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Sep 19, 2016

Monday 09.19.16

3 rounds for time of:
21 Dumbbell snatches, right arm, 20 lbs
21 second L hang (from pull-up bar)
21 Dumbbell snatches, left arm, 20 lbs
21 second L hang (from pull-up bar)

Post time to comments.


Julie said...

11:01 as rx'd
the skin along the base of my fingers is raw and I felt like I was taking it off!
L sit was tougher than I thought!!

Followed w/
10 ground to overhead (25#)
10 overhead reverse lunges (25#)

I got 4 rounds

Kirsten said...

11:28 man, that was hard. And fun.
Alternated 15# and 5# when I felt I was maxing out on the 15s. L hangs looked more like floppy hangs...gonna hafta work on those :)

Jamie James said...

15# snatch
Not really an L more of a bent I lol that was harder than I thought it would be!

Andrews family said...

15# dumbbell (I need to ask for 20#s for Christmas!)
An L sit was freaking hard. End up bending at the knees.

Andrews family said...

Then did:
150 squats (butt to ground)
75 hip raises
120 squats (b2g)
60 hip raises
90 squats (b2g)
45 hip raises

Vs 21:25 on 12/23/15

Jello quads. You watch - I bet we run tomorrow!!

Donette said...


Becky said...


Grace Mitchell said...

then ran 1 mile

Jenni said...

Ha ha!! Am I that predictable? 😉

Brent and Britta said...

10 lb. dumbbell
Couldn't get my legs straight! Tried my hardest! So I just tried to keep my knees at a 90 degree angle.