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Apr 14, 2015

Tuesday 04.14.15

5 rounds for time of:
20 wall-ball shots, 10-lb. ball to 10-ft. target
20 sumo deadlift high pulls, 20 lbs
20 box jumps, 18 inches
20 push presses, 20 lbs
Run 200 meters
Rest 1 minute

Post time to comments.

no caffeine


Julie said...

4 rounds in 25:58 (time included 1 min rests)
30# all
Subbed thrusters for WB
Step ups

Stephanie James said...
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Stephanie James said...

14# ball
20# sumo deadlift
20# PP
18 inch box last 5 of each round jumped rest step up. First time doing box jumps since my foot injury in December

Katie C. said...

28:03 with all rests. Many mods- that was so tiring!

Holly D. said...

Subbed 1 min jump rope for runs

Heather said...

28:43 included 1 min rest
Sub thruster for WB
Step ups for box jump
I have a long way to go to get in shape but I am moving!

James Family said...

3.2 mile run

30:39- rest is included in time
12# wall ball
30# sumo and push press
Step-ups(18 inches)

Becky said...

Subbed 4 stairs for the run. Think maybe I did the math wrong on that but it still locked my butt!

Becky said...

*kicked my butt

Including 4 min rest

Lindsey said...

27:44 all weight as rx'd
10 x 20m shuttle sprints instead of 200m

Heather Foster said...

3 rounds 13:42

The Opposite of Imagination said...

oh shoot. I didn't see the 1 minute rests until just now.

10 lbs wall ball
45 lbs 1 round sdhp, 20 lbs other rounds
box jumps 22"
45 lbs on PP.

tough workout.

TimLoraKat said...

No running. 10 lbs BC I don't have 20lb.

Andrews family said...

25:17 incl rests
30# all
Thrusters for wall ball
Step ups
Treadmill at 8.5

Dripping and breathless! It was hard to start round 5.

Cassi said...

33:46 20# a bit distracted with a phone call

Tera Stevens said...

32:18. 20# thruster for wall ball

Tera Stevens said...
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E said...


Jenni said...

Including 4- 1 minute rests.
As RXed.

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...

28:36 with 4 rests
Subbed stairs for run

Shawntae Berry said...

Hiit mamas northglenn
Shawntae 24:47
Holly 25:55
Melissa 27:30
Jessica 29:50 30 weeks

elisabeth scherger said...

26:50 20lb thrusters for wall ball. Time includes rests.

Donette said...


Donette said...


ivonne said...

I did this yesterday in About 25 min and only did 4 rounds I was dead!

Sally said...

Step ups

Bri Seltzer said...

35:43 including rests
4 rounds
30 lbs
Skipped pp by accident first round
Subbed box jumps for pull ups one rd

slydegirll said...

30:29, 20# all, thrusters for wall ball.

Julie said...

22:58 including 4-1 minute rests
12# WB
20# KB high pulls (10 each arm)
step ups
20# PP