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Jul 1, 2013

Monday 07.01.13


4 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
24 Front squat, 40-60 lbs
24 Cleans, 20 lbs

Happy Birthday to my Tyce
 who is 3 today!

no caffeine
no soda
only fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


Denise said...

Outdoors. 40 lb front squat.
Wanted to be done after 3 rounds so must be a good one ;)

Rissa W said...

Inside workout, 40# front squat, 30# cleans (first wod with the increased weight, definitely can tell a difference).
I agree Denise! I was ready in the third round as well!

mbrous2 said...

45# squats

Becky said...

Subbed push presses for cleans. I can seem to get the hang of cleans with dumbells. I always feel awkward.

Dawniey said...

23 minutes. 38 pound squats (heaviest I had) everything as rx'd. Happy Birthday Tyce :)

Julie said...

2 rounds of 30# squats and 2 rounds of
40# squats

1st 2 rounds 20# cleans
Last 2 rounds push press 20# (I agree-cleans are more awkward with dumbells- can't seem to get the right grip)

Happy Birthday to your little boy :)

Tammy Kelly said...

Still can't run so I did Friday's workout since I missed it ... about to go swim laps for at least an hour

5 rounds:
5 Deadlifts, 30 lbs for 4 rounds until I realized it was 30 :-/ (I'm on a machine) 40 lbs for last round
25r/25l Oblique crunches

Rachael said...

40# squats
20# cleans

Heather Lipe said...

40# squat
Sub 12 40# clean and press each round

Amber Carter said...

18:42. Treadmill won't start, doubled distance on stationary bike. Last round did standing. 40# squat 30# cleans

Kari F. said...

22:54. Running plus leg work, bravo, I'm dead.

kasey said...

23:10....only got one other wod in in 2 weeks and i could tell. i knew it was going to suck coming back today.

James Family said...

5 mile run

front squats(30#)

It was so hot and dry this morning in AZ, it really took a toll on me.

jroweton said...

32:10 outside
Round 1 30# squats and cleans
Rounds 2-4 20# squats and cleans
Walked 300meters of last round

Aly said...

30# squats
20# cleans
Good one!!

Linda Slater said...


20# for both Squats & Cleans

Melissa said...

40 lb squats. Elliptical instead of run.

Katie Fuller said...

50 lb squats
30 lb cleans
My legs are jello!

Maura Sumpter said...

18:30 as Rxd

Gillian Monte said...

20lb squat cleans. Whew, running is rough when you're recovering from a cold. Super winded and drenched.

Ian and Amy said...

20 lb

KPgr8ful said...

Squats: Rnd 1 @ 60#, Rnds 2-4 @ 48#
Cleans: Rnd 1 @ 40#, Rnds 2-4 @ 28#
(Started too much weight @ Rnd 1-think that slowed the remaining squats & cleans)

Anonymous said...

20 lb. front squats and cleans : )

Erika Sullivan said...

Slow today! Probably shouldn't have eaten those two cookies before the workout!

Happy birthday Tyce! I remember when you were at the 4th fireworks 2 days after having him Jenni! Crazy! And I was ready to pop!

martha said...

#30 squats

Kelly said...

20:47 treadmill
45# front squat
20# db clean

Lea said...

20# front squats

beckylinn said...

23:02 - 3 rounds

Ran 1, walked 2, started choking so ended after 3 rounds
20# front squats, cleans as rx'd

Brittany said...

10 lbs on squats 20 lbs on cleans. Not sure I would have made it thru with more

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...

19:10 with 2 rounds 40# squats and 2 rounds 20# squats

laura said...

22:34. 45# bar for front squats & hang cleans. Its too hot in Az even waiting until 9pm!

Miranda Hoberg said...

20lbs for front squats
That was hard!!

The Opposite of Imagination said...

45# Front Squat
15# Clean.

Another great workout. Thanks!

Tamara said...

No weight

Bethany Ingram said...

40 lb clean

Diana said...

22:56 20# cleans this one was tough. The runs were the easy part!

Shavanah Moya said...

23:28 as rx'd

Ran with the stroller today. I really need to work on moving from exercise to exercise and not taking such long breaks in between. I know I would save myself a few seconds in the end.

Jana Pace said...

30:34 40# on all. Hard!

Living Simple Living Clean said...

14:31. 30# squats and 16# cleans

Jenni said...

40 lb squat
20 lb clean

Kate Huether said...

18:45 with #30 for both. Squats should've been a bit deeper.. did this after doing Tuesday's wod.

Katie Towsen said...

40 lb squat and 30 lb clean.

Erin said...


20# squat, 30# clean (done on 7.2.13)

Jen23 said...

40lb squats
20lb cleans

Legs felt like jello during runs!!
Happy 4th!!

Jen23 said...

40lb squats
20lb cleans

Legs felt like jello during runs!!
Happy 4th!!

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat 25:43 - #65 for both

Maria 26:16 - #35 for both

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat 25:43 - #65 for both

Maria 26:16 - #35 for both

one of us said...

24:49 with 2:00 min spinning instead of outdoor (HOT) 400m running.

Mrs. Stamp said...


20# front squats
tried cleans, but really unsure of proper form (plan on going for some personal training soon) so did 30# push press instead, which were faster, but felt tougher.