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Aug 19, 2013

Monday 08.19.13


3 rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
21 Kettlebell swings, 20 lbs
12 Pull-ups (assist as needed)

Compare to 05.21.13

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day


Amy said...

12:06 subbed bpu for pull ups. I'm weary about pull ups because I've stained a muscle in my neck doing them 3 times last spring/early summer. Have a great week mamas!

Denise said...

13:50 as RX'd

Pull-ups with assistance from band
Full extension on KB swings

Rissa W said...
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Rissa W said...
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Julie said...

Outside run (to stop sign and back)
Pull Ups- First one of every round completely on my own!! Followed by jumping pull ups and then last 6 of every round were chair assisted

mbrous2 said...

14:37, 25#, chair assist
Compared to 15:45, 20# :-)

Lynn said...

10:13 with jogging stroller
24x bpu instead of pull ups (bar still down)

lizalena said...

Subbed bpu's 20, 15, 12
The rest as rx'd

Kjnobes said...

13:23 - at the gym so took a little bit to move between exercises

Lauren said...

11:50 (compared to 12:50). Distances are a little rough and maybe I wasn't doing my squats as low? Same with pu's: 6 from standing, 6 reverses

Becky said...

14:39 compared to 14:04 but I'd like to think my pull ups were less assisted?

JanelWarner said...

Push-ups, no pull up bar

Rachael said...

14:42 compared to 15:43
Swings could have been a little deeper.

James Family said...

jumping pull-ups

3 mile run

martha said...

7, 3, 3 real pull ups each round

Ian and Amy said...


Heather Lipe said...

.25 on treadmill 55# assist on pu
Kept timer going while running between treadmill and pull up rack

Michelle V said...

13:12 run on treadmill 15lb kettle bell and push ups instead of pull ups.

Zareena Koch said...

13:48 with improved run time but assisted pull ups.

Heather Foster said...

30 jumps 20 Hollow rockers for 400m (knee)
Push ups in place of pull ups

Linda Slater said...

3 Times for Time:
21 KB's 20 lbs
12 Push Ups
21 Hollow Rockers

Katie Fuller said...

10 lb kb

Amber Carter said...

10:20 as rx

Amber Carter said...

Oops, should say 10:50

Anonymous said...

Jump to pull-ups :)

Shawntae Berry said...

Shawntae 10:36 jump pull ups

Maura Sumpter said...

First group step. Then 12:18 80# assist. Then teaching group power tonight.

roni said...

2:00 jump rope- no treadmill, 25# kettle swings, pull up with band

Ana Liston said...

400m outside run
21 Russian KB swings, 25#
12 pullups with band

Donette said...

12:30, down from 12:57 in May. Hopefully less assisted on the pull ups.

Shavanah Moya said...


Beat my old time by 1:10 including running with the jogging stroller!

I can't thank you enough Jenni for helping me improve so much by posting these workouts and keeping me motivated!

Laura Yule said...

skipped rope for 2min, no treadmill
kettle bell swings with 10lb dumbbell, push ups for pull ups as don't have pull up bar

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...

14:26 compared to 14:02 last time, but used 20# for Kb instead of 10#

Jana Pace said...

10:49 pull downs, 10 # bell. Minus 2 minutes!

Jenni said...

Jump pull-ups
22.5 lb kettle bell swing with a dumbbell

Berta Crowe said...

My time is NOT close to everyone else's BUT...I did improve, so...YAY!!

Today's time: 19:47
5/22 time: 20:24

Rissa W said...

Completely read the workout wrong, did KTE instead of pull ups! Oh well! At least I was moving!

KPgr8ful said...

T-mill, 20# db for kb, assist pull-u
Compared to 8:45

Kate Huether said...

14:10 compared to 14:21. Done after doing 8/20/13 WOD. Same mods but with 200 jumping jacks instead of 400m run each round.

Living Simple Living Clean said...

K=13:05. J=9:35

jroweton said...

2 rounds only

200 single JR
20# swing
Jumping pull-ups

21 KIndergarteners are wearing me out

laura said...

14:20 as rxd. Asstd band pullups

Marguerite Spriggs said...

11:35 used 12kg kettle bell (about 26 pounds) and assisted pull-ups.

Ran a 10k race Sunday in 54:03!

Shara said...

11:24 used the gravitron machine for pullups with 120 lbs assistance.

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat - 12:10 #25
Maria - 12:10 #20

Jen O said...

Sub'd Burpees for running (my little one was sleeping), and had to do jumping pull-up's- I still haven't got my pull-up's back yet :(

Mrs. Stamp said...


Elliptical run
Incline pull ups

Erika Sullivan said...

16:38 but pull-ups were standing on a box and pulling up upper body