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Aug 21, 2015

Friday 08.21.15

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:
15 Box jumps, 18" box
12 Push press, 20 lbs
9 Knees to elbows

Compare to 11.26.14


Julie said...

8 rounds
Step ups
40# pp
KTE on bar

Nissa V said...

K2e on mat.

Holly D. said...

10 rounds in 18:06
Step ups
30# PP
KTE on bar

Marjie said...

11 rounds in 18:04

Marjie said...

11 rounds in 18:04 KTE on floor (no bar)

Dawniey said...

Hmmmm...I do not have a box or stairs for the box jumps. Any suggestion?

Katie Fuller said...

9 rounds + 10 step ups
Step ups
30 lbs pp

Andrews family said...

I jump onto my free weight bench. It's 18". You could also try suspending something to a certain height and jumping over it. Good luck.

Andrews family said...

10 rounds plus box jumps
30# PP
K2E on floor

Vs 12 rds with 14" box jumps

And vs 12 rds + box jumps with 8" jumps and 20# PP.

I'm jumping ten inches higher than I was in Nov of 2013. Never give up, Mamas!!

Dawniey said...

Thank you for the suggestion!

Dawniey said...

I think I did 7 or 8 rounds. I lost count!
Did not have anything to jump on, so I just jumped as high as I could. 10 lb total for pp. K2E was on floor. I am dying this week!

Janelle said...

5 rounds + box jumps + 1 PP
24" box jumps
55# PP
KTE in bar

18 weeks pregnant.
I followed this site for a bit over a year and because of it I was able to go into Crossfit and do most of the WOD's. Now i am pregnant with my third baby an I needed to scale back some. Thank you for still posting

Janelle said...

Phone is giving me fits. I was trying to say thank you for posting these work outs! After doing these types of WODs for two years, i was in the best shape of my life and now being pregnant again I am experiencing so much LESS pain then my previous pregnancies. So Worth it!

Joy Helgren said...

7 rounds + box jumps
Completed round 8 after timer
Box as rx
Push as rx
K2E on bar

Becky said...

10 rounds plus 10 step ups

Brandy Lant said...

9 rounds
Box as rx'd
Push Press 15#
KTE on bar

slydegirll said...

10 rounds even at buzzer; as rx'd with 3 Kte on bar and 6 on floor each round. Compared to less than ,9 rounds with all floor ktes last time!