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Jan 13, 2016

Wednesday 01.13.16

3 rounds for time of:
50 walking-lunge steps
1 minute plank
50 double-unders

Compare to 01.14.15

Post time to comments.

no caffeine
no soda


Julie said...

20# walking lunges
25 DU/50 single per round (DU 1 at a time)

Kiera said...


Kiera said...


Rachael said...

100 sjr per round

Andrea said...


Nissa V said...

17:51. Subbed 75 single jump ropes.
Two years ago I attempted with earnestness and optimism to learn double unders. I followed the tutorials. I worked at it for weeks. I think I did 1 actual double under in all those tries.

Round 1 approx 3:45
Round 2 approx 7:00
Round 3 approx 7:00

Ronna James said...

15:47 as rx'd

Karrie said...

Can't jr right now do subbed crunches

Aly said...

100 sjr

Andrews family said...

20# walking lunges
50 jump and tucks for DU

Vs 13:26
With reg lunges and 200 SJR

jule said...

All DU, some tripping and an extra jump between each but I did them all!!!

Ms. Ray said...

15:15 7.5# dumbbell on lunges and 100 jump rope for DU

Jana Pace said...

subbed 200 sjr for double unders.

Brent and Britta said...

Carrying my 27 pound 2-year-old for the first and last sets of lunges. He was also climbing all over me for the first plank.
100 single jump ropes (so frustrated with double unders)
(Compare to 14:45 last year with only 50 single jumps ropes.)

Jenni said...

The keys to successful double unders: a speed rope adjusted to the right length ($13 on Amazon), high knees, fast arms. Don't give up!

Jenni said...

Good job! I still whip myself in the butt all the time!

Jenni said...

If you are going to sub singles, you need to mulitiply double unders by 4.

Anna said...

14:04 no jr, subbed jumping jack and high knee jump per du

Anna said...

14:04 no jr, subbed jumping jack and high knee jump per du

Tiffany said...

12:11; 100 single jump rope each time instead