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May 27, 2014

Tuesday 05.27.14


Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:
5 Deadlifts, 60 lbs
13 Push-ups
9 Box jumps, 18 inches

Post rounds completed to comments.

*In honor of Corporal Ryan C. McGhee, 21, who was killed in action on May 13, 2009 by small arms fire during combat in central Iraq. This was his fourth deployment, his first to Iraq.

no caffeine 
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake
3 glasses of water a day


Julie said...

Did 12 rounds in 15:22
DL- no weight- just practiced squat & form
Alternated pu/crunches each round- took stress off lower back
Step ups on 10 in step w/ overhead raise

Stephanie said...


I only had time for 20 minutes. I did 10 rounds, 5 with boy PU, 5 with girl PU.

mbrous2 said...

17 rds
75#, bpu, 15" box
Would not have finished without my wod partner, Felicia. She kept going when I wanted to stop.

Mandy Crow said...

21 Rounds

Great workout! Arms are beat.

Kirsten said...

7 rounds in 15 min, 65#, alternated girl/boy ea round (so 4 girl, 3 boy), jumped two stairs (two rounds of 3 stairs!) holding railing. Toughie today!

Brent and Britta said...

10 rounds in 15 minutes (all I had time for)
20 lbs.

Rachael said...

18 rounds
I was super tempted to set my timer for 20 minutes instead of 30, but I gave myself a pep talk! Wanted to quit so many times. But I made it! 60lb deadlifts, mostly gpu, but some regular pu. 15" box jumps. Dripping!!

Kasey Pittman said...

15 rounds

60lb DLs
some reg PU but mostly GPU
15'' box jumps

Heather said...

23 rounds
30# deadlifts
Half bpu half gpu
18 in box
Had to stop at 15 min due to toddler waking up and needing diaper changed and some cuddle time. Then came back and finished.

Heather said...

Happy birthday to my sister/ hiit mama Katie C. We don't see her comments much right now cuz she is 7 months prego!! Love ya Katie!

Melissa said...

Made it 10 rnds in 19 min.

5 rnds jump, 5 rnds step up 9 each leg (13"box)

Maura Sumpter said...

14 rounds
135# dead lifts
24 in box
Then body pump

Heather Foster said...

16 rounds 20 min
18in step up and downs
45 lb DL

Kari F. said...

20 rounds
75# deadlifts

I was dripping!!!

Holly Rose said...

15 rounds. 53 lb deadlift, bpu

Becky said...

22 complete rounds plus deadlifts and 5 push ups
40 lb deadlifts
Boy push ups

Katie Fuller said...

15 rounds + 5 deadlifts
120# for 5 rounds (and the extra 5)
100# for 10 rounds

That was a hard one, but I feel great!

Andrews family said...

13 rds + 5DL + 13 PU in 20 mins; ran out of time

60# DL, GPU, 14" box

I also did this WOD in honor of my friend Shannon whose 2 yr old son joined his brother in Heaven yesterday.

Janelle said...

Andrews family, what happened? That is SO sad! :(

Marguerite Spriggs said...

23 rounds completed with 2 seconds left on clock. Switched back and forth from push-ups to sit-ups each round. Rest as rxed

Mandy Crow said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Shannon's children. My heart is with you!

Tam said...

18 rounds
Bpu for 13 rounds
60# dl
Box jumps 18"
Prayers go out to your friend Shannon.

Andrews family said...

Thank you, hiit mamas. Their 1st son died about 4 years ago, around 2 years old. Became really sick, drs thought it was a regular virus, but he died in his sleep. Sounds like this was very similar...they caught it earlier but the seizures and brain swelling were so bad his body just couldn't take it. They don't know for sure, but think there might be some genetics involved. A parent's worst nightmare. :(

Steph said...

Only had time for 20 mins
10 rounds adding 10 bsu each round

Heather Lipe said...

10 rounds in 15 mins
As rxd
Boy pu

Stephanie James said...

Did this on 5/29/14 Did Thursday work out first been sick all week. Only had time for 15 min
10 rounds
60# deadlift
first 7 BPU last 6 GPU
18 inch step up

Sally said...

20 min
12 rounds
First 6 to 7 bpu, last 6 to 7 gpu
Step ups due to injury

Janelle said...

Did this one on Saturday as I didn't have time earlier in the week.

Ran 2.5 miles first then

16 round in 20 minutes ( kids woke up from their nap.)
75 lb dl
14" box. Working on getting an 18"
Push ups were, first two rounds bpu, next couple half boy half incline. Next several were incline and then more incline. Last two rounds were all more incline... Jelly arms!

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat 18 rds and thru pushps on 19 #115

Maria 15rds #80