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Jul 30, 2013

Tuesday 07.30.13

For time:
20 Front squats, 40 lbs
30 Box jump, 18 inch box
40 Kettlebell swings, 20 lbs
50 Wall ball shots, 10 pound ball

Post time to comments.

Compare to 02.06.13

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


Kelly Jonas said...

Moving slow today!
As RX'd

lizalena said...

9 min
Had to let the dog out twice!

Amy said...

5 mile run on treadmill then:
6:20 with 45# bar for squats and step ups instead of box jumps.

Lauren said...

6:27. 30, 15#, basketball.... All i have but Hard enough for today, I'm still really feeling yesterday's! Slower than I expected.

Stephanie B. said...

6:02 12" box jump

mbrous2 said...

45# squats
15" box
25# kb
10# wallball

martha said...

#30 squats so did 25
Scared myself out of box jumps this am, not sure what that was about, legs felt like they wouldn't work...did 40 step ups
Rest as rxd

Kim Jackson said...

7:24 slower than last time but lower squats this time :)
Shorter box jumps and 20lb front squats.
15lb KB
10lb wall ball.

Zareena Koch said...

5:38 with 12" box jumps and 15# kettleball. Then did 45 calf raises to help the plantar facilitis go away. Sigh....

beth lav said...

I'm not a mama but I like your very doable workouts. Not overkill like another. :)

Julie said...

25# FS
15 of 30 box jumps were jumps-other half were step ups- First day I got to use my new 18' box though!!
20# Thrusters for WB

JanelWarner said...


Thanks for your blog!!

What It Feels Like... said...

7:24 40 lb squats, 20 lb KB and 24" box jumps. After the initial set, I went back down the ladder and finished with a total time of 13:47.

Rachael said...

5:38 compared to 5:00
40# squats vs. 30#
Box jumps vs. step ups
Overall, I'm happy with the improvement over the time difference!

Shawntae Berry said...

Cf Mamas Northglenn 22" box
Shawntae 4:14
Jen 5:28
Jina 4:12
Holly 5:58
Riley 6:10
Megan 6:18
Chalar 7:18
Karissa 6:22

Jen Roe said...

Ran 6.5 miles


40lb squat
20" box jump
25lb KB
14lb WB

Amy said...

When mine was flared up I used a foam roller and rolled my calfs and bottom of my foot with it. It seemed to really help. Good luck! :-)

Amber Carter said...

6:14 40# squat, 10 19" jump, 20 14" jump

Linda Slater said...


20 Front Squats - 40#
30 Box Jumps - 9"
40 KB Swings - 20#
50 Wall Ball Shots - 10#

Kari F. said...

5:44 compared to 5:24 in February. I do have an 18" box now instead of 16". Also 50lb fs and 25 lb kettle bell swing. So I'm good with the time increase.

Aly said...

6:32 Feelin' a little under the weather. :/
30# front squats, all else as rx'd

Marguerite Spriggs said...

4:48. 9kg kettlebell and 8lb medicine ball were only available at the gym

30 minutes on stationary bike after

Katie Fuller said...

70 lb squats (jello legs!)
bench jumps
kb and wb 10 lbs

James Family said...

ran 1.25 miles

30# front squats(hoping for heavier weights soon.)
19" box jump
25# ball for wall ball

ran 1.25 miles

Denise said...

I had to wait to get this done until naptime here.
6 minutes
12 lb ball but everything else as Rxd

gilchrist said...

45# squats
Thrusters for the wall ball
This killed me. First WOD since December.

KPgr8ful said...

Great idea!

KPgr8ful said...

40# sq
24" box jumps
20#db for kb
20# thrusters for wb

20 min hiit tmill incline run

Mandy lou said...

35lb front squat
18" box jump
15lb Kbs
15lb Thrusters

Jenelle said...

5:36 compared to 4:22. as rx'd, focusing on form. Also had two great vacations I'm recovering from. Need to get back into shape!

KIM said...

25# kb swings
Step ups instead of jump
25# kb thrusters instead of wall balls.

Kate Huether said...

4:32 with 30# squats, 10# KB, 12" box, 10# WB.

Rissa W said...

4:57 compared to 5:51 in February.
as rx'd except 15# wall ball

Erin said...

20 Front Squats - 16#
30 Box Jumps - 12"
40 KB Swings - 12#
50 Wall Ball Shots - 12#


Jenni said...

This is a bad time for me. I took last week "off" for a camping trip, although I did run 13.5 miles around the lake (first half marathon+ ever), so I am doubling up this week. I did today's WOD right after last Tuesday's (07.23.13). That combined with not enough sleep the last 2 nights and a week breakfast (first day of school) made for a lot of rests!!

Theresa Bryant said...

4:40 my throat and my chest are on fire
30# (2 15lb db) front squats
18in box jumps (almost tripped!)
15# db for kb swings
8lb med ball for wall balls

Theresa Bryant said...

4:40 my throat and my chest are on fire
30# (2 15lb db) front squats
18in box jumps (almost tripped!)
15# db for kb swings
8lb med ball for wall balls

Dawniey said...

7:50. I used 20 pounds for squats, 20 pound weights for kettlebells, and 10 pound ball for wall ball

Dawniey said...

Oh, and the box jumps, I used the stairs on my trailer and they were 16"

Anonymous said...

8:03 as rx'd :)

Anonymous said...
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Maura Sumpter said...

6:45 as Rxd. Then group power.

Joy Helgren said...


Mrs. Stamp said...


30# squats
lower box jumps
20# kettle
10# ball

Nape said...

Step ups for box jumps
30# fs
15# kb
15# thrusters in place of wb (do not have a wb)

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...


Donette said...

8:11 as rxd except thrusters for wall ball with 20#s.

Living Simple Living Clean said...

K=5:27. J=6:13

Kristin said...

front squat 15#
40 kb swings gallon jug
50 wall ball 2 kg.

Bethany Ingram said...

5.58 as rx'd

Gillian Monte said...

30lb front squats.

Jen23 said...

50lb front squats
20lb kettlebell
18inch box step ups

Lea said...

20# for everything
Subbed Thrusters
12" BJ - added an extra 10

Compared to: 6:18
20# front squats
12in box jumps (20 steps, 10 as rx...first time!)
10# KB swings

Katie C. said...

Katie 6:33, 15# kettle bell, all else as rx'd
Lori 6:04

Heather Foster said...

Did 30 KTE in place of box jumps (knee)

Jen Mango said...

step ups
15 #
8 #

laura said...

6:29 as rxd.

Erika Sullivan said...

6:41 as RX'ed

The Opposite of Imagination said...

8:44. Soccer Ball for Wall Balls. Did this wod after completing the wod for 7/31/13.

Kjnobes said...


one of us said...


Shavanah Moya said...


Bleh!!! Took the week of because I was out of town and I was hurting!!! I will never do that again!! :) Will be doubling up workouts as I can to catch up!

Becky said...

20 lb dumbell for kettlebell
8 lb ball

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat - 5:28 - #65fs, 18bj, #25kb,#12wb


Heather Foster said...

Jumps on floor (knee surgery)