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Nov 20, 2014

Thursday 11.20.14


3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Body surfers
50 Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 11.20.13

Happy Birthday to Me!!
Hiit Mamas Founder Jenni
(with Chris, Ryli, Cade, Dylan and Tyce)

I turn 36 today and not sad about that one bit! I love how I am progressing and looking better and better each year. I feel like I am de-aging as I get older and healthier and stronger. I have had some major obstacles to overcome (like back surgery) but because of these workouts, I was completely recovered and pain free within 5 months. I bounced back so fast and I attribute it to my healthy lifestyle and strength training. Here's to another great year of HIIT, marking 3 1/2 years for me. I am so glad I found this and it makes me so happy to share it with you!

no caffeine
 no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar intake


Maria Ernestine said...

Happy Birthday Jenni!!! Thank you for all that you do!!!

Julie said...

A minute and a half slower than last year :(
But, I'm sweaty and I love it!
I will say I can't do bsu as fast as I used to bc of my back injury. Also after Tuesdays jump ropes and completing a 5k yesterday- my calves are SO sore. It took a lot to get my legs to work today!

Stephanie said...

27:13; had to keep fiddling with my winter gear off and on each round. 11 degrees outside.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JENNI! Hope you have a great day. Thank you for all you do.

Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Jenni! I completed yesterday's WOD this morning, but I wanted to stop over here to wish you a very happy birthday. Your work outs have me hooked and this sleep deprived Momma actually looks forward to waking up before the kiddos to have some 'me' time with these workouts. Thank you for giving us this gift!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Jenni! Hope your day is full of blessings!

Brent and Britta said...

Happy birthday to my older sister (who most people think is my younger sister because she seriously never ages!)!

alaina kindsfater said...

What are body surfers?

Maura Sumpter said...

24:45 abs and extensions on ab horse/machine. Then chest routine.

Andrews family said...

Happy Birthday Jenni!! I have been deathly sick with strep this week but still wanted to do a birthday shout out. Thanks for all you do!!


Denise said...

Happy birthday Jenni!! I hope you have an amazing day!

Mandy Crow said...

Just finished Tuesday's workout as I'm two days behind from strep as well. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and thank you for keeping us all moving!

Jen Roe said...

Happy Birthday Jenni! Hope it is a great one.

Ran 4 miles then:


Rachelle said...


Happy birthday!!!!

Heather Foster said...

Happy birthday!!!
My first day back after baby Braxton was born 10/23/14 8lbs 2oz

C section

Fun first wod but I'm sure I'll feel it later!!!

Heather Foster said...


slydegirll said...

The happiest of days to you! Thanks for all you do! (will tackle this on the weekend when I have more than 20 mins!)

Cassi said...

28:03, tired and headachy today

Donette said...

Happy birthday Jenni! I love your work outs and would be lost without you doing this for us everyday! Thanks for all you do! I hope you have a great day!

Holly D. said...

23:53. Happy Birthday Jenni! You look amazing!

Becky said...

22:29 compared to 31:45, 28:37 and 29:27
Doing a little happy dance, after recover! 😀

Mandy Crow said...

25:35 which is 2 minutes slower than last year but I still have a sore throat and cough so I'm not going to get too down on myself. Proud of myself just for getting out there and making a valiant attempt at sweating this cold outta my body!

LindseyJCampbell said...

Love your workouts!!!

beth4108 said...