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Jan 12, 2016

Tuesday 01.12.16

On an 8-minute running clock, perform 1 minute each of:
Box jumps, 18 inch box
Pull-ups, assist as needed
Wall-ball shots, 10-lb. ball

Post reps completed for each exercise, and total reps completed to comments.

no caffeine
no soda


Julie said...

Squat- 35 (butt to floor)
Push up- 33 (all boy)
Box 18"- 27 (step ups)
Pull ups (20)
WB- 30 (12# ball)
Burpee- 15 (full)
DU- 16 (one at a time)

* there were only 7 exercises but 8 minutes so I held a 1 min plank at the end.

Great short WOD, I overslept so I'm glad I had time to fit it in :)

Rissa W said...

Squat- 50
Push up- 34
Box jump- 21
Pull up- 25 chair assisted
Wall ball 10#- 29
Burpees- 13
SJR- 130
Total- 302

Aly said...

Squats- 35
Push ups- 35 (22 boy)
Box jumps- 11
Pull ups- 17 (did reverse PU in table, no bar)
Wall balls- 17
Burpees- 9
Double unders- 12 (one at a time)

Also added plank for last minute :)

Good one!!!

Ronna James said...

Ran 10 miles

38 squats
27 bpu
23 box jumps 18"
22 pull-ups
25 wall ball 12#
13 burpees full
26 double unders
1 min. plank
I was a little sluggish after my run, but it was a fun workout.

Jen Roe said...

Push Ups (boy)--33
Box Jumps--40
Pull ups (unassisted)--15
Wall Ball 10lbs--30
Double unders--25

Becky said...

Squat 39
Push up 32
Step up 30
Jumping pull up 14
Wall ball 29
Burpees 17
Double unders 16 one at a time
1 min plank

Brittany Trausch said...

Pull-ups-13(bar down low, like under a table)

Andrews family said...

Squats (butt to floor) - 47
Push ups (real ones!!) - 17
Box jumps - 25
Pull ups (self assisted) - 16
Inverted burpees (fun!) - 7.5
30# thrusters - 24
Burpees - 11
Jump and tucks - 24
Total = 171.5

Anna said...

Squats 35
Push ups 19
Box jumps 47
Pull ups 15 assisted
Thrusters 40 no med ball
Burpee 13
Sjr 117

Anna said...

Squats 35
Push ups 19
Box jumps 47
Pull ups 15 assisted
Thrusters 40 no med ball
Burpee 13
Sjr 117

Karrie said...

Squats 34
Push ups 32 girl
Box jumps (subbed lunges) 24
Pull ups (no bar so subbed upright row with 20lb db)
Wall ball (with 10lb med ball) 27
Burpees 9
JR. 99
Crunches 41

Marguerite Spriggs said...

Squats - 29
Bpu - 28
Box jumps - 16
Pull-ups assisted - 15
Wall balls - 26
Burpees - 13
Sjr - 95

Then made up yesterday's wod and then ran 2 miles

Ms. Ray said...

Done. 15# ball for squat and wall ball. Didn't keep good track of reps

Jana Pace said...

Sq: 38
Pu: 30
Step: 25
Table pull ups: 27
Wall throws: 39 @ 10#
Burpee: 13
Du attempts: 12

Ran 1 mileish 11:10

Brent and Britta said...

Squats: 45
Girl push-ups: 40
Box jump: 48
Chair-assisted pull-ups: 45
Wall-ball: 29
Burpees: 30
Double jumps one at a time: 9 (I seriously struggle with these. So uncoordinated.
Plank for last minute.
Disclaimer: my 4-year-old was my timer assistant and in charge of telling me when to switch... some were a little longer since she was fascinated with pausing and she is also easily distracted, and some are shorter... Oh well. I'm sweating.

Jenni said...

That is so cute!

Jenni said...

SQ- 38 (butt to floor)
PU- 30
BX- 25
PL- 32 (jumping)
WB- 20 (butt to the floor)
BP- 12
DU- 30