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Jun 4, 2013

Tuesday 06.04.13

For time:
30 Push-ups
40 Walking lunges
50 Kettlebell swings, 20 lbs
60 Butterfly sit-ups
70 Burpees

Compare to 02.08.12

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep


Steph said...

14:20 only 45 burpees , focus is distorted this morning : /

Abby said...

17:34 10#kb, half of burpees w/ bpu, half to plank. Thanks!!!

Kristin said...

15:49 2 kg kb, gpu, burpees mixture of bpu and plank

Becky said...

14:32 as rx'd

Becky said...

All boy push ups
20 lb dumbell for kb

Erica Thornton said...

30# KB swings
Hands off burpees

Denise said...

13:24 as RX'd
Boy push-ups
20lb dumbbell for KB
Arms crossed on BSU

aj said...

10# dumbbell swing
Girl push-ups on burpees

Dawniey said...

21:26...did have kettle bell so I used 2 ten pound hand weights, gpu, and I did ALL burpeess!!! (Did I mention I hate burpeee :), they kill me)

Megan Jordan said...

20 BPU, 10 gpu
15# kettle bell
30 x arm sit ups, 30 arms extended
40 real burpees, 30 plank

Bethany Ingram said...

16.07 had to break up burpees. but all had push up. all boy on regular push ups.

5 hours of sleep... Bruins killing me!

Tammy Kelly said...

Hockey mess I hate burpees!!!
20# dumbbell
30R/30L Oblique sit-ups
bpu for blasted burpees

mbrous2 said...

Boy push-ups
As rx'd

Julie said...


Boy push-ups
Half of burpees with push-ups
Half of sit-ups with arms crossed

Yesterday when running I thought I'd rather do burpees- today while doing burpees- I thought I'd rather run!

Desires of the Heart said...


modified push-ups
burpees,even modified,took a while
kettle bell 10lbs

New at this - first one I've actually completed with all the reps. Yay!

wow mom said...


Amy said...

20 bpu 10 gpu, lunges as rx'd,
25 kb, 10 burpees, 25 kb, 10 burpees
30 arms folded bsu, 10 burpees,
30 arms folded bsu, 40 burpees
All burpees were modified with plank and were not pretty :)


LeeMac said...

14:32 as rx'd

AmyD said...

18:26 with 15# kb and burpees that sucked but were finished!!

Ronna James said...

15# kb
everything else as rx'd

Amy said...

21:25. Curses on the burpees.

15# KB because that's the only weight I bought. Should I buy a 20?

Aly said...

20# db swings
Everything else as rx'd

Heather Lipe said...

15 burpees to floor rest to plank
Sit-ups on ball
Rest as rxd

Rissa W said...

12:16 as rx'd. Really had to push myself on the last 20 burpees.

Jen Roe said...

Ran 4 miles then


All boy push ups
35lb KB
rest as rx'd

Lacey said...

16:25.9 - all GPU; 20# KB; no burpees (too exhausted after 14 hour shift last night).

15 minute walk after.

There Once Was A Bee said...

All boy push ups

kasey said...

all BPU
25 lb KBS
crossed arms on BSU
all lunges and burpees as rx'd

Anonymous said...

15 lb. kettleball
Burpees are my nemesis : )

Duke~N~Morghan said...

11:30 compared to 11:27. I think the extra time is related to regular sit-ups last time versus butterfly sit-ups this time? They seem to take me longer to do.

Julia said...

30# dumbbell swings
Crossed arms on BSU

Zareena Koch said...

14:10 but lost count as I cursed the burpee inventor. GPU on push ups, dumbbell at 20lbs for kettleball, plank burpees. But made it. Whoa.....need to sit down.

paola said...


WOW! as usual.... :)

Nissa V said...


Military push ups.
I hit my lap timer to see how long the burpees took and they were 12:24. More than all the other segments combined!

Have started doing the jump at the end of the burpee. Since I started in Jan I haven't been doing the jump because the hot guy in the vid doesn't have it. However, I found more of his tutorials on line and he does teach the jump. So here I go!

Kari F. said...

knee pushups, trying to get better on my form with those, and wow feeling the difference from my usual wide push ups. Accidentally did 70 sit ups too. Burpees are awful. I was at war with myself.

Heather Foster said...

(Knee injury)
Squats instead of lunges
Broke burpees up into 25 (mod burps) 25 hollow rockers and 20 back extensions....

Carrie said...

18:29 through 42 burpees. Stopped. Finished with 28 squats.

Gillian Monte said...

15 15lb kettlebells, then 15 10lbs. I just realized that I've been doing situps wrong last week, so today was the first day I've done them the correct way. Those burpees were killer.

Brittany Morris said...

14:53 as Rx'd

Katie Fuller said...

all regular push ups
10 lb kb
ran 1 mile after

Sherri said...

15:25 as rxd

Julie said...

~13 mins - only did 20 burpees but because of my knees, this is the most burpees I've ever done. WOO HOOO!

Laura Rogers said...

Thought I posted earlier, but it's not appearing!
This is my third CF WOD! Having posting errors trying to comment. :-/
14:55' gpu & 5#kb (shoulder still sore from Friday's WOD)
Burpees almost killed me!!!

Alyssa Mallette said...

15:25 with two interruptions (stopped the timer but it threw me off). 15 gpu and 15 bpu. Arms crossed on sit ups. 25# kb swing. No pushups on burpees.. I'll start doing it now though, didn't realize it was part of them, but I do jump at the end! Then I had to alternate 10 Situps with 10 burpees.

Nikki Sawulski said...

25:13. This is only my second week. Did all the workouts as you listed. I'm already sore.

Berta Crowe said...

That was so HAAAAAAARRRDDDDDD!!!!!!!

I thought I'd be smart and split up the burpees, starting off with 15, then doing some between each different exercise, but they still killed me!! Sit-ups 40-60 were my slowest EVER!!

Kettlebell swings w/19 lbs

GREAT workout, Jenni!!

Kelly said...

No access to weights today. Did WOD from 4/23.

Rachael said...

22:00 exactly
Gpu at beginning and gpu in burpees. Soaking wet right now!

Living Simple Living Clean said...


Living Simple Living Clean said...

Oops! 18:06.3

goldengirls said...

20:36. GPU, everything else as prescribed. Tough but doable.

HelenFT said...

First day using califit mamas!
Knee push ups
40 lunges each leg, right?
35# KB
40 Burpees.

Kristin Godin said...

10 pound weight for kettle ball swings
Only 40 burpees
First 10 were regular with jump at end. Rest were modified. Step back then jump forward

Donette said...

I've taken a few days off before and after riding my bike 100 miles on Saturday. As rx'd. Took many breaks on the burpees, I get so nauseated with burpees I can only do 10 at a time. I'm embarrassed to post my time, 26:59.

Marjie said...

14:48 as prescribed.

Donette said...

I've taken a few days off before and after riding my bike 100 miles on Saturday. As rx'd. Took many breaks on the burpees, I get so nauseated with burpees I can only do 10 at a time. I'm embarrassed to post my time, 26:59.

Katie C. said...

15lb kettle bell, all else as rx'd

Theresa Rogers said...

All bpu- yay!
25# KB
Did 1/2 real burpees, 1/2 to plank. I also have to take breaks or die! Hoping it gets better!!
Jogged .75 mi after, slow jog.

Mindy said...

Have to admit I quietly whimpered at the sight of 70 burpees.

Erin said...

24:29 as prescribed, with 32 lb. kettle bell. Burpies can die a horrible, firey death.

Melissa said...

23:34. Girl push-ups, 20 lb dumbbell for KB swings. Only managed 45 Burpees.

Linda Slater said...


30 Push-ups
40 Walking lunges
50 Kettlebell swings, 10 lbs
60 Butterfly sit-ups
70 Burpees

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...

14:23 with 10# kb swings

Jen Mango said...

18:55 with mods
4 bpu then rest gpu
14# squats
15# kb (dumbell)
30 burpee- plank no jumps then 40 mountain climbers

wow mom said...


sw12 said...

11:08 as Rx'd after 3 mile run

martha said...

12:40 as rxd!!

Brittany said...

Accidentally cleared out my time. It was 12 something. I keeled over after 41 burpees. They are my kryptonite.

The Opposite of Imagination said...

16:27.... I was spent!

Dianaghek said...

21:46. I struggled mentally and physically with those burpees

Lauren said...

18:04 -almost 10 mins on the burpees, I took a lot of rests!. 15 bpu. Burpees to plank.

one of us said...


15 bpu, 15 gpu
40 lunges as rx'd
50 kettlebell 15lbs
60 pu
70 burpees

This is a whole 5 MINUTES FASTER than the last time we did this one!!

one of us said...


15 bpu, 15 gpu
40 lunges as rx'd
50 kettlebell 15lbs
60 pu
70 burpees

This is a whole 5 MINUTES FASTER than the last time we did this one!!

Jana Pace said...

18:14 all bpu, no pu on burpee

laura said...

12:42 as rxd. Burpees did suck, knew it would. Goal was 11min but im ok with what i did, not going to beat myself up for it. Just glad i did the wod, been slacking!

Mandy lou said...


Girl pushups
20lb KBS

All burpees with gpu

Mandy lou said...


Girl pushups
20lb KBS

All burpees with gpu

Stephanie B. said...

7:18 no burpees

Diana in Maine said...

21:26 as rx'd tough one!

The Robbs said...

16:46, #25 KB

Courtney Cassada said...

15:02 as rx'd

Shawntae Berry said...


Shavanah Moya said...


As rx'd.

Jess Dooley said...

23:33 with 35 Burpees. They will be the death of me...ugh!!!

Miranda Hoberg said...

10 bup the rest girl
15# kettle balls

amoritz said...

1/2 bou 1/2 gpu.. 20#kbs

Ian and Amy said...


K Sheridan said...


Brian and Becky Harrell said...

Ran 3 miles then
13:47 as rx'd
Dylan (my 8 year old) 10:20 with 10# Kettle bells, BPU's
(I am proud of him)

sullyjam said...


As Rx'd!

Jenni said...

As RXed.
Into the pool I go! Dripping. Panting.

Lea said...

16:55 as rx'ed

Lea said...
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Lea said...

16:55 as rx'ed

We also did this on 1.22.13...so I compared to 16:45 then, but I only did 10 KB swings then. So....yay for more weight!

er.une said...

Included wiping my daughters butt after going number 2...she's potty training!!

LindsM said...

16:23 rx

KPgr8ful said...

Who'd of thought I'd ever do 70 burpees at once, let alone after other stuff :-)

Carisa Beezhold said...


10 bpu 20 gpu
15 lb kettle bell
Gpu in burpees but I did them all!

Lora Halttunen said...

10:10 rxd

PTRunner said...

9 min

bkbishopfamily said...


with mpu, msu, and mburpees-plus, i only did 25 burpees before i came in and tossed my cookies, if you know what i mean.

the price i pay for taking a few weeks off of exercises and a couple of the challenges..not worth it!

Erika Sullivan said...

I did this workout but my phone died in the middle so I have no idea for the time. I had to do some modified burpees in the middle. Used 20# kettle bell.

Kelly said...

Completed 6/7. 13:54.
15 bpu, 15 gpu
10 burpees
40 walk lunges
15 burpees
50 kb swings, 20#
20 burpees
25 burpees

Becky Parker said...

15 lb kb swings
variety of sit ups (trying to really hit those lower abs)
no push ups on burpees

Amy White said...

30 boy push ups
40 lunges
50 kettlebell (25lb. plate)
60 bus
70 burpees

Burpees are my enemy....I had great time until I started them!

Kate Huether said...

16:28 with 10# KB

Jen23 said...

minus the burpees. short on time today:(

Anna Briskie said...

13:41 as rx'd

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat - 12:17 #25KB
Maria - 13:35 #20 KB all boy

beckylinn said...

24:10 - knee pu's, 15# kettle bell, ugly burpees but WOD complete.

Christy Homan said...

Ran. Injured triceps and shoulders

katyjrogers said...

17:59 - 11 of those minutes were burpees! Knee push-ups, 15# kettlebell.

Vanessa said...

15:30 all boy puships 25# KB swing. 1000m run to warm up before WOD.

Mrs. Stamp said...


20# kettle swings
mind wasn't set on the 70 burpees, so did some substitutions, and in the end the burpees ended up being the easiest part of the last set lol
10 burpees
100 jumping jacks
10 burpees
200 jump rope
10 burpees
500 m run
10 burpees

although substitutions thought I did pretty well on a Sunday at 9:30 at night :) This is catching up another WOD I missed!

Katie Oakes said...

15:54, with jump and planks on burpees. Yowser! That's gonna hurt tomorrow. :-P