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Feb 4, 2015

Wednesday 02.04.15

For time:
21 Thrusters, 20-30 lbs
21 Sumo deadlift high-pulls, 20-25 lbs
15 Thrusters, 20-30 lbs
15 Sumo deadlift high-pulls, 20-25 lbs
9 Thrusters, 20-30 lbs
9 Sumo deadlift high-pulls, 20-25 lbs

Compare to 02.04.14

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm


Julie said...

30# for both
Compared to 2:49 w/ 20#

Love the short ones that get you out of breath & sweaty!

Holly D. said...

4:02 30# thrusters. 25# sumos

Lindsey said...


30# thrusters
24# sumo dead lift high pull

Brent and Britta said...

20 lbs.

Becky said...

20 lbs for all
I wrote 2:32 for last time but I'm thinking I mistyped and it was supposed to be 3:23. I went as fast as my little legs could go today with no stopping. No way I could cut almost 30 seconds off that!

Denise said...

50 lb thrusters
30 lb sdhp

Andrews family said...

3:28, 30# all.

Vs 2:49, 20# all

Two favorite songs came on during this - good motivation.

Kimberly said...

4:01 20lb as rxd

James Family said...

5 mile run

25# for all

Jenni said...

20 lbs all

Melissa Christensen said...

14:26 35# bar went slow and worked on form, recovering from a back injury

The Opposite of Imagination said...

4:35 as rx'd
45 lbs for each.

S.J.09 said...

45# thruster
31# sdhp

Brandy Lant said...

6:21 as rx'd
45# for all

Elizabeth said...

7:40 30 pounds for both. Added kte since I missed yesterday's workout.

Kim Jackson said...


Marguerite Spriggs said...

4:25 25#. Then made up last Wednesday wod and ran 1 miles

Lis said...

6:17 20#

Rachael said...

4:12 vs. 4:06 :/

slydegirll said...

4:04, 20# all