in the am.

Hannah said...

29:10. gpu's.

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...

32:15 all bpu; 10# kettle bell

Michelle V said...

Wow what a killer it took me about 35:00 mins. Had to stop timer to answer phone and forgot to restart. But this workout kicked my butt.

Jen Mango said...

50:20..... so embarrassing!
But I plan on getting better and I completed the whole thing, with modifications:
very modified burpees especially the last 20, one leg squats using arm of couch, handstand pushups with knees on couch
Still having alot of shin pain so skipped that side for squats and did calf raises...may have agravated it anyway... need to sort this out

Diana in Maine said...

34:00, whew, I didn't care how long it took me I wanted to finish every last rep and I did!!!!

Run as rx'd, lowest modified hspu, rest as rx'd.

Yes cfsu are a tad weird.I ended up putting my feet under a bench thingy to assist until stronger. I felt every one!

Jen Roe said...

Ran 4 miles with husband first then

25lb KB
Unmodified HSPU, I still need to put an abmat under my head.

I had less than 4 hours of sleep last night. I felt it during the burpees.

one of us said...

19 min for one 800m and one round. I'm calling a sick day since my head is about to explode, the vertigo is awful and my nose won't stop leaking. Hopefully I'll be back up to par tomorrow after a good night's rest.

MBasic said...

22:59, last 800 on EG.

Crystal Britt said...

Jen don't be embarrassed!! I'm starting this wod right now and if I complete, it will DEFINITELY be about this time. There's no way I could complete this in under 45 minutes.

Courtney said...

26:17... Only 25 burpee each round, gpu instead of hspu.

Courtney said...

26:17... Only 25 burpee each round, gpu instead of hspu.

Linda Slater said...

Burpee's still challenging, but making progress on the run's...
Handstand Push Ups were modified using a step, a bit awkward, but I'll get more comfortable.

Andrea McElvaine said...

Modified handstand pushups with feet up on low table. Need to research modifications for these.

Jana Pace said...

40:03 10# kettle mod handstands whew!

Crystal Britt said...

56:18 , first round as rx'd with 25 burpees and bpu

Second round as follows: 10 burpees
40 cfsu
2 burpees
30 squats
5 burpees
20 kettlebell swings
10 gpu
8 burpees
800m run

Also all squats were regular, I literally couldn't do them without shooting pain in my knees. Any recommendations?

Nichole Rieger said...

45:50 modified handstand push-ups

er.une said...

bpu for handstand pu
25# kb swing

Mandy lou said...

Burpees were definitely the hardest part! My HSPU were unmodified, but not very low, still need to strenghten shoulders.

Nikki French said...

26:07. WOW.

Bethany Ingram said...

Did "schmalls" with pull ups in stead of sit ups - 37.03

bkbishopfamily said...

did this wod 29 april but forgot to post!

1st run&rd in 17:56 then my timer stopped for some reason. gonna guess 2nd rd w/out run was another 15 min. didnt do 2nd run. burpees were just to plank, pu for hspu

Erin said...


K Sheridan said...

Separated burpees, g pu

Ann Rohlfing said...

26:24; GPU instead of handstand pu. WOW!

Annie Semlak said...

36:32 :( I ran the 800m repeats in really good time, but I just could not hammer out 50 burpees right in a row :( So disappointed in myself..

30 burpees
40 cf sit ups
15 1 leg squats
20 db swings
10 bpu

25 burpees
40 cf sit ups
15 1 leg squats
20 db swings
10 bpu

50 squats

Thalyta said...

boy push ups
my one legged squats were pitiful!
burpees are a killer - they take me forever!

Jessica said...

I was on a serious time constraint and was only able to do 1 rep between the runs. Then before bed I went back and did the second rep. Reguar squats, gpu's. 12 lb kettlebell. When I did the runs and 1 set, was using the treadmill as a timer and turned it off before I noted the time. I think it was around 26 minutes. When I went back and did the second set later, I think it was around 10 minutes. Far from perfect, but a modified, fragmented workout beats no workout!

Sarah B. said...

WOW! I've been off for a full week with an injured back. Nothing like jumping right back in the fire! I don't know how you all did this so fast. I thought I was going to die, but I finished!
First set push-ups on feet, second set on knees. I'll attempt the modified handstand push-ups on a less intense WOD.
Had to take A LOT of breaks during the burpees.
Had A LOT of "help" from the boy during the second round because he wouldn't sit in the playpen any longer. He likes to jump on my back during sit-ups :)
I'll admit I walked most of the last 400m.

Holly said...

was sick'ish yesterday so I did it today:
used a cooler for the squats (just as a reference. they weren't deep but the form was good)
girl push ups, just not there yet

this one made me feel like a beached whale trying to swim through quick sand.
good but very hard core!

Cassi said...

26:23, feet on a chair for hspu

Rissa W said...

24:49 modified hspu with feet on ground. Did a day late due to time restrictions yesterday

Katie B said...

30:11 with regular 2-legged squats and push-ups instead of hand- stand push=ups.

Ruth Anne said...

29:30 lots of mods
Feet on weight bench for HSPU, 40# front squats, wall burpees. Trying to recover sore muscles for upcoming 1/2!

PTRunner said...

24:30. Feet on weight bench for HSPU

Allison said...

26:10, 20 lb dumbbell for swings and feet on picnic table for pushups.

Melody Hunsaker said...

31:35 only did 25 burpees(they were a killer) per round and did inverted push ups instead of handstand.

Liana Sved said...


modified hand stand push ups

Kelli A said...


katyjrogers said...

37:48 after 1.5 mile run as warmup, regular squats, gpu

KPgr8ful said...

Chair assist one legged squats
20# db for kb swings
Mod hspu

laura said...

31:40. Didnt do this mon got out of work late so added it to weekend. Asstd pistol squats with door handle, 20 lb kettle ball, did handstand pushups but barely bent arms. Leg lifts insead of cfsu due to hurt tailbone. This one kicked my rear so bad- 2nd round of burpees i thought about stopping for a long break but took lots of mini ones still! The last run was hard to fight not to walk but i persevered!

Mrs. Stamp said...

Only 1 round:
- "ran" on eliptical
- burpees to plank with a 10 sec breather between each 10
- push up from knees
- 15 one leg squats each leg, with wall support and not all the way down
22:18 - did this sat night, so was running short on time, but wanted to try at least one round of it! would def take me 45 min to do 2 rounds
- long way to go, but I feel great and stronger everyday!
- also had an hour walk today and my upper body routine

Andrea Robinson said...

32:11.3 Instead of the handstand push-ups I did 15 boy push-ups.

Maria Ernestine said...


Pat #25 KB mod hspu

Maria #20kb mod hspu

SarahMC said...

25# kb swing
handstand pushups with legs at 90 degree angle to body

Kjnobes said...

Short on time so modified...
Biked 5:30
2 rounds of:
25 burpees
20 cfsu
15 one leg squat on each leg...couldn't go down very far with bad knee
20 kettle bell swings with 20lb
10 GPU
Bike 5:30

Maura Sumpter said...

Done on 5/7 after 5/7s workout and a body pump weight class 25:30 bpu not handstand pu.

Kimberly said...

Only 1 round though
Standing KTE for sit ups
Modified handstand push ups
20 weeks pregnant

Lisa :) said...

50:10 manual treadmill (I think it needs to be oiled...), 16lb KB, BPU for handstand PU

Olivia said...


20 burpee

Katie Oakes said...

New time: 29:50, with bar assisted squats and bpu. I can't believe how much better I'm doing. :-) So thankful for these workouts!