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Oct 29, 2014

Wednesday 10.29.14

For time:
Run 400 meters
50 pull-ups (assist as needed)
Run 400 meters
50 push-ups
Run 400 meters
50 butterfly sit-ups
Run 400 meters
50 squats

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
 no soda
fruit or veggie snacks


Stephanie said...

Jumping pull up, girl push ups

Julie said...

Those pull ups took me FOREVER!
Got 15 boy pu squeezed out, rest were girl

Brent and Britta said...

Chair-assisted pull-ups
Felt great

Heather Lipe said...

60# assist pull ups
Boy push ups
Stopped clock between treadmill to pull-up rack :)

James Family said...

Ran 60 min. tempo training run(6.5 miles)

jumping pull-ups

Maura Sumpter said...

16:15 then ran 1.5 miles. Then RPM.

Amber Carter said...

About 15 min

Jenni said...

Jumping pull-ups
Butt to floor squats

Mandy Crow said...


Jump assisted PU

Andrews family said...

My traps and shoulders are Still hurting from Monday (they hurt even to touch - I overdid it) so I made it more of a legs day. Subbed 50 walking lunges for pull ups and 50 deadlifts 30# for push ups.


Did I mention my 1 year old was up screaming for 2 1/2 hours last night? Yuck.

Stephanie James said...

Jumping pull ups
1/2 BPU 1/2 GPU
Butt to floor squats

Cassi said...

20:39. Mid rows for pull ups, in the wall push ups. (Still recovering from a clavicle injury)

The biznizzle said...

Band asstd pullups. Last bit of them were pretty much jumping tho.
Thought I'd take 30 min but glad im under!
weather helped, night run outside nice &cool not desert hot!

FroehlichAdoption said...

15:50. 20" box jumps in place of pu

Lynn said...

Didn't get a time. Started watch after first round and then forgot to stop it. Ran 600m instead of 400m and did bench dips instead of pull ups. :/

Rachael said...

Jump up, lower down (pull-ups)
Regular push ups
Arms crossed BSU

Sally said...

Sally - 22.11
Mandy 23.50

Machine assisted pull up (26/33)

Natalie said...

did halfsies on this one due to time (and combined it with todays (Thursday) WOD...

400m then 25 pull-ups 25 (jump with band) pushups (boy)
400m then 25 bsu 25 squats

Janelle said...

Couldn't do this as my TM is dead and it's FREEZING outside and I didn't want to do a million jump rope.

Instead did Crossfit Mayhem WOD

7 X Snatch Grip DL & 70% Cleans - 65 lb

7 Rounds:

7 DL - 95 lbs
7 HSPU - modified with feet in pike


Then Did 50 of BPU, BSU, Pull ups, Squats - didn't time this part.

beth4108 said...


Maria Ernestine said...

Pat 20:36
Maria 22:12