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Sep 20, 2016

Tuesday 09.20.16

10 80-yard shuttle sprints

Rest as needed between efforts. 

For each sprint, run 10 yards out, 10 back, 20 out, 20 back, 10 out, 10 back. 

Post best and worst times to comments.


Julie said...

Estimated 75 meters and just did 75m sprints
Best: 17
Worst: 24

Did 3 rounds of arm circuit

Legs are toast! Did leg day on Sat w/ rest day in Sun, but yesterday's WOD wore them out more. Could feel them in the sprints!

Andrews Family- you were right about running today 😉

Andrews family said...

Oh my quad. I can barely go down the stairs. Wish me luck. 😩

Andrews family said...

800 m warm up
Worst = 25 sec
Best = 21 sec
700ish m cool down

Touched the grass each time. First three were exact, then middle schoolers came out for PE and I had to get off their track. Measured out rest, think they were pretty close.