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May 19, 2015

Tuesday 05.19.15

10 100-meter sprints

Rest as needed between efforts.

 Compare to 06.27.14

Post best and worst times to comments.

no caffeine
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
no alcohol
reduce sugar


Stephanie James said...

Best 18 sec
Worst 25 sec
Mist between 20-23
Rest 30 sec between each run

Rachael said...

Best 21:34
Worst 25:31
Average around 22
(vs. best 29, worst32)

Becky said...

Best :23
Worst :25

Meredith Pross said...

Pushed stroller

Best 17 seconds
Worst 24 seconds

E said...

Did 10 100 meter sprints with 100 meter jogs between each.... Not sure of my times though but I was very very sweaty after this one!

E said...

Oh man I just realized I did 200 meter sprints and 200 meter jogs! I guess I wasn't awake enough this morning for this workout!!

Rissa W said...

Subbed with 5 burpees each round.
Best :15
Worst :17

Andrews family said...

40 degrees and pouring rain! When did I trade sunny Colorado for Portland??

Subbed 10 burpees each round.
Best = 33
Worst = 37
Average = 34.4

The Opposite of Imagination said...

Started with 30 good form burpees to warm up. Then only ended up being able to finish 5 sprints before I was needed at sports practices. Ended up scrimmaging at soccer so I got a little more running in.
Fastest: 16 seconds
Slowest: 18 seconds

AmyD said...

Best 29; worst 40. This was hard because I haven't been running, but plan to incorporate at least 1 mile a week to get my endurance back up. This is worse than what I've done the last time😢

Jenni said...

Best= 14 seconds
Worst= 15 seconds

Tiffany said...


Estimated distance

slydegirll said...

Best 17 seconds, worst 21 seconds