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Dec 30, 2015

Wednesday 12.30.15

Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
100-meter walking lunge holding 20 lbs
30 butterfly sit-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.

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Amber Stiles said...

6 rounds 20 alt walking lunges with 20# and 20 v-ups.

Brent and Britta said...

2 rounds
Finished with a 30-second side-plank hold on each side.

Julie said...

2 full rounds + lunges on third
Completed 30 sit ups after timer
50 lunges per round
Inclined sit ups

Becky said...

2 rounds
Did lunges on the treadmill alternating hands with a 20 lb weight. That took some balance and coordination!

Ronna James said...

Ran 5 miles

2 rounds plus 17 lunges
80 lunges per round

Stephanie James said...

3 rounds, but still can't find weights...

Kirsten said...

Not sure what the distance was in my house so looped around main part of my house three times. Two rounds plus one more loop.

Andrews family said...

3 rounds plus 6 lunges
Arms crossed on BFSU

Next making up Mondays WOD.

Donette said...

3 rounds, went over time by 15 sec to finish the last round.

Jana Pace said...

3 rounds. 20#.

Rissa W said...

2 rounds plus 8 lunges 20#