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Apr 18, 2013

Thursday 04.18.13

3 rounds, 15-12-and 9 reps, for time of:
Thrusters, 20 lbs (total)
Knees to elbows/Push-ups/Pull-ups (assisted as necessary)

The workout will look like this:
Round 1:
15 Thrusters
15 KTE
12 Thrusters
12 KTE
9 Thrusters

Round 2:
Repeat round 1 but with push-ups for KTE

Round 3:
Repeat round 1 but with pull-ups for KTE

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda


LaToiya Bates said...

19:44 had to sub for pull ups no pull up bar, did biscep curls and hanging tricep pulls with 10# dumbells for each set of pull-ups I was suppose to do. And knees to elbow on the floor. Can barely move my arms this was a total jelly arm work out. Are there any arm stretches u can recommend?? Or even all over body stretching? Legs still tight from the deadlifts from yesterday...

Amy Schwendemann said...

11:03 with modifications. Round 3 set 12 and 9 did 10# total thrusters and did triceps dips on bench for pull ups.

Does anyone have any suggestions for pull up alternatives to improve strength so I can eventually do a pull up? My upper body is weak and I cannot do a pull up to save my life. :)
Thanks and happy Thursday!

Denise said...

But I believe I got mixed on reps and did 21-15 on one round.
KTE on bar
Pullups were jump up to bar and go down slowly. (Amy-that's one modification) you could try)

Nikki French said...

12:12. It was ugly. My pull ups and KTEs need some work!

Kim Jackson said...

Kte on bar, 10bpu and rest gpu
Pull-ups assisted with band.
Wow! Arms are shaking!!

Heidi Gallagher said...

Muscle moms in the morning- Katie, Heidi, Donna, Tatum
11:34 assisted pull ups, KTE on floor

Kathy Cohen said...

15:00. Don't really know as my timer shut off. Going by time in gym and then out. Darn! Knees to elbow on floor after first set. Assisted pull ups.

martha said...

13:01 round 1 set 15- real KtE, rest on floor
Round 2 set 15- did 3 real pull ups (yay) rest chair assisted
Push ups and thrusters as rxd....wow!

aj said...

Two 10# dumbbells
KTE on floor
Boy push ups
Assisted pull ups- those are so hard!!!! :/

Megan Jordan said...

20# thrusters, floor K2E
20# thrusters, gpu
20# thrusters, chair assist pull ups

The Cheeky Meekies said...

9:39 with 15 lbs., gpu's round two, and 30 min run

Stephanie B. said...

11:20 20#thrusters round 2&3 modified k2e GPU and assisted pull ups

Jen Roe said...

Using a resistance band is a good alternative. Use as skinny as one as possible (takes off the least amount if weight). I do kipping pull ups. I am sure their is a demo video on them. You need to have a really strong/secure bar in order to do them . Keep trying. Even if you can only do 1 or 2 pull ups at a time you will benefit from doing the "real thing" and having your WODs take longer. You will get stronger.

Jen Roe said...
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Mary said...

11:55 having trouble typing this because my arms are shaky :)
k2e on floor
girl pu's
last round did planks

Allison said...

10:17, 20# thruster, k2e on floor, boy pu's, and last round did dips instead of pullups. Working on pullups at the gym with assistance.

Stefanie said...

10:53 Did my sad little kind-of pull-ups first round, then K2E's on the floor last round.

mbrous2 said...

K2E on bar :-) but more like knees to waist
Chair assist pull-ups.

Katherine said...

8#db for thrusters (arms are still tired from yesterday!)
k2e on floor
bench dips for pull ups

LeeMac said...

Jump up and slow down for pull ups

Holly said...

Kne on floor
Assisted pull ups

Great workout-arms are jelly!

Katie Monteiro said...

10:40 as rx'd, I do pull ups assisted with toes on a ledge

Brent and Britta said...

20 lbs.
Chair assisted pull-ups

Julia said...

KTE on ground first 12 BPU THEN GPU (I was pretty tight from yesterdays PU) then pull ups on my back using a rack & bar. I don't have a pull up bar but the hubby is figuring out how to put one up for me.

Later have 3-4 mile run pushing double stroller.

Heather Lipe said...

30# thrusters
66# assist pu

Courtney said...


Jen Morse said...

I would recommend looking on you tube for a yoga video for runners, there are lots of short ones and it will give you a great stretch!

Kari F. said...

11:50 all pushups on toes and after yesterday I was SLOW. But I percervered. I did reverse pull ups under my dining room table. TOUGH!

kasey said...

8:42 as rx'd. kte on bar. first 5 pull ups were real/standard. remaining were jump up, slow down.

Aly said...

Pull ups & K2E with chair
Nice one!!!! ;D

Patricia P said...

15:46 Rx'd
Pu with band

Rujoco03 said...

Thrusters as rx'd all rounds
First 15 Kte on bar, rest on floor
Chair-assisted pull-ups

Greg and Michelle said...

18:40 with LOTS of interruptions from my little ones :)

Ro and Pax's Mama said...

14:19 all gpu's, very modified pull ups, did my best at KTE's but it looked pretty sad

Jennifer Szaflik said...

45 lb thrusters
perscribed kte
pushups on knees
chair assisted pull ups.

Ronna James said...

25# thrusters
k2e on bar- still need a lot of work
jumping pull-ups

3 mile run

Jen Roe said...


40lb Thrusters
KTE on bar
all boy push ups
kipping pullups unassisted

Mel said...


tanya said...

20# thrusters
KTE, bpu, pull ups- jump up and slow lower down

Michelle V said...

9:44 No bar so floor KTE GPU and modified pull ups

Jill Bower said...

Since my shoulder is out of commission I will be doing the day one workout! Running won't affect this!

Jill Bower said...

Since my shoulder is out of commission I will be doing the day one workout! Running won't affect this!

Jenelle said...

9:19 as rx'd. KTE on bar, chair assisted pull ups. 20lbs thrusters. I can barely feel my forearms, that was rough!

Karen Armstrong said...

11:06, KTE on floor, used TRX suspension for pull ups

Tiffani Leavitt said...

7:29 modified. I'm saving my legs for a half marathon on Saturday, so I did push press instead of thrusters, k2e on floor, and bench dips instead of pull ups. Still worked my arms like crazy, but I'm asking for a bar for Mother's Day!

Miranda Hoberg said...

K2E on floor
Reverse pull ups
I need a pull up bar!

Kate Huether said...

30lb thrusters, toes to bar, gpus, and pull ups assisted with a small jump/ push off the ground

Erika Sullivan said...

11:56 but had to do KTE on floor and bicep curls with 16# for pull-ups (ordered my pull-up bar this week!). Thank you Jenni! This is only my 2nd week of doing Crossfit every day and I can already see that my stomach is tighter and I'm firming up! The shakes really help too.

traskrocks said...

13:41 kte on floor. assisted pull ups. gpu. so hard!

lisa said...


Ian and Amy said...

Jump up slow down for pull ups

April B said...

Thrusters as rx,
KTE on the floor
sub bent arm hang for pull-ups. I can't get more than one assisted pull up at this point, but I'm working toward it.

Zareena Koch said...

17:55 with reps as specified (each round: 7:03, 4:57, 6:01). I should be called modify girl today! Assisted pull-ups and girl push ups. Only week two.....

Katie Fuller said...

30 lbs on thrusters
chair assist on the KTEs and pull-ups
about 1/2 of the pull-ups and KTEs were reverse grip

Bean said...

15 KTE bar, the rest floor
Real push ups
Asstd pull ups

Shanea said...

15:30, knees to waist on bar, gpus, negative pull ups on bar

Kimberly S said...

10:47, K2e on floor, gpu, assisted pu

Erica Thornton said...

45# thrusters
K2E on bar
incline or gpu
assisted pull-ups

sullyjam said...


***With modifications (No bar @ home)

*First 4 sets 40# thrusters, all the rest 20#
*KTE on floor
*First 2 or 3 pushups of each set bpu, all the rest gpu.
*subbed chair-dips for pull-ups.

3.5 mi. run pre-workout.

Theresa Bryant said...

So frustrated! Somehow my garmin stopped at 1:58 and I didn't notice until I started round 3 :(. stopped my timer at 5:54 missing the whole second round and part of the first. Good workout anyway! Have a great day!

Jana Pace said...

11:09 10# grandma k2e on bar, pull downs.

LaToiya Bates said...

Awesome, will do, thanks Jen!!

Jen Morse said...

I guess I'm slow...
45# thruster
Knees to shoulders
boy push ups
jumping pull ups

Did a wod last night with a total of 42 thrusters @ 65#, 50 pull ups and 50 push ups. I'm definitely feeling it today! :)

Katie said...

16# thrusters
K2E on floor
Assisted Pull ups on treadmill bar

Ashley Jones said...

12:25 with assisted pull ups. All else as required

Amber Carter said...

12:25 as RX'd
Girl push-ups
Jump up, slow down pull ups
Didn't dip too low on thrusters because my legs are so sore from the last 3 days of deadlifts, lunges and squats!

Whitney said...

10:22 KTE on floor

Erica said...

gpu's and pull-ups on treadmill.
Still shaky!!

Gina Tate said...

well im a turtle crawling at granny speed..lol
35# thrusters
k2e on bar
jumping pull ups

Rachael said...

15 bpu
Jump up for pull ups

Liana Sved said...


Thrusters 30#
KTE on the floor
pull-ups on treadmill bar

wow mom said...


Hannah said...

11:35. jumping up for the pullups, trying to go slowly down.

Maura Sumpter said...

13.5 mostly gpus...sore from yesterday, assisted pull ups! Group weight class immediately afterwards! Wow! Ouch!

Melissa said...


20# as rx'd for thrusters, KTE but could only get my knees up to about my mid-section, gpu, used a chair for support for pull-ups.

Berta Crowe said...

I needed a cardio day, so I did the following:

3 rounds of:
Run 400 meters
20 Squats

I ran the entire 400 meters on round 1!! Rounds 2 & 3 - I ran 6 blocks, walked 4 blocks, ran 6 blocks. SO happy with the improvement in my running! :)

Brittany said...

Assisted pull ups
Thrusters with 15lb KB

thea said...

20# thrusters
knees to waist
pushups as rx'd
assisted pull ups

Cassie said...


KNE on bar
Chair assisted pull ups

Kelly said...

Thrusters as rx'd
Reverse pull-up on treadmill

Kelly said...

Oh and KTE were really knees to waist

Ree said...

16.39- thrusters as Rx'd, KTE on floor, bicep curls w/ 20 lbs for pull-ups (no bar). Wow!

Katie C. said...

8:23 floor kte, all bpu, very much assisted pull ups

Jessica Timmons said...

Almost puked on this one. No joke.

25lb dumbbells for thrusters, all reps
K2E all the way up, baby!
Chair assist on pull ups, just my tippy toes


Heather Foster said...

Push Press instead of Thruster (can't squat)
Hollow rockers instead of pull ups. (knee)I can do pull up assisted it's just pretty dangerous if I fall with my knee being broken :-)

Bethany Ingram said...

Assisted pull up, all boy and 20# thrusters
AFTER Tuesdays and a 30 min spin

Jennifer Gratiot said...

11:26, 20lb thrusters, kte on floor, modified pull up using bench :)

Mrs. Stamp said...


20# thrusters
knees to waist (first time not on floor - phew!)
push up from knees (these were s-l-o-w)
pull ups from a lower bar, with feet on the floor (resistant bands in the mail!)

Thanks for these workouts - 3 weeks in and I'm already feeling stronger! Can't wait to keep it up. Goal: to do one full pull up!

Lea said...

9:53 as rx'ed
jumping pullups

Julie Faulstich said...

Had to do KTE on the floor for all three rounds. I'm still not cleared to do a lot of chest exercises

Kim V said...

10:56. wow.

Melody Hunsaker said...

17:02 with major modifications. KTE were done on an incline bench (TotalGym). Don't have a pull up bar so these were also done on the Total Gym. Highest incline.

Jen Mango said...

13:30 - 14#, kte on floor, gpu and jump up/lower downs

Kim C said...

Knees to waist, girl push ups, assisted pull ups

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...

12:35 half bpu, half gpu. Chair assisted pull ups

Kylie Murray said...

hanging but modified KTE
chair assist pull ups

This has officially been a week for me!! I am already feeling stronger and thankful for this blog and the motivation!!

Briana Skidmore said...

11:30 as Rx'd except for pull ups... I modified with jumping pull ups.

beckylinn said...

12:30 mods: kte on floor, gpu (although they're barely more than a plank - that's why I'm building strength!), 30 second plank for pull ups (no bar).

Shavanah Moya said...

9:51 as rx

Dawniey said...

I completely forogot to set my timer. I thought the KTE's woiuld be easy...LOL!! I had to do knees to waist!! For pull-ups I jad to jump up amd lower slowly...only I have no upper body strength and it wasn't very slow, but I still felt them!! And GPU's and adter I power walked for 1.25 miles.

Diana in Maine said...

13:50 thrusters have me fits today.
1st round 20#
2nd round 1/2 20# rest 16#
3rd round 1/2 16# rest 10#
Assited PU and pull ups

Don't know we're all my strength went today!

Cara said...

10:19. All gpu, knees to about waist, jump up slow down

Diana in Maine said...

What is knees to elbows? Do you hang from the bar and bring your knees up to your elbows or as high as possible???

Andrea McElvaine said...

13:22 Did 2x1hr yoga today so already tired. 20# thrusters. K2E were ok on bar for all. Reg PUs slow. 1-leg assisted pull ups. Arms like jello now!

MBasic said...

9:45 gpu, KTE on ground, 65lb lat pull downs instead of pull ups

laura said...

11:29. Band asstd p/u. Kte-bar,bpu, thrusters as rxd

Kimberly said...

Girl push ups
Assisted pull ups

Brittany Morris said...

10:34 assisted pull ups

Tambra M said...

5k then 15:25
I'm tired.

Donette said...


Brittany Morris said...

You got it!

Lora Halttunen said...


30lbs thrusters
Assisted pull ups

one of us said...

13:00 as rx'd. 15 bpu, rest gpu. Assisted pull-ups with medium weight band (blue).

Linds said...


subbed high plank KTE for KTE
subbed plank for pull ups

KPgr8ful said...

11:30 as rx'd (bpu chest/body to floor & pu jump up/slow down)

Adria said...

9:15 k2e on floor, subbed bicep curls and tricep press for pull ups...

Rissa W said...

Forgot to post yesterday. 8:32. KTE on floor, used pull up machine at gym

bkbishopfamily said...


k2e on floor
very mod pu on bar

Ruth Anne said...

No bar so KTE on floor and subbed CFSU for pull ups and all boy push ups.

KPgr8ful said...

P.S. knees to chest area-last round to stomach area

Errolyn said...

8:15 for TWO rounds only
all gpu
13# total on thrusters

angiediazo said...

It took me a while, pull-ups are really hard for me, I am doing just kipping and attempt of a pull-up.

40 lb thrusters
boys push ups

Super happy to be part of this group.

Hello from Alaska,


Crystal Britt said...

23:36 as rx'd

Kelli A said...

Thrusters as rx'd
K2E on the floor (I don't have a bar)
Assisted Pull-ups using treadmill handles

Becky said...

K2e on bar
Girl push ups
Assisted jump pull ups

I can tell there is improvement in my k2e and pull ups!! I'm a day late on this one. Maybe I'll tackle today's later!

Gillian Monte said...

Knees to elbows on the floor. Made it halfway through the second round and had to switch to 10lb thrusters. Girl pushups and tricep dips for pullups. Arms totally feel like jello now.

Thalyta said...

kte on floor, gpu, assisted pull ups

PTRunner said...

Ran 3 miles before
Modifications: Knees to chest instead of elbows, pull-ups on assisted machine with 70#. I will do at least 1 pull up on my own before this is over!

Bondanza Bonanza said...

GPU & assisted pull ups...didn't get a chance to do this WOD yesterday but at least i did it today!

Jessica said...

40# thrusters, K2E on floor, gpu's, kneeling pull ups with resistance bands. 15:36.

Jess Dooley said...

18:13 no pull-up bar did sit-ups. Forgot to post.

Anonymous said...

16:29 - Tough One!!!
KTE on floor
Pull-Ups on Treadmill

heidi said...

10# Thrusters
KTE on floor
30# lateral rows instead of pull ups

Kati Swanson said...


missm23 said...

Forgot to time. Did first 2 rounds, KTE on floor had to anchor hands on some of last ones, all BPU

kalie said...

20# Thursters
KTE 1/2way
Chair assisted PU

Nissa V said...

K2Es from rings. I actually approached my elbows a few times! Then a few where I got a little ab curl followed by a whole bunch that were basically knee lifts.
25 mil push-ups (10/10/5) and the rest from knees.

Nissa V said...

Pull ups from arm of treadmill. There was some assist but not as much as in the past. I really gritted through it.

The Opposite of Imagination said...

Hum, I left a comment but now cannot find it.
75# dl first five rounds. 65# dl last five rounds.
Very assisted pullups.

Anonymous said...

as rx'd

Christy Homan said...

11:14 Gpu. Assisted pull-ups

Becky Parker said...


Liz said...

10:46 pull ups on treadmill bar

Holly Mills said...

Did this workout yesterday. Time was 19:13

No nearly as fast as some of you ;)
but did heavier weights & all boy push ups & real pull-ups.

1st round 45lb, 2nd 30lb, 3rd 30lb

This was TOUGH!!! I was BEAT!! No strength training today, just a run.

Jennifer Everhart said...

around 8 min...15lb KB thrusters, girl push ups, and assisted Pull ups.

mary said...

KTE on floor
Assisted pull ups

Ann Rohlfing said...

8:29 with modifications

Olivia said...


deadlifts instead of thrusters just for the second round.

girl push-ups.

assisted pull ups.

Andrea Robinson said...

11:15.9 Girl Push ups all rounds (did Wed workout before this)
Did knees to waist for KTE
Did tricep dips and jumping pull ups for pull ups.
KTE and Pull Ups need ALOT of work! Getting a pull up assistance band ASAP!

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat and Maria 15:24

Pat #65 - kte, band assisted pull ups
Maria - #30 -ktchest,all boy & band assisted pull ups

Rachel said...

9:50 with assisted pullups

Megan Reiss said...

I'm going to do this one today since it doesn't have any running!

katyjrogers said...

Ran 3.5 miles, then 13:13 - KTE on floor, gpu, #15 kettlebell bench row (rx'd reps on each side) instead of pull-ups (no bar)

LindaK said...

k2e on floor
reverse pull-ups

Katie Oakes said...
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Katie Oakes said...

11:18, with KTE done on dip stand, 20# thrusters, all bpu, and assisted pull ups. Arms be burnin'! Feels great!