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Apr 15, 2015

Wednesday 04.15.15

3 rounds for time of:
10 handstand push-ups (scale as needed)
15 bench dips
20 butterfly sit-ups
25 pull-ups

Post time to comments.

no caffeine


Andrea McElvaine said...

15ish table pull-ups feet on bench for push-ups did 25 pull-ups each round

Julie said...

HSPU on 21" barstool- back against wall
Straight leg dips
10 unassisted pu, rest assisted w/ barstool. Shoulders & Forearms are on fire!!!

Karrie said...

21...feeling barfy with some morning sickness do had to move slow. Made it through though!

Kim Jackson said...

17 min
Hand push-ups with feet on back of couch
Pull-ups from standing...only did 25 each round.

Holly D. said...

Only 20 pull-ups each round
Full handstand push ups

Heather said...

Switched the #'s for pull ups and push ups.
10 pull ups with table
Bench dip on chair
45 gpu
My arms are dead!

E said...

Ran 29 minute intervals first then.......10:27 but I only did 25 pull-ups per round......... Bc........well bc it's my birthday...... And that's the only excuse I can think of!!! Wow my arms are tired

Becky said...

Push ups on box
45 jumping pull ups each round. That last round took a looong time!

Andrews family said...

Julie - were you the one doing pull up training? If so, can you tell me about it? Thnx.

Julie said...

Erica- It was a pinterest link and I sent it to you through there. For everyone else, here's what I followed. It has helped!


Here is another link that helped me too:

Jenni said...

Sorry Mamas, when I posted I never noticed the 45 pull-ups!!?! I changed it but too late for most of you. Props to everyone who attempted or completed!! Beasts!

11:42 with 25 jumping pull-ups per round
HSPU with knees on weight bench

Jenni said...

I felt really guilty for making it easier right before I did it when some if you completed with 45 pull-ups per round......
So I went back and did 60 jumping pull-ups in 3:09. It wasn't as bad as I thought. 😜

Julie said...

Ha ha! I saw this WOD on the crossfire site and thought, surely she'll change the reps....so I was a little intimidated when I saw that- but got it done & will have some nice arms & shoulders this summer!

Andrews family said...


Rissa W said...

Legs on bed for HSPU, chair assisted pull ups

Andrews family said...

Knees on bench for HSPU
straight leg dips
Reverse pull ups (25 per round)

Heather Foster said...


The Opposite of Imagination said...

All boy pushups.
Jumping pullups.

Linda Slater said...

Did Standard Push Ups & Not handstand PU's..
Used Blue band for Pull Ups

Tera Stevens said...

8:53. Gpu for hspu. Barbell row 20lbs for pu.

Tera Stevens said...

8:53. Gpu for hspu. Barbell row 20lbs for pu.

Jennifer Gores-Todd said...


Elizabeth said...

10:43 added 10 pounds to the bsu. yoga afterwards.

Cassi said...

12:57 push-ups on a bar stool, jumping pull ups

Cassi said...

25 pull-ups per round

Abby said...

10 table pull ups

Rachael said...

First round HSPU on coffee table, last two rounds with knees on table
10 jumping pull-ups per round, 15 chair assisted per round.

Donette said...


Donette said...


Katie C. said...

9:29 mods

Nissa V said...

Hspu and bd from rear bumper
Bsu arms crossed 1st round only
No pull up bar/ subbed push press 15# for half, 10# for half.

Nissa V said...

2nd 3rd rounds of hspu were on the ground from knees. The ones from the bumper really fatigued those muscles and I was afraid for my face. I couldn't even do mil push ups!

slydegirll said...

11:33, Hspu w knees on couch, subbed crunches and reverse crunches for bfsu, jumping pull ups.