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Oct 16, 2014

Thursday 10.16.14

For time:
50 double-unders (200 single jump)
21 front squats, 40 lbs
21 push presses, 20 lbs
50 double-unders (200 single jump)
15 front squats, 40 lbs
15 push presses, 20 lbs
50 double-unders (200 single jump)
9 front squats, 40 lbs
9 push presses, 20 lbs

Post time to comments.

no caffeine


Holly D. said...


Becky said...

Tried double unders. No go...
I can do about 100 jump ropes before I start peeing. So irritating!! I even stopped to pee before continuing and it didn't help!

Brent and Britta said...

Kept getting tangled in my new jump rope because I accidentally got double Dutch ropes (super long) oops!
20 lbs. all and still can't do double unders (I'm sure the extra long rope doesn't help)

Maura Sumpter said...

10:14. Single jump rope, 65# squats, 45# press. Then ran 1.5 miles. Then body pump.

Joanne said...

9:50 for me, and I can totally relate, Becky! Oh, you made me feel so much better!

Andrews family said...

8:32. SJR, 30# all. Legs are SO SORE!!

Sally said...

Sally 9.31

Mandy lou said...


Mandy Crow said...


Single Jump ropes
45# Squats
20# PP

I'm pathetic at double unders but I am happy to say that I made it through all of my jump rope sections without peeing! This is a huge improvement from last year! My core is getting stronger.

The Opposite of Imagination said...


Julie said...

Subbed 5 up/down stairs for jr
30# all

Katie C. said...

9:46 single jump rope, 20#

Natalie said...

subbed 400m run for double unders

Lynn said...

9:33 sjr

Heather Foster said...

Only 50 SJR
20# bar for FS & PP
38 weeks pregnant.

Janelle said...

So ran 4.5 miles first

Then 9:53

This was with stopping because kids kept coming in the no fly zone.

45 lb fs - butt to floor

20 lb pp except last round when I did 45

Should have done more weight but was tired from the run and didn't feel like it . :)

slydegirll said...

9 ish minutes, didnt have my stopwatch. Subbed 100 jacks; 35# fs and 20# pp.

Rachael said...

45lb squats
20lb push presses
Single jump rope

Fighting shingles, so I'm not feeling my best!

Kari F. said...
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Kari F. said...

All double unders
65# on squats and push press

Maria Ernestine said...

Pat 13:00 single, #95, #30DBPP

Maria 13:27 single, #60, #25DBPP

Tiffany said...

9:32, 20# squat, 10# pp (working my way to being stronger a little at a time)

Hear everyone on the peeing while jumping rope. :)