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Aug 30, 2016

Tuesday 08.30.16


For time:
Run 1 mile 
Then, 8 rounds of:
  10 wall-ball shots
  10 butterfly sit-ups
Run 800 meters 
Then, 4 rounds of:
  10 wall-ball shots
  10 butterfly sit-ups
Run 400 meters
Then, 2 rounds of:
  10 wall-ball shots
  10 butterfly sit-ups
Run 200 meters

Post time to comments.

*In honor of Officer David Vanbuskirk, 36, of Henderson, Nevada, who was killed on July 23, 2013, when he fell during a nighttime aerial rescue mission in Las Vegas, Nevada. Vanbuskirk had been employed with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department since 1999 and joined the elite Search and Rescue Team in 2007.


Julie said...

Saving this for Labor Day...

So I did a workout from Carrots n Cake:
10, 9, 8, etc...1
Overhead lunges- 25#
Man makers
Ft Lateral raise (16# total)
Thrusters - 35#
Weighted dips (8#)
Russian twists
Dripping!!!! I thought this one would be easier- ha!

Becky said...


Marguerite Spriggs said...

26:30 subbed squats for wall ball shots

Andrews family said...

Did a similar version of this yesterday. Posted there. Probably jumping the gun on you again Jenni, but did:

50 box jumps, 18"
25 HSPU, knees on bench
40 box jumps
30 box jumps
20 box jumps
10 box jumps


Andrews family said...

Then did 7 RFT
15 hip raises (with 15#)
3 boy push ups

Vs 4:26 on 5/14/15
Hip raises with feet on box, no weight

Denise said...

35:34 outside and estimated runs
12# ball
Decline sit-ups on driveway because it was closest to wallballs

Julie said...

1 mile run outside w/ dog
1/2 40# thrusters
1/2 12# WB
10 overhead tricep extensions each round
800m & 400m on elliptical w/ 8# db
Felt a bit nauseous at the end- sweat burning my eyes!