Hiit Mama workouts are timed so time yourself and go as FAST AS YOU CAN!! That is how you get the cardio in. If you are a new Hiit Mama, just start with the workout of the day (WOD)...no need to go back to the first post because we will eventually repeat all those workouts. Make sure and post your time in the comment section so you can track your progress! Also, there are video demos of each exercise we do down the right side bar.

Sep 23, 2013

Monday 09.23.13

For time:
50 Front squats, 20 lbs
100 Butterfly sit-ups
25 Front squats, 30 lbs
50 Knees to elbows
10 Front squats, 40 lbs
20 Leg lifts

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake 
3 glasses of water a day
no fried food
8 hours of sleep
finish strong!


Hanna V said...

Squats 12/16/20kg, 26/35/44 lbs
Knees to elbows on back :(

Denise said...

12:29 as RX'd

mbrous2 said...

KTE 30 bar, 20 floor

Kjnobes said...

10:36 - felt like a bit of a struggle today :(
Ran 1/2 mile after

Julie said...

15:36 as rx'd
KTE took me a bit the last half but got them done and kept form

Becky said...

15:22 as rx'd

Becky said...

Oops, that was 10 leg lifts. Did another 10 after my time posted.

thea said...

11:10 KTE on floor
holy abs!

Rachael said...

Squats 20, 30, 45lbs.
50 bsu arms crossed, 25 straight out, last 25 crossed again.
1/2 kte on bar 1/2 on floor

Jen O said...

12:10 after a 2 mile run. I have a hard time getting into a rhythm with the bfsu's. last set of fs's 45#

JanelWarner said...

Wow, that was hard!

11:28 KTE on floor, everything else rxd

sullyjam said...


*K2E on floor

martha said...

K2e on ground

Heather said...

Kte on floor, rest as rx'd
Ran 4 miles before.

Heather Lipe said...

Lots of running around the gym for equipment
Sit-ups nearly killed me

Shawntae Berry said...

Hiit mamas northglenn (25 leg lifts)
Shawntae (1/2 k2e on bar) 10:46
Robyn 12:02 k2e on floor
Sharadee k2e on bar! 12:04
Courtney squats-5, 10, 20lbs squats, 100 step ups, 50 back extensions, 25 1 legged leg lifts 35 weeks preggo

Kirsten said...

13:34 with a break to nurse the baby in the middle.
squats were 15/30/30#
k2es on floor

Nissa V said...

Two months off with only a couple workouts in there. First day back...hopefully for good now. 18:15. But did the whole thing even though I considered scaling it (after I was sore for 6 days after my last day "back.")

James Family said...

squats 25/30/40
k2e all on bar

4 mile run

Crystal Britt said...

Just getting back to it after surgery last month.

All squats with 20+lb baby on my shoulders.
Kte on floor b

Katie Fuller said...

30 lbs for all the squats since I was at home
knees to chest

aj said...

10:45 everything as rx'd. K2e on floor

Linda Slater said...

KTE's on Incline Bench

Heather Foster said...

15:21 KTE on bar (had to take breaks)

Rachelle said...

Kte on floor

Erin said...

12:36, 10#/15#/18#, KTE on floor

Kari F. said...

squats 20/30/45
half k2e on floor/bar

That 100 bfsu were awful. SLOW!

Kate Huether said...

11:11 with 30# for all front squats, all I had today. All abs on the floor.

Shavanah Moya said...

8:42 w/ mods on ab work

BFSU -> modified hollow body hold
Kte -> on ground, very small movement
Leg lifts-> 40 sec plank

Shavanah Moya said...

40# last two sets of squats

Rachel said...

16:25. K2E on floor. Crunches sub for SU. Glad 2 be back to the community. I false-started 2x and hope now to keep my motivation going. I gained 40 lbs over the past 3 yrs from a brutal divorce and custody battle. Things worked out for the best, but now I have to undo all the damage done by stress eating.

Lynn said...

10:33 KTE on floor.

Samantha Sweeting said...


8 k2e's on bar, 10 on incline bench, and the rest on the floor. :( one day I'll beat those monsters!

Rissa W said...

11:13 as rx'd
butt to floor on all squats, KTchest on bar

Katie C. said...

You can do it!

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...

12:28 k2e on the floor

Cassi said...

11:07, one armed squat 10#/15#/15#, kte on floor (due to shoulder acting up again)

Jana Pace said...

17:14 as rx'd! K2e are getting stronger.

Lynn said...

One day at a time, Rachel. You will get it back one day at a time! :)

AmyD said...

13:34. The only thing that was not as rxd was the BFSU. I stopped at 70-back was hurting and I'm so slow-need to get an ab mat. Also k2e on floor-pull-up bar is next on priority list!

Katie C. said...

14:26, kte on floor, 24# weights for middle set of squat, butt to floor on squats

Ian and Amy said...


beckylinn said...

18:12 with major mods.

10# on first two rounds of squats (50 & 25), as rx'd on last round.

Only 50 bfsu and 25 kte on floor.

I've been off for almost 2 months for various reasons. Glad to be cleared by dr to be back at it. Brutal.

Marguerite Spriggs said...

12:21 kte on floor

Miranda Hoberg said...

20lbs for 1st two sets of squats and 40 for last
K2E were pathetic but they were all on the bar!

kauffmangirl said...

40/40/65 overhead squats. K2E on floor. GHD sit ups for last 20. (Followed the CF site)

kauffmangirl said...

Oops time 9:48

Kristin said...

12 min. no weight on front squat

Shara said...

12:57 great workout!!

Jen23 said...

This included about a 2 minute sit up break when my kindergartner sat on my lap in the middle of them:)

subbled leg lifts for kte.

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat 13:45 45, 55, 75

Maria 14:13 as rx'd

Mrs. Stamp said...

timer batteries died, so about 20 min give or take a min. the round of 100 bsu were soooooo slow, with many rests, tail bone was killin' me!
K2E on floor
front squats were:
Then ran 4 km
completed Sun Nov 17/2013