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May 6, 2013

Monday 05.06.13

For time:
100 ft Walking lunge
50 Push-ups
50 Double-unders (or 200 jump rope)
25 Knees to elbows
50 Box jump, 18 inch box
25 Front squats, 40 pounds
25 Pull-ups (assist as necessary)
50 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 10.10.12 (modified version)

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


Brian and Becky Harrell said...

Back at it after a while away. Phew, I will be sore tomorrow!
Ran 3 miles, then
Double unders were tough, and slow, but did them.
Box jumps 25, step ups 25, 16" box
Got a proper bar in South Africa, so squats as RX'd!
Pull ups were a bit weak, but I can do one chin up!

Denise said...

KTE on bar
Jumping pullups. (Forgot to get band out of closet)
Cross arms on CFSU

martha said...

17:20 opted for 200 jump ropes instead of double unders, #30 squats and 5 real chin ups rest chair assisted, 15" box jumps

Kim Jackson said...

Half bpu and half gpu
200 jr
Kte on bar
Crossed arms for cfsu
Shorter box jumps
20lb squats
1 real chin up!!!! Rest assisted by band alternated chin ups and pull-ups
Awesome wo!!

Becky said...

20:03. Goal was under 20 :(
30 boy push ups, 20 girl
200 jump rope
K2e on bar but to chest height
Jump assisted pull ups

Megan Jordan said...

15 BPU, 35 gpu
Double jumps for double unders
Bar k2e
12 in box
36# fs
Chair assist pull ups

Courtney said...

200 jump rope
Assisted pull ups...jumped up, slow down

Shavanah Moya said...


A little disappointed with my time today but, at least I finished!

Did 35# front squat and one minute plank instead of cfsu. All else as rx'd. Happy Monday everyone!

Denise said...

30 lb walking lunges

mbrous2 said...

20 bpu, 30 bpu, 200 JR, 12" box, 40# front squats, Chair assist pull ups

Michelle Strom said...

20 boy push-ups, 30 girly push-ups
25 inclined pull-ups
All else were as Rx'd.

Tammy Kelly said...

WL as Rx'd
50 Push-ups on knees
25 Double-unders, 100 jump rope
25 KTE (on floor which I find more difficult)
50 Box jump, 8 inch box (stairs)
25 Front squats, 15 pounds (I don't have a heavier weight - gradually building my set)
25 Pull-ups (assisted)
50 Oblique crunches - 25 each side

Plus Walked hills for 15 minutes in the rain

Living Simple Living Clean said...


Erika Sullivan said...

200 jump rope
KTE on floor
50 step-ups
Front squats with 20 lbs
Assisted pull-ups
Modifications all over the place! This was hard today because I over-ate this weekend (my anniversary!)

Mom of Five said...

I think I modified everything, 38:40...I'm so out of shape!!

Heather Lipe said...

50 walking lunges
100 reg jump rope
Jump up lower down pull ups
24" box

Rachael said...

25bpu 25gpu
200 jump rope
15" box jumps
Jump up to bar on pull-ups (felt a little more control this time, so I'm super excited about that!)

Katherine said...

14:25 with the following modifications:
5bpu - 45 gpu
200 jump ropes for double unders
floor k2e
bench dips for pull ups

Zareena Koch said...

17:10 holy cow! Hanging arm with lifted knees for mod, gpu, 12" jumps. But I got through it. Never would have done this on my own. Thanks, mamas

Ronna James said...

200 jump rope
30# squats
jumping pull-ups

Patricia P said...

21:25 Rx'd
Pu assists
4 mile run

Jen Roe said...

Ran 4.5 miles

All boy push ups
KTE on bar
20" box jumps
Kipping pull ups--unassisted

Jen Roe said...

Ran 4.5 miles

All boy push ups
KTE on bar
20" box jumps
Kipping pull ups--unassisted

Kari F. said...

17:26 and I'm cool with it. So sore from running last night I'm amazed I even attempted it!

aj said...

Ran 3.88 miles then...

All girl pu's
200 jump rope
K2e on floor
25 box jumps(14 inch box)/25 step on and off
10# dumbbells for front squat
25 girl push-ups for pull-ups
Time: 8:54

Angie said...

16:33 Had to mod 4 of the exercises, but I'm ok with that.

Dianaghek said...


Hannah said...


12" box jumps, 24 lb squats, jumping for pull ups.

Mel said...


Whitney said...

17:35 held my 19 lb. baby with walking lunges, all boy push-ups, and KTE and pull-ups on my total gym.

Summer said...

200 jump rope & the rest as prescribed

Errolyn said...


NO pull-ups
200 jump rope
k2e on floor
all girl pu
13# on squats

kasey said...

14:12 with kte on bar, assisted pull ups, girl push ups, 200 jump rope, 45 lb squat

compare to 17:08 in october ( i was one month in to crossfit wods) with kte on ground and 13.5" box

thea said...

mix of double-unders and regular jump rope
assisted k2e
18" ottoman for box jump
36# front squats
chair assisted pu

Ian and Amy said...

Jacks and jump up slow down for pull ups

Amy said...

26:19 - slow, but I did it! Yay for finishing workout number 3!!!

LeeMac said...

200 jump rope
Jump ups for pull ups
girl p/u

Theresa Bryant said...

25 bpu 25 gpu
10 pullups unassisted
more like ktchin today!

Melissa said...

200 jump rope
KTE only to belly button
8" box
chair assisted pull-ups
Thanks to whoever recommended a towel under my butt for CFSU's, I was able to do all of them without bothering my tailbone today.

Karen said...

14:28. Only 100 jump rope.

Kimberly S said...

12:37, gpu, assisted pu, 25lb squats

Danielle St. Cyr said...

14:10 gpu, no pull ups (no bar)

lisa said...


Katie Fuller said...

all regular push-ups
200 jump ropes
last 10 kte on floor
14" box
30lbs squats
all reverse grip jump up pull-ups

Jana Pace said...

22:17 normal jumps. Grandma pull downs, grandma k2e.

Becca said...

So I don't know my time exactly. I noticed half way through toes 2 bar that I forgot to start my timer. So I got down and started from that point and got 10:45, so add a good probably 4 - 5 minutes onto that maybe? Modified as follows:
-15 BPU the rest GPU
-No jump rope, so I sub'ed 200 high jumps
-Toes to bar for knees to elbows
- 19.5 inch box jumps and stepped down
-45 lb front squats
- 1 kilo assisted band pull up on bar

Gillian Monte said...

25 boy pushups then 25 girl, 200 jump rope, KTE on the floor, 20lb front squats, and tricep dips instead of pull-ups. Geez, had to do a lot of modifications this time.

Marjie said...

18:20 modified: 200 jump rope, k2e on floor, 30# for squats, 50 pullups (don't have a bar so I use bands)

Liz said...

16:02 50 lunges, gpu, 200 jump ropes, k2e on floor, 20# squats, pull ups on treadmill bar

Katie Oakes said...

34 lunges total / all gpu / 200 jump rope / 25 k2e on each leg / 45# bar squats / all assisted pull ups / 50 regular sit ups.

Nothing like hittin' it hard right out of the gate on a Monday. Awesome! Blessings, ladies!

Julia said...

28 BPU rest were GPU
KTE on ground
45lb front squat
pull ups were on rack bar

then 3 rounds of 3 min. walk 2 min. jog 1 min. sprint

I also ran 6 miles on saturday. The sprint training we have been doing really improves my long distance running!

Keri said...

35 lb squats
1/2 regular and 1/2 modified push-ups
Step ups on 24" flower bed
KTE on floor
Sit-ups on stability ball
200 jump rope

Keri said...

Assisted pull-ups and 14 wks pregnant;)

Thalyta said...

200 Jump Rope
Laying down K2E
20# squats (all I have)
jumped into pull ups

Berta Crowe said...

I did a "real" compare and did what was prescribed on 10/10/12 - knocked off 7+ seconds from my time and hardly ANY modifications this time!

100 ft walking lunges- RX'd both days
50 CF situps - RX'd (feet under treadmill on 10/10)
50 Jump rope- RX'd (jumping jacks on 10/10)
25 K2E - to boobs, on bar (standing, on floor on 10/10)
50 Box jumps- RX'd (step-ups on 10/10)
25 Front squats, 38# - RX'd (no weight on 10/10)
25 Push-ups - RX'd both days
50 Leg lifts - RX'd both day

Sweaty and happy! :)

Ashley said...

13:40- all assisted pu. they are my nemesis!!!

PTRunner said...


Regular jump rope
45# front squat
assisted pull-up 10@ 52#, 15 @ 64#

the Wight's said...

40 push ups
50 step ups
1st day

Heather Foster said...

adapted for knee
15 push ups
15 push ups
25 Back extensions
15 push ups
25 Hollow Rockers
15 Push ups
25 Tricep extensions
15 Push ups
25 bench dips

Kelly said...

13:10 with some modifications
50 WL
14" box
11 bpu, rest gpu
45# front squat
Reverse pu on treadmill
Knees to high waist on bar

Amber Carter said...

37:00 Karyn

Kristin Godin said...

Waiting for a ride after work so I had to improvise at work

200 jump rope
K2e on floor
Tuck jumps for box jumps
40 squats no weights
40 pull ups with band

Holly said...

about 30 lunges, was guessing on distance
200 jump rope (faked)
k2e on floor
12 in box jumps
20 lb squats
assisted pu's

felt like everything needed a mod on this!!!!

Jessica Timmons said...


25lb dumbbells for squats

Alyssa Mallette said...

15 bpu 35 gpu
8 in jump ups
200 jumps w no rope
5 pull ups regular, rest with chair assist
30 pound squats with dumbells

Alyssa Mallette said...

15 bpu 35 gpu
8 in jump ups
200 jumps w no rope
5 pull ups regular, rest with chair assist
30 pound squats with dumbells

The Opposite of Imagination said...

Made it through 19 boy pushups before collapsing.. then gpu
200 jump rope
KTE on bar, more like knees to waist.
45# front squat
25 jump up pull ups.


Bethany Ingram said...

15.36 all boy but assisted pull ups

Dawniey said...

17:41. 40 walking lunges, 200 pretend jump ropes (d Yuon't have a jump rope), did 10 knees to belly on bar the rest laying down, had to jump up lower slowly amd gpu's. Did it faster than I thougjt I woul!! YAY! Now time for a brisk walk!!! My body missed the workout on Sunday, I guess it thought Friday's wasm't hard enough!!

Kalyn said...


Gpu, jump rope, knees to waist, pull ups with assist, front squat with 30# (have a pregnancy lifting restriction), step touches for box jumps (healing a foot stress fracture).

Kate Huether said...

19:14 with gpus, 200 jump rope, 12" box, and 30lb squats. Pull ups were assisted by a small jump.

Jen Mango said...

I modified similar to Heather for my continued shin pain...going tomorrow for an x-ray to check for stress fracture :(

15:00 for

25 presses
25 gpu
25 back extensions
25 kte on floor
25 bicep curls
25 tricep dips
25 jump ups (landing only on good leg)
50 cfsu

tasha said...

11:30, had to sub the pullups for another 50 pushups

Rissa W said...

Jump rope, KT waist on bar, reverse pull ups

Randall said...

KTE on floor
Subbed jumping lunges for box jumps

Liz said...

First day back since forest fire...

19:30 with following modifications:

100 ft lunge as rx (wood hallway is 35 ft)

50 girl pushups with lots of stops

200 jump ropes with stops

only 10 knees to nowhere near elbows

50 step ups and down (abs too sore for box jump)

25 squats with only 20lb

25 chair assisted pull ups

50 regular sit ups

Mrs. Stamp said...

20 min on the dot
was feeling it today! needed breaks at each half ways point
40 lunges steps instead of walking
push ups from knees and are took me the most time!
200 jump rope
K2E on floor
30# squats (all I have at the moment)
pull ups from lower bar (this is the most I've ever done at once!)

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...

Half bpu, half gpu
200 jr
KTE on floor
8" box jumps
20# squats
Chair assisted pull ups


Amy Schwendemann said...

17:12 Did run ups/step ups for box jumps, about 20 of push ups were gpu. very assisted pull ups and floor k2e. I also had to alternate between about 1/2 of the exercises to get all reps in but I did get them in. (oh did the 200 jump ropes)

beckylinn said...


200 jump rope,
KTE on floor
Step up to second stair on my staircase
40 lb squats for 5 then rest 20#
tricep dips on bench for pullups

I'm wiped.

Christina Calhoun said...


Jill said...

k2e on floor
200 jumprope
pull-ups assisted

Adria said...

K2e on floor
200 jump rope
Jumping pull ups
40 cfsu, 10 crunches

runnermommy said...


gpu - 30 then 20 more at end of wo
200 jump rope
ktoe - 10 on bar rest on floor
12' box
20 pounds for front squats
jumping pull ups
v-sit crunches (16 weeks preg. didn't want to be on back to long)

Andrea McElvaine said...

18" box (new!--hubby made it)
40# front squats
200 jump ropes (what's a double under?)
Assisted K2E and pullups with foot on step

Crystal Britt said...

30:54 200 jump rope, gpu, 6" box jumps and unweighted squats

Katie C. said...

16:18 200 jump rope, floor kte, all else as rx'd

one of us said...

200 jump rope
knee push-ups
pull ups with band
Did the lunges at the beginning but forgot to start the timer so started it and added the lunges at the end too.

laura said...

18:43. 200 jump rope, band asstd pullups, 45# front squats.

Cassie said...

all BPU, KTB on bar, 30 step-ups 20 box jumps, 25# front squats, jumping pull ups

Maura Sumpter said...

20:30 25 bpu 25 gpu 70# assist on 1st 8 pu then 85 on remainder. After a cycling class.

Berta Crowe said...

Andrea, double-unders are when you jump up once and the rope goes under your feet twice.

KPgr8ful said...

24" box jumps
Jumping PU
Rest as rx'd

Kathy Cohen said...

12:01, gpu, k2e floor, 16 pull-ups jump

sullyjam said...


* Did first 5 pull-ups, then assisted the last 20!

Jess Dooley said...

27:46 1/2 bpu, 20 on squats, 6"jumps

Lea said...


200 JR
13" Box Jump
20# front squat
5 attempted pull ups (about half way!!)l 20 jumping

Diana said...

I must have messed up my time didnt post. Im too tired 2 rewrite

20:04 some modifications

felt like I was stuck in tar!

Jen Morse said...

19:28, compared to 18:27, I am impressed with my improvement considering this was much harder than the one originally posted.
boy pu's
double under's (they take me forever but I did them!)
21" box
55# front squats
jumping pull ups

Michelle V said...

17:14 with modifications GPU floor k2e, 10# squats, modified pullup

Brittany said...

Run 1 mile
I stopped my timer so about 13 minutes
6 k2e on the bar
Jumping pull-ups and no weight on squats compared to 16:10 previously

Kimberly said...

200 jump rope
Step ups for box jumps
Assisted pull ups
Standing KTE for sit ups
20 weeks pregnant

angiediazo said...

I did this today.
time: 26:46
All boys Push-ups
18" box jumps
Knees to chest
Assisted pull ups

LLC said...

20ish minutes, doing the modified version.

Melody Hunsaker said...

20:30 7 BPUs then the rest girly. Jumped without rope, pull ups were done on Total Gym top pin.

Ann Rohlfing said...

14:19 lat pulldown for pull-ups, 10" box

Ann Rohlfing said...

14:19 lat pulldown for pull-ups, 10" box

Andrea Robinson said...
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Andrea Robinson said...

Push-ups - girls
200 jump ropes
Knees to Elbows on floor
Box Jumps - 12" box
Skipped pull ups
Felt super worn down... :(
TIME: 16:43.1

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat - 15:02 #65
Maria - 15:56 - #45 band pu's

Christy Homan said...

16:43 gpu, band-assisted pull-ups, 24" box

Olivia said...


Katie Oakes said...

22:18, but all bpu, 40# squat, assisted pu's, K2E using dip station, 42 walking lunges, 200 jump rope, and cfsu. :-)