Hiit Mama workouts are timed so time yourself and go as FAST AS YOU CAN!! That is how you get the cardio in. If you are a new Hiit Mama, just start with the workout of the day (WOD)...no need to go back to the first post because we will eventually repeat all those workouts. Make sure and post your time in the comment section so you can track your progress! Also, there are video demos of each exercise we do down the right side bar.

May 9, 2016

Monday 05.09.16

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
10 strict knees-to-elbows
20 one-legged squats, alternating
30 second handstand hold or 30 handstand push-ups 

Post rounds completed to comments.

no caffeine
no soda
 drink water
no alcohol


Julie said...

6 rounds
KTE on bar- made knees touch!
OLS- modified by squatting down to 18" box
30 HSPU- knees on 21" barstool (those got tough!)

Holly said...

Somewhere around 7 hot messes of rounds
At 9min mark switched to modified ground knee to elbows
One set of one legged, the rest were regular squats
Attempted hand stand each time and got more confident but rounded off with a head stand and a few push ups

Kirsten said...

5 rounds

Britta said...

8 rounds
Handstand holds

Melissa Hatch said...

Melissa: 3
Erica: 3

Heather said...

Ran 3 miles

5 rounds
KTE on bar looked more like knee to chest
Pike push ups

Andrews family said...

7 rounds + 10 leg swings + 1 'pistol'
Did straight leg swings to parallel on forearms on dip station (is there a name for that?!) for K2E
'Pistols' down to 14" box
Handstand hold

Good one! I'm dripping.

Jenni said...

5 rounds plus KTE
KTE where straight leg to 90 degrees because my back doesn't curl.
Pistols with band assist
Handstand hold

Donette said...

6 rounds with 19 sec left over.