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May 11, 2015

Monday 05.11.15

For time:
1-mile run
50 weighted squats, 50 lbs
100 butterfly sit-ups
100 double-unders (400 single jump)
50 sumo deadlift high pulls, 25 lbs
100 box jump overs, 18 inches

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol


Stephanie said...

The title of this workout should be: How Many Breaks Can You Possibly Take?

I did this as RXed, but my time is simply too embarrassing.

Rachael said...

Time is terrible. 40:58 but I wanted to stop and didn't! Yay! Single jump rope and box step up/downs. Rest as rx'd.

Holly D. said...

Ran mile then split the rest into 2 rounds
Step ups

Stephanie James said...

50 jumps 50 step ups

E said...

First off Wow! Happy Monday!

My time was 26:30 but apparently I can't read today bc I did 50 sit-ups and 100 sumos so I mixed that up.... Then my knee does not allow me to do box jumps so I did a quarter mile on treadmill at 15% incline.... So my time might not be true...... I stuged with 50 sit-up so when I looked back I was a little excited I mixed that up. 😉

E said...
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E said...

*Struggled not stuged

Heather said...

20# squats
20# sumo deadlift high pull
18in step up and down as fast as I could
What a workout! It is like you knew I ate like crap yesterday and wanted to punish me!

Andrews family said...

So sick. Can barely shuffle around the house. No WOD today.

James Family said...

Ran 3.2 miles

32:25 as rx'd
single jump rope

Marguerite Spriggs said...

Ran 1 mile and split all the others into 2 rounds. Wow!!
30# for squats and sdhp.

Linda Slater said...

23:02 With Multiple Mods:
#13 Bar on Squats & SDL
NO Box Jumps
but...Back to the TM for a few

Jenni said...

7:35 for mile
29:20 for the rest
45 lb squats

36:35 as RXed

Cassi said...

29:41 50# squats, box jumps on a step, 400 sjr

Andrea McElvaine said...

No run 28:40 20# squats and dls ships nursing left knee for half marathon Sunday may run later today or tmrw am

Cynthia Lira said...

45# squat
30# sdhp
18" bjo

Tera Stevens said...

37:53. Wowsers.

Andrews family said...

Treadmill at 7.3
40# squats
20# SDHP
box step overs

Tiffany said...

32:20. Did mile in 8:57 (while pushing double stroller), then took a break to get kids settled, then did rest, but split into two rounds of each thing (so 25 squats, 50 sit ups, 200 sjr, 25 sumos, 50 box jumps, twice). I have a pulled muscle in my num and a sore knee, so I went easy on the weights and did 20# squats, and 10# sumos (but the sumos KILLED my pulled muscle, so I didn't get very deep). Also, I do my box jumps on my porch, so I couldn't do overs, just regular box jumps. Great work out!

slydegirll said...

As rx'd, 36:11