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Aug 19, 2015

Wednesday 08.19.15

4 rounds for time of:
Run 500 meters
10 front squats, 40-60 lbs

Post time to comments.


Julie said...

Since we just did this one last week- I did a WOD from another cf site- it was fun!
With a running clock:
20 snatches (10 each arm)
30 sit ups
At 6:00 min on clock:
20 burpees
30 sit ups
At 12:00 on clock
30 sit ups
50 push ups

Finished in 18:26
All boy pu

Becky said...


With some stops for the dog and baking breakfast.

Joy Helgren said...

45# squats

Marguerite Spriggs said...

13:43. 45# squats

Nissa V said...

Somewhere around 13:30. Ran w Cheryl so we really pushed each other for speed @ 2:00 laps.

Nissa V said...

Also, just figured out we only did 400m laps. Dangit.

Holly D. said...

Skipped squats today since already so sore. Subbed 25 PU & 25 BSU per round.

Nissa V said...

Also, just figured out we only did 400m laps. Dangit.

Marjie said...

13:57 50# total weight

James Family said...

45# front squats

I did yesterday's wod before this one.

Lauren Traub said...

4 rounds
400 m run
15 deadlifts 40 lbs
5 push press 40 lbs

Andrews family said...

Made up Friday's WOD since these are similar.

Dawniey said...

Subbed 50 jumping jacks for run
10 lbs for squats.
Jumping jacks are not easy!!

The Opposite of Imagination said...

Since I did this just a few days ago, I subbed one from a few weeks back that I'd missed. Enjoyed doing the one with my 10 year old as he start preparing for football.
8 rounds of:
Run 400 meters
Rest 90 seconds
Total time: 24:46
90 Seconds rest each time.
All rounds but the first one were under 2 minutes... around 1:45 or so each round. Felt very pleased with the times.

Jana Pace said...

18:18 26#

Heather said...

30# squat
pushed 2 kids during run

Tiffany said...

11:34, but remembered wrong and ran 400 m each time (pushing two kids). Did unweighted squats BC of my bum knee.

Bri Seltzer said...