Hiit Mama workouts are timed so time yourself and go as FAST AS YOU CAN!! That is how you get the cardio in. If you are a new Hiit Mama, just start with the workout of the day (WOD)...no need to go back to the first post because we will eventually repeat all those workouts. Make sure and post your time in the comment section so you can track your progress! Also, there are video demos of each exercise we do down the right side bar.

Apr 15, 2016

Friday 04.15.16

Complete as many rounds as possible in 25 minutes of:
8 freestanding handstand push-ups (scale as needed)
15 knees to elbows 

Post rounds completed to comments.

April 18
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Julie said...

Set timer for 15 minutes
Got through 11 rounds in 15:38
HSPU on 21" barstool
KTE on bar round 1-5
1/2 bar 1/2 floor rounds 6-11 (blisters!)

Followed with 5 min of plank work and then 21-15-9
Dumbbell curls

Andrews family said...

16 rounds + hspu + 6 K2E
But very scaled

10 rounds pike hspu and 7 rounds hspu knees on bench
After 2 rounds I knew I wasn't going to be able to do 25 mins of K2E even on the floor so every 2 rounds I switched back and forth from k2e on floor and body surfers.

Nissa V said...

4 rounds with feet on bench, k2e on floor
Back started hurting in an "impending injury" sort of way so I switched to rounds of:

8 push press 30#
15 bfsu arms crossed

and did 8 rounds of that

Bri Seltzer said...

8.5 eds. Blistered my hand. Deficit push up. Toes to bar.