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Mar 18, 2016

Friday 03.18.16


21-15-9 reps of:
Bench dips
Butterfly sit-ups

Compare to 03.18.15

Happy Birthday Aubrey!!


no caffeine
no soda
drink water
no alcohol
fruit or veggie snacks
no food after 8:00pm
reduce sugar intake 
no fried food
get 8 hours of sleep
no preservatives


3 Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat

"Gluten-free is hot these days. There are books and websites, restaurants with gluten free menus, and grocery stores with hundreds of new gluten-free food products on the shelf. Is this a fad, or a reflection of response to a real problem? Yes, gluten is a real problem. But the problem is not just gluten. In fact, there are three major hidden reasons that wheat products, not just gluten (along with sugar in all its forms) is a major contributor to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia, depression and so many other modern ills.

  1. It contains a Super Starch -- amylopectin A that is super fattening.
  2. It contains a form of Super Gluten that is super-inflammatory.
  3. It contains forms of a Super Drug that is super-addictive and makes you crave and eat more.
If you would like to know more about gluten allergy or intolerance and how to test for it read this: 
"Something you're eating may be killing you, and you probably don't even know it!
If you eat cheeseburgers or French fries all the time or drink six sodas a day, you likely know you are shortening your life. But eating a nice dark, crunchy slice of whole wheat bread--how could that be bad for you? Well, bread contains gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, and oats. It is hidden in pizza, pasta, bread, wraps, rolls, and most processed foods. Clearly, gluten is a staple of the American diet. What most people don't know is that gluten can cause serious health complications for many. You may be at risk even if you don't have full blown celiac disease. In today's blog I want to reveal the truth about gluten, explain the dangers, and provide you with a simple system that will help you determine whether or not gluten is a problem for you."

Stop eating breads, pastas, cookies, cakes, donuts, rolls, buns, wheat cereals and replace with healthier choices. You will see huge results and your health will improve.

For recipes and tips, google: Paleo or Primal diet


Karrie said...

Girl push ups

Julie said...

Boy pu
Straight leg dips
Arms crossed on bsu

Jen Roe said...

Ran 4 miles then


Boy push ups

Jen Roe said...

Ran 4 miles then


Boy push ups

Britta said...

Boy push-ups for the first round only.

Ronna James said...


CarieAnn said...


Denise said...

Boy push-ups
Straight leg dips
Prayers for my family as we recover from the loss of my mom from Lewy Bodies Disease. I know she is well in the arms of our God but it still hurts that we don't have her here. I'm thankful she is no longer confused.

Andrews family said...

Thoughts and prayers for you, Denise.

Laura K said...

4 mile run then 4:12.

Great to be back to crossfit!

Andrews family said...

1st rd PU on toes
1st and 3rd rds straight leg dips

Vs 5:52 (3/18/15)
All pu on knees
All bent leg dips

Vs 6:39 (3/18/14)

Donette said...