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Jan 19, 2017

Thursday 01.19.17

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
20 butterfly sit-ups
10 left-arm overhead walking lunges
10 right-arm overhead walking lunges

Use a 20-30-lb. dumbbell on the lunges.

Post rounds completed to comments.


Julie said...

7 rds plus sit ups on 8th round
(Finished 8th round after timer)
Inclined sit ups w/ 20# KB
OHL 20# KB

Followed w/ 3 rounds
20 banded bicycle crunches
20 one leg hip raises (10 ea leg w/ 20#)
10 "chicken wings" 16#

Joanne said...

6 rounds exactly

Andrews family said...

6 rounds plus 12 BFSU
BFSU arms crossed
20# OHL

Andrews family said...

Then did 10 RFT
10 squats
10 body surfers
20 donkey kicks

Jenni said...

5 rounds plus 20 BFSU
finished set after the timer
Those lunges (20#) were challenging and I liked it.

Rissa W said...

6 rounds plus 12 BFSU. Finished BFSU after timer.

Andrews family said...

We totally tied!

Kirsten said...

Finally got some exercises from a PT for my separated abs! Not supposed to do sit ups, so I swapped them out for one legged hip raises. 10# on lunges. 5 complete rounds and 17 hip raises of sixth before timer finished

Becky said...

8 rounds plus 5 sit ups
Balance on the 20lb lunges was tough for me!

Nissa V said...

I lost count, which seems ridiculous since it was either 3 or 4. How can I lose count with that few? But i honestly can't remember. So distracted.

So it was 3 or 4 rounds + 5 sit ups in 12 min.

1st round 15# and way harder than i thought. Not controlled.

Next rounds at 10#.

Arms crossed, all.

Nissa V said...

I'm trying to recreate in my mind and I'm pretty sure it was 4.

Marguerite Spriggs said...

5 rounds with 20 seconds left on clock. 15# overhead walking lunges.

Then 30 min elliptical

Brent and Britta said...

8 rounds exactly
10 lb. lunges

mam said...

5 rounds +20 sit-ups
10# lunges

Stephanie James said...

Short left arm to 5 rounds 20#